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George Ferenz

First Name : George
Last Name : Ferenz
Gender : Male
Age: 23
City : Fredericksburg
Country : US

I have no idea how old this guy is since whoever profiled him on DDHG did not mention his age, at least not in the major profile (I did not go back to the profile since first reading it, to see if subsequent comments to that profile revealed his age), but I saved the profile. I had to GUESS an age for him, I should have posted "18?" ..with a question mark behind the number I guessed; instead, I posted ">18" , or "more than age 18"..[when he might be anywhere between age 18 and 26 by now]. I hope whoever profiled him initially sees this post, to tell us his actual or approximate age. LADIES...PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO MENTION THE AGE OF THE MALE YOU PROFILE, otherwise, things can become cloudy.

This profile was initially posted under the profile name, “Jenn H”, who I assume is the profiler, yet whoever posted about him DID mention his name in that profile. I saved it. Perhaps whoever posted about him posted another profile (or edited the first), so that HIS name appears in the "search name" engine results.

The profile may still be up there but I haven't gone back to look to see when he/she first posted it. It may still be there, maybe with a photo..don't know. I had to guess his age with a question mark after it to enable posting/quoting this, but I think all women should be notified about him. Not trying to be an alarmist or anything but wouldn't YOU want to warn other women if you read something like this? The reason this profile STOOD OUT to me was because..if these things are true about males who ENLIST in our ARMED FORCES, WHAT ARE WE TO THINK ABOUT ANYONE IN THE ARMED FORCES? ARE WE TO THINK THAT OUR MILITARY AGENCIES FAIL TO SCREEN, FOR MENTAL DISORDERS, BEFORE RECRUITING SOLDIERS/EMPLOYEES? .. ARE THEY SCREENING THEIR RECRUITS FOR MENTAL DISORDERS BEFORE RECRUITING THEM (just a thought, but all should be wise and beware..I think this is a MAJOR ISSUE of which everyone in our country or in any other country in which our soldiers serve, should be aware!) :

“Whatever you do, don’t date George Ferenz - he is a molester. He has sexually assaulted and or raped 6 women, including my girlfriend and her best friend. He has now joined the Army”

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10/19/2012 10:59AM - whisperer - UPDATE: in 2012, lists GEORGE L FERENZ (alias “Geo Ferenz”), age 29, with an address history in Fredericksburg, VA and Stafford, VA.
9/25/2013 03:10PM - Kat1234 - These are vicious lies invented by a vengeful and psychotic woman. George Ferenz is an honest and respectful man. Anyone who knows him personally will confirm his reputation as an honorable and generous person.
10/06/2013 05:25PM - whole.truth13 -

George Ferenz has been convicted in the rape of a 7 year old girl. 4 counts!
4/11/2014 01:25AM - TruthS33k3r - I stumbled upon this post and did a quick Google search on George Ferenz and Amanda Weis (Ferenz). George Ferenze has NOT been convicted of rape at all. He was tried and the rape count was dropped completely. I spent less than 20 minutes reading some of the petitions online that both parties have posted and Amanda Weiss has a very week argument. The families went on the Dr. Phil show and Amanda Weiss ADMITS she has lied to authorities about being abused. She told 5 different stories about what happened and tries to say that the police, the medical examiner, and other reports ALL have her statements wrong. It looks bad to not be able to keep "facts" straight. Either way here folks, I would be weiry of both sides because of the sensitivity of the situation, but BEWARE men, Amanda Weiss is admittingly dangerous!!

I hope this little girl was not actually molested at all!

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