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Mark Nooger

First Name : Mark
Last Name : Nooger
Gender : Male
Age: 51
Occupation: Don't think he has one!
City : Canoga Park
Country : US
Alias 1: Mark082264
Alias 2: Noogie

Dated a bit ... but he started stalking and harassing me after I called it off flags went off and he broke my trust when I set him up! ...ex has HUGE control over son, to the point where Mark didn't even have a BALL for the kid. He moves a LOT, but he grew up in Canoga Park and his mom still lived in the area.

He lied to the police. He has attacked my car, but not recently. He usually calls from a "restricted" # to harass, but actually used that AND a # that showed less than a year ago. He spoke to me on the one that showed a number, confirming alll my suspicions.

He is continuing to harass me and it's been almost 3 years, off and on.

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8/12/2010 12:05PM - waystobewicked - I know this guy. He haunts the dating website Plenty Of Fish. I really wish he would just drop off the planet.
9/12/2010 01:37PM - weirdoalert - Mark 'The Booger' Nooger is a piece of work. I would like to know what kind of medication(s) he's on. He really believes that he is all that! I guess his ex-wife STILL has him by what little bit of balls and dick he has left. And that's not saying much! Instead of threatening others with legal action, he needs to check himself into a mental hospital and stay there forever. I feel sorry for his young son. It won't take long for him to realize that his father IS an ultimate loser...
9/12/2010 02:22PM - Marco - My son is 13
now, not exactly young. My son and I are very close, and he has a 4.0 GPA
9/12/2010 02:35PM - Marco - "The Booger" LOL, how mature. I graduated HS back in 1983. It's clear that
the poster at 1:37 is still hanging on the the HS years.
9/12/2010 08:52PM - Marco - Hey Phaedra stop creating multiple profiles on this site.
9/14/2010 09:11PM - Marco - Weirdoalert

You're a judgemental POS. I bet that you would not have the balls to say to my face what you wrote. Go ahead and hide beyhind your keyboard you chickenshit.
9/14/2010 09:46PM - weirdoalert - That's behind, not beyhind. Didn't you learn that in school, moron? Seriously, why do you even care what I type? For someone who says that I am still hanging on to the HS years, you are the one who is acting like a big, tough bully. Why don't you move on...TO your next victim, lol! It's inevitable. Maybe what you need is to take a long, hard look at yourself and ask why people are posting stuff about you. I KNOW you won't see it because YOU are blind to it. You probably think nothing is wrong with you and/or blame others for your problems. Problems that YOU cause YOURSELF. I know people like you. You will not act like a man and face up. It's YOU that is the problem.
9/18/2010 02:46AM - LANative - I know this guy too....for way too long, in fact. He continually stalks me and harrasses me because I also kicked his ass to the curb. He is an absolute wack job! He does indeed haunt the site Plenty of Fish and Yahoo Personals. Run for the hills, ladies if you see this man!
9/21/2010 01:05PM - weirdoalert - 'Marco' is delusional. He's the poster child for wack jobs! Unfortunately, he doesn't see it. He thinks people are being judgmental assholes. It's the truth. Did he not think his stupid actions would not come back to take a chunk out of his ass? Like I said, he's delusional.
9/21/2010 07:51PM - Marco - Hi Weirdoalert,

I don't know know you. Do you know me?
What is your profession?

I probably made more in sales commissions
today than you made all of last month.

I have not been called "the booger" since junior high school
You have engaged in all kind of name calling in your posts.
What are you hoping to accomplish with your rants?

To set the record straight I came accross Phaedras phone number
a few months ago when doing a major cleaning and called her to apologize.

Sit there hiding behind keyboard passing judgement.
I really don't care what you think.

It's clear to me based on your posting time of 1:05 P.M. on a weekday that you don't have a job or a life.

So do us all a favor and get a life.

Love ya,



You made a comment about medications. Are you a Scientologist or were meds forced on you at some point in your life?--lol
9/21/2010 10:54PM - weirdoalert - I think YOU DO care about what I think and I don't care how much money you made in your ENTIRE lifetime. It doesn't make up for the piece of crap that you are. I don't have to tell you who I am or what I do for a living. The point is moot. It is all about YOU and only YOU. So get over yourself. You ARE not all that.


9/22/2010 08:50PM - Marco - Dear weirdoalert,

Maybe you would not come across as so angry and bitter if you got laid.

You would not last a day cold calling.

If you really know me then provide a hint that only someone who knows me would know???

I only called you a POS and chickenshit. You on the other hand have called me a bunch of names.

I have donated blood over 35 times.

It appears to my friends and I that you suffer from very low self esteem. Does it make you feel better by calling me names?

Peace out.
9/22/2010 10:17PM - weirdoalert - Hey Marco...

What happened to the Jewish man with an erection who ran into a wall? He broke his nose.

9/23/2010 12:05AM - Marco - Is that the best that you can come up with wierdoalert????

Now you're showing the world that you're both ignorant and racist.

You must be proud of yourself.

grow up and get a life.

Keep up the good work....LMFAO @ you.

As my late and great father would went to the Don Rickles school of charm...that joke probably went over your head.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Go wake and bake.

Does the 420 really help you focus???
9/23/2010 11:15AM - weirdoalert - Ha ha ha...Mark 'Marco' David Nooger. Do you use menuciolus and Noogie? You are such a stupid idiot. Why doesn't this surprise me? You are the one who has no shame and you won't admit it, will you? WE all KNOW that you have a small penis and that you are Jewish. I dated does that make me anti-semitic? Mark, you can't even spell the word correctly!?! You DO have to was a good joke, wasn't it? I still can't get how your ex J**y put up with you and still probably is. What a nightmare! Poor woman! Let me tell you doesn't take a genius to find info on you on the internet. All you have to do is Google your name and there it is! Want to know what I found? I have a long list...and I KNOW you would want to know but I am not going to spend anymore wasted time on you. I know that you are going to miss it. LOL loser!

P.S. Since I have no shame I will give out your cell #s IF they are still valid...661-313-3255
9/23/2010 06:51PM - Marco - LOL

Hey wