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Michael Campbell

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Campbell
Gender : Male
Age: 60
City : Dallas, Lewisville
Country : US
Alias 1: Mike Campbell
Alias 2: “Mitsunori”

I found and saved this profile from 3 or 4 years ago, so he must be at least age 58 by now, if not years older (I did not go back to see when he was first profiled, it might have been years before I found/saved the profile.) :

“he is not stable. He is not 47, as he’s claimed, but 55. He currently has no job, no car, lives out of an extended stay motel (until his unemployment runs out) but tells women that he lost everything in a fire and is still dealing with arson investigators. He preys on single mothers, mostly. He has been married 3 times, has six children, only one speaks to him. He has no friends, is estranged from his family, and keeps profiles on every dating/kink/affair/adult sire you can think of. He is a pathological liar, and will take full financial advantage of you if he can. It’s common for him to have multiple women on standby to have sex with - and the man does NOT use condoms. He is VERY charming, very intelligent, very articulate, and gives a lot of affection and attention. He acts as though he is very self-sufficient, but he is not. He is looking for someone to live with/someone to support him. He cheats (with multiple partners, who often don’t know that he has a wife/girlfriend), he lies, he disappears for great lengths of time and then says he was “traveling” or taking care of ill parents (whom he does not speak to)”

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8/11/12 05:34AM - dizzzz - HA HA. That would be my ex husband you are talking about. TOOOOOOO FUNNY!!
Yep, same story, 30 years later. He told me his "condo" was burglarized TWICE, that's why he owned NOTHING and lived in a hotel. He owes me $160,000 in child support, hasn't seen his children since they were small, always "disappeared" for weeks at a time....and get this, we were married for ten years, and I never, ever met one family member of his. DUhh.
Once a year or so I google his name, and this is the first time I've ever come across his fat Jap ass.
8/16/12 07:15AM - MadHousewifeRed - What does he look like? Is he on OKCupid?
Does he use Mikey as part of his email address?
Is he part Asian part Caucasian, or says he is?

