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Barry C. McDaniel

First Name : Barry C.
Last Name : McDaniel
Gender : Male
Age: 60
City : formerly or possibly still in Chattanooga
Country : US

I found this profile on and found it, to say the least, fascinating how this guy seems to "justify" his actions. The profile, though, did not include his age, so I had to guess one for him, based on his (alleged) multiple failed marriages. I hope the woman who profiled him sees this to tell us his true age, in case I guessed it wrong. (His spelling is lousy too, so seems his grammar, if several comments below this profile were really his). My guess is that Tammy also saw his mask fall off and left him. :

“Barry C McDaniel has been married 5 times and is currently in a divorce. His last marriage surprisingly lasted 8 years but he had a mistress 4 of those 8 years and is still involved with the mistress. He lies with every breath he takes. He starts families and has kids – abandons the children and is running from child support. If you have money he will love you to death. When the money is gone, so is he. He steals from the company he works for and has made a small fortune off of his company by stealing what they throw away. He has 5 children total well 6 if you count his step daughter. He is abusive verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally and it is all about him. He is number one or nothing else will do. He grew up on a farm in Rainsville. His parents made him work as a child and didn’t even have air conditioning in the home until he moved out and tried college – oh, that only lasted one semester!! College doesn’t really count!! He has been bankrupt 4 times now – three chapter 7 and one chapter 13. He is looking for his next sexual encounter loves to swing and have orgies – the more the better. He is NOT marriage material. Beware of this man. He is a fake!!”

Tammys EX / June 6, 2011 “not to be picky but we just had our 6 wedding anny and i did have a affair for 2 1/2 yr after she called out a friends name while we were making love for over a hour and told him she loved him and then stared crying all i have to sy except that i still love the woman and alway will not only that i am still in love with her i am sorry for what i have done ………..i love you tammy till the day i die”

Tammy McDaniel / June 8, 2011 “Tammy Voigt and Barry McDaniel began dating, while Barry McDaniel was still married to his 4th wife, on November 18, 2003. [ ] Tammy Annette Voigt moved in with Barry McDaniel the day Barry McDaniel’s 4th divorce was final on December 7, 2003; not knowing Tammy McDaniel might be future ex wife #5 or how many times he had been married. [ ] The relationship was a very rocky one, as Tammy Voigt moved in and out of the home several times because of physical abuse from Barry McDaniel – police reports can testify to this fact. [ ] The last time Tammy Voigt moved out at the beginning of the relationship, it was determined that she was pregnant. UNFORTUNATE for the children involved. [ ] Barry McDaniel and Tammy Voigt married on April 11, 2005…….. quickly, in a court house, in Georgia, that took $25 buck and 15 minutes. [ ] Barry McDaniel drove Tammy Voigt McDaniel to the shared residence after uttering the words…”I do”, dropped her off, and left until midnight, leaving her at home alone, not knowing where he was the entire evening. [ ] Some Wedding Day – huh?? Very romantic wouldn’t you say?? [ ] Tammy Voigt McDaniel was not informed that Barry McDaniel had been married 4 times until 2 years after the marriage took place. Knowledge that should have been given before hand. [ ] Maybe the next poor victim will know!! [ ] According to Barry McDaniel’s red headed w***e, THE AFFAIR started one month after Barry McDaniel adopted Tammy Annette Voigt McDaniel’s twins in March of 2007. The glorious day he “fell in love” according to his red headed w***e. [ ] Barry McDaniel moved in with his red headed w***e on October 27, 2009 when Tammy Voigt McDaniel went into the hospital for a blood clot removal that nearly took her life. [ ] Barry McDaniel lived with this individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals for ONE month. [ ] He returned back to the family home after one month’s time, only because he convinced Tammy McDaniel for that month he was gone from the home, cutting Tammy McDaniel and her children off financially while deathly ill, that Barry McDaniel was living in a male family friend’s cabin that was empty and not being occupied at the time. [ ] Another compounded lie he lived. [ ] Barry McDaniel has continued this affair with this individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals for a lengthy period of time, yet denies it. Pictures are taken to prove his association, and admission from the individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals admits the affair in police reports and court documents. [ ] It is highly unbelievable that the affair has ever ended. [ ] EVERY SINGLE TIME Barry McDaniel tells Tammy McDaniel he is no where around this individual; Tammy McDaniel looks where he claims, but continuously finds Barry McDaniel’s truck hidden behind the individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals garage, or sees him out with the individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals. [ ] It is a complete waste of time and energy. [ ] Barry McDaniel has a difficult time with being able to tell the truth. It is VERY sad…not only for himself, his current wife, but for ALL of his children, ALL of them; his past wives, his parents, co-workers, and the humiliation that he brings upon his friends and family. [ ] If this man “Loves” her, why does he conduct himself in this manner?? [ ] It appears that he needs counseling and church guidance, if there is any hope for him at all. [ ] For his children’s sake, all 5 of them and 2 step children, for a total of 7 children he influences; it would be in his greatest interest if he could find the true meaning of love and forgiveness, to be able to be an honest and upright gentleman, learn to contain his sexual urges, control his anger, and outrageous outburst of violence, stop his greed, find compassion, and act accordingly to God’s will. [ ] A man is only as good as his word. [ ] If a man’s word is no good; then what is left for a man to stand upon?”

