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Brandon Foster

First Name : Brandon
Last Name : Foster
Gender : Male
Age: 44
City : V-town, San Diego, Olivehurst
Country : US

I hope whoever profiled him a few years ago on sees this to tell us his true age because his age was not mentioned in the main profile when I found/saved it, so I had to guess an age for him, but he might be years older or younger than what I guessed. :

“This is a HUGE WARNING and a favor I will do for all women that come across BRANDON FOSTER. The BRANDON FOSTER from the V-town, San Diego, and now Olivehurst. He may come creepin in your town at some time in your life and all I can tell women is that he is pure evil. I’m not lying or exaggerating in the least! When I first met him he was the sweetest, smooth-tongued gentleman, opening the car door, picking me flowers, and feeding me the BS of how a man should treat a woman. He is so good at playing all this out that he had me, The Living Legend, that thought she’s met all the characters in the game men play, foolishly in love with him. In two years he has proposed to me 8 times cuz he got 9 personalities and all them personalities had to be in agreement. He has choked me 3 times and I told him after the 3rd time that the only reason I hadn’t fought him was because I loved him and that if it ever happened again that he was gettin hurt cuz I would fight him. After that, he came at me aggressively and I headlocked him and grabbed his throat---needless to say, it was the last incident until recently. When I had nowhere but his house to stay for a week or two and THOUGHT he was kind enough to open his home to me, little did I know the master plan of DECEIT he had intended for me. All I can tell women, girls, and possibly men is that BRANDON FOSTER is a liar, cheat, perverted sicko, he gets enjoyment out of seeing you cry, he will use you like a car til the wheels fall off! If you leave him, he will manipulate you and make you feel sorry for him and he will tell you all the sweet words of the devil. He is a Satan worshipper, a porn addict, and will screw any hole he finds. I thought I have met some scumbags but he is the scummiest of the scum and most psychotic evil man I ever came across in my entire life and I promise you that he has no heart for anyone but himself. I have seen him use everyone that he is around to his advantage and he doesn’t care whose feelings he hurts or who he f---s off. STAY AWAY AND DO YOURSELF THE FAVOR! I wish someone had warned me. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and tears. He f----d my head and broke my heart thinking this man was the love of my life”

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4/02/2012 09:23PM - skitso9swifey - His birthday is Dec.23, 1973. He is 38 yrs.old
10/22/2012 01:59PM - whisperer - In 2012, lists BRANDON C FOSTER (alias “C Foster Brandon”), age 38, with an address history in Olivehurst, CA; El Cajon, CA; San Diego, CA; Lakeside, CA; Vallejo, CA and Santee, CA.

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