Thank you!
8/23/12 04:28PM - dizzzz - He's half Japanese, overweight, pillsbury dough boy. BAD TEETH. Flat feet.
He has a brother named Harry, an extensive arrest record for bad checks, reposessed vehicles, eviction, also spousal abuse. Check denton.justice in TX for his record, also Celeste Marie Campbell, arrested many, many times, his third wife and mother of his daughter.
11/12/12 09:01PM - laughingmyassoff - Hahahaha, this is my first husband you are talking about, and yes, I was his first wife. All that is said here is too true. He is not married to his third wife any longer, she too saw the error of his ways. I haven't seen okcupid, but he was on don' as well. He is about 6' tall, has graying black hair, brown eyes, has yellow/brown skin, yes, he is half Jap, and half fat. He does prey on women, finds ones that will believe his BS and gets them to pay for his food, lodging, clothing, cars, and anything else that he wants or needs. He is a clinical pathological liar, has been since he was about 18 years old, at least. He is the oldest of three children, middle child is his sister Kobena, and then his youngest sibling is Harry L. Campbell, Jr. He has not been home to visit his family for years, his dad's last wish on his deathbed was to at least speak to his oldest son, and he refused to even pick up the phone to call him. He has at least five biological children and too many to count step-children. The only one that does speak to him is his youngest daughter, who I will not name because she is a minor, and she is too young to understand what and who he is....give her time she will most likely stop talking to him as well. My two children are his first children, at least that I know of, and I know for a fact that neither of my children would piss on him if he were on fire. Good luck if you run into him, best advice I can give you is to run the other way, as fast as you can! And one last thing....shout out to Dizzzz.....haven't talked to you for a while, we are both members of the ex-wives club, lol, and we lived to talk about it!!
7/07/13 04:35PM - jenster39 - I went out with him a few times and was always VERY suspicious so I ended. He held way too much back so I knew he was hiding a ton of crap. Just didn't know it was this much.
10/24/14 05:05PM - vexed - Thank you ladies. This was the first hit I got on this man, and the background search was even better.
So glad you posted.
10/27/14 09:11PM - dizzzz - Amen, we saved another victim. So glad YOU posted!!
Jenster, Susan, and I have a nice little club going.
10/27/14 09:15PM - dizzzz - Give me his address..........he still owes me $160,000 dollars in child support. At least I got gorgeous kids out of him.
10/28/14 01:50PM - Iamanidiot - OMG, I have been dating him for about a month now. I have never had to pay for anything for him, thankfully. He has done that disappearing act on me & then he said he didn't think I was receiving all his texts for some reason. He says he is living in Lewisville & his youngest daughter lives with him & he says he also has a roommate who has been down on his luck living with him. He told me about two ex-wives, not three. He has been driving a rental car since I met him & he told me that he was in a really horrific accident & the insurance company has been dragging the case out. Since I met him, he has supposedly been to VA for a funeral, OK for a party, & GA for work. For the past two days, he has been missing. I became suspicious & googled him & found this website. Ugh, I am an idiot.
10/28/14 03:15PM - dizzzz - Just watch your back, if his lips are moving, he is so NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. Ever!!
He and Celeste Marie Campbell embezzled two million dollars during their ten yr. marriage, so hide your info, cards, bank statements, passwords, wallet, EVERYTHING. He\'s slick, very, very slick. Also, google YOURSELF, because when he gets pissed off as more and more people find out his stupid stories are all made up, he will post nasty stuff about YOU. And he is quite charming!! He did the disappearing act all the time with me, for three weeks at a time. OH, and when I met him he had two break-ins at his condo/home, cleaned out, nothing left and the darn insurance company was dragging their feet. He is telling the same lies 25 years later! How stupid we all are.........asshole fat jap flat-footed jerk with horrible teeth.
Get his address, I\'d love to nail him, and so would his children.
10/28/14 03:31PM - dizzzz - THANK YOU LADIES!!
10/28/14 03:57PM - dizzzz - Oh, he doesn't have any friends, so I highly doubt he's been traveling for funerals, parties, etc. He likes living in motels with rental cars and hides from the world. Post his phone number, I dare you. His children are waiting to talk to him since he disappeared when they were ages 4 and 6. He moved to Europe with Celeste and ditched us all. I'm sure he's collecting SS now, and hasn't worked in years.
His kids: Megan, Matthew, Lauren, Gordon, Hannah, step kids: Megan, Amber, James, Hannah's got a little brother that Celeste lost custody of........OH, I could just keep going on and on and on
10/28/14 05:12PM - Iamanidiot - Did anybody know about his five year marriage to Susan? 1977-1982?
10/28/14 06:01PM - dizzzz - yes, we've met, stayed friends, had her children stay with us
10/28/14 06:04PM - dizzzz - girl, you need to call me. Ha Ha.
10/28/14 06:20PM - laughingmyassoff - I AM Susan, his first wife. Got questions? Post, or go through dizzzz, she knows how to get ahold of me.
It's a bizarre story, but it's 100% true. He might tell you he was a former member of the US Navy, even a Navy Seal. Shame, shame, shame on him, 100% NOT true. He may tell you he is of Hawaiin decent, also 100% NOT TRUE. I've got things to do tonight, I can answer any questions later tonight if you would like!
