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Paul Geneson

First Name : Paul
Last Name : Geneson
Gender : Male
Age: 50
City : of Boulder
Country : US

I'm not sure of his exact age but the profile for him, posted on tells us that he at least seems to has passed his mid thirties. He might be years older than 35, though, so I'll guess an age for him, then hope that whoever profiled him sees this, to tell us his exact/true age.:

“Paul Geneson of Boulder, CO, is a pathological liar. He says he single to pick up women to date but this is a lie, he has been in an illegal green card marriage for years. He is married to a 50+ year old woman from India, named Devi Chhetry. She wants to stay here in the USA, so she paid him & continues to pay him money. He always dates more than 1 woman at a time, so he is never faithful. When confronted with the truth he will try to turn thing around & blame you. But will admit that the marriage is fake, not real, only in it for the money!!! He also claims his mother is dead, she is not dead but alive & well living in Boulder, CO. He says this for sympathy & to avoid questions because his mom’s believes he should be under psychiatric care for his anger & violent issues, which he has been treated for since he was an young boy to his mid-30’s. When he stopped therapy & cut off contact with his mom. WOMEN BEWARE & CAREFUL OF THIS MAN, he knows how play & work people & the system! He is a pure user/taker! [ ] He meets many women, the old fashion way at work. If you think that he is a special and really nice guy. Think again, he meets you while taking care of family members or yourself, cause you’re easy to manipulate and control he uses his social degrees to judge when women our most vulnerable then moves in. He hopes when you finally break up that you will be so broken & embarrassed from being so used, that you will walk away and he can move to the next women/victim. So be smart report him to the hospital because this man is a predator in the classic sense. The difference is that he does not prey on children but vulnerable women”

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