t_voigt / June 10, 2011 “Barry McDaniel is currently working. There is NO excuse for him not to treat the twins any different than he does any other child he has by blood with Tammy McDaniel. [ ] Oh, I’m sorry, he totally abandoned Laura Noel at the age of 2 yrs never acknowledging her at all. I assume he is trying to do the same to the twins. [ ] He picks and chooses which child he wants to be favor. I don’t think a court of law views it in this way? [ ] Today is the twins birthday, that he volunteered to adopted. [ ] He has made NO ATTEMPT to give them the same consideration as he did the child he has by blood with Tammy McDaniel. [ ] At the time of the child we have together by blood had her birthday, he sent presents to the home, and sent $100.00 to the attorney’s office, even tho there was and still is an order of protection. [ ] So why now is he refusing to do the same for them, especially since he is working? [ ] He has hurt their feelings beyond belief!! I am here again, left to hold these children, as they cry, because he treats the one child as a queen, while treating them as tho they are strangers and/or pest. [ ] Although working, he refuses to do for them. Yet, is able to maintain a mistress. [ ] This is his way of letting them know he favors the one child by blood over them in every way. Another means of ABUSE. [ ] If he is going to treat one child one way, he should treat all children in the same way, or nothing at all. Great father, don’t you think??” Tammy McDaniel / June 16, 2011 “Oh no – I am wrong!! Barry McDaniel isn’t working!! He liquidated the retirement fund that half belongs to me!! See below”

t_voigt / February 2, 2012 Tammys EX / February 2, 2012 “I dont want to have anything to do this woman Robin cox. she knew that i was married and i told her NO several times and that i wanted nothing to do with her. She keep chasing me untill she found me in a vunerable state and took advantage of me. i was forced to contune to see her because she treathened to tell my wife of the affair. i care nothing for her. i have always and always will love Tammy McDaniel believe me i have tried not to over these last few months. Fact of the mater is i do love her and only her and that is how it is. I have never loved robin cox and never will i have had a belly full of all the bullshit caused by Myself for the wrong that i done to my wife and childern with this woman and would do anything to take it all back i have lost the love of my life, my childern, my home, my family, the best job i ever had all due to my weakness and robin cox. life was great for a long time before she came into my life and she sucked the life out of me like a tick, now there is nothing left and i have lost everything i love and she is out blowing another married man trying to fuck up his life more power to her as long as shes bothering someone else she will leave me alone. I am Sorry Tammy I fucked up and now i have to live with it, I wish you a wonderful life and hope you prosper in your indevers. Good Luck and Gods speed Love you always Barry”

t_voigt / February 3, 2012

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1/13/2014 01:45AM - Smith - Just a person who knew them both!!! Tammy was a great person and Barry is a dick!! He ruined her by lying to the police. I saw the pictures of where he beat her and nearly killed her. He raped her but she was depended upon his sole income. She was forced to accept false report and was threatened by the DA to accept the charge as a misdemeanor or Barry would go to jail for 8 + years. As a disabled mother of 3, she had no choice. I do know she has moved on and is doing much better. Barry, approx 52 yrs old got a job at the steel warehouse and currently dates a woman that cheats on him!! Ha Ha!! He has serious insecurity issues. He is also sick physically. Most likely from his sexual preferences. I hope they both go on to a better life. He refuses to give tammy a divorce even tho they have been separated since 9/26/2009. Man!!! Get a life!!!

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