Meanwhile, do check your bank statements, change any and ALL passwords for any accounts you might have. Check your valuables in your home to make sure nothing is missing. Advice everyone you know to NOT give out any of your info to him, or anyone else.....he is known for using others to find out things about you. If it were me, I would even consider moving, changing phone numbers, etc. also, check your privacy settings on any and all social media!
Lastly, run for the hills, get yourself tested for diseases, don't look back!
10/28/14 06:26PM - dizzzz - Good to see you again Susan!! Good Advice.
Now all we need is an address and phone number for him, get the child support ARREARS DEPT. after his stupid ass.
xoxo's know MMCbell is well aware of this website
10/28/14 06:49PM - Iamanidiot - Celeste seems to be a ghost. I can hardly find anything on her. Looks like she & Michael went to court against other companies several times. He said his youngest daughter was born in Holland. He said that his ex (I am assuming Celeste) stole huge amounts of money from their joint accounts & re-invested it, but he has never been able to track it. He always paid for everything we did. He even paid to get his car back when my complex towed him because he didn't have a resident sticker & he was not parked in guest parking. It seems that he is getting money from somewhere. As for money & credit, I have none & he'd knew it. I guess I was petty useless to him. What I want to know now is, is he married? Does he have a live-in girlfriend? Part of my brain kept wondering if he was cheating on someone. Who is MMCbell? Is that him?
10/28/14 06:51PM - Iamanidiot - Oh, also, I confronted him about a bunch of stuff via text. No solicits on his part, no trying to explain it away, no arguing with me, he just told me that I am a very bad person.
10/28/14 07:00PM - dizzzz - run for the hills girl, MMCbell is him. All of us ex wives are having a great laugh.
So can his kids have his phone number and address now??
10/28/14 07:23PM - Iamanidiot - All I have is his cell #. Never went to his house. All I know is that he said he lives in Lewisville & when I googled his name & Lewisville, this was the first thing that popped up. If you give me an email address, I will send you his phone #.
10/28/14 07:47PM - Iamanidiot - Oh hell, who is Jennifer Ledet aka Jennifer Bradley? I googled his # & her name popped up.
10/28/14 10:41PM - Iamanidiot - Ok, I created an email. I didn't want my regular, every day email to be public. You can contact me at: I will send you updated pictures of him & his phone #.
10/28/14 11:16PM - laughingmyassoff - Have no clue who the Jennifer woman is, probably another girlfriend. His last child born with third wife (now ex-wife) was born in Holland. Although, she is an American citizen. I will not name any of the children, even though they all are of adult age now (unless he has more), the mess he creates is not their fault. I know my children don't want to be in the mix, so I will respect their privacy. I don't have any contact with him, haven't spoken to him since my daughter's 16th birthday. I also have no desire to speak with him, nor have any contact with him. My only concern is that any woman that meets him is aware of dangers with being involved with him.
10/28/14 11:49PM - Iamanidiot - Well, it seems that dizzzz might sill want to find him due to the back owed child support. I was going to take pix from his dating profile, but he has closed his account down. He has slimmed down considerably and his hair is all salt & pepper now and he wears glasses.
10/29/14 05:00AM - dizzzz - I've seen plenty of his mugshots, thank you. Tell him you want to come over to his place, I guarantee you will never see it because he lives in a trailer park or motel. He bills all his "entertainment" to his company. Child support enforcement only needs an address and/or place of employment. I guarantee he will not tell you either!!
10/29/14 06:15AM - dizzzz - Oh, also if anyone can obtain a physical address/contact info on MMC, PLEASE contact the California State Tax Franchise Board in Sacramento. Apparently he never paid his state taxes for year 1991, so now they are COMING AFTER ME for his back taxes. Duh on me, never, ever file a joint tax return, because BOTH PARTIES ARE LIABLE! I screamed innocent spouse, etc., all I knew was I thought he was in Denton County, TX somewhere, but no, they are coming after me anyway.
10/29/14 02:09PM - redindeed - As someone who dated him in the past, I am curious about how truthful Dizzzz is as she claims that he is behind in child support for $160,000. I went to the website for deadbeat dads both in Texas and Connecticut and he's not listed. Also he should be in jail for that, don't you think Dizzzz. Also, isn't true that your kids are not his, you screwed everyone but him to get pregnant. People who live in glass houses Dizzzz.
10/29/14 02:27PM - Iamanidiot - Now he is very subtly threatening to spread lies about me. He sent mea text saying, "I can also spread lies about you".
10/30/14 02:44PM - dizzzz - If you are being threatened, make copies of EVERYTHING, get a restraining order and call the police.
Then change your phone number. His threats should be taken very seriously, girl. Oh, but wait, you don't know where he lives, so he cannot be served. Same problem, different woman.
10/30/14 07:42PM - - My guess is that he is living with Jennifer Ledet in Little Elm. You know, single mother with kids. When I googled his phone #, her name came up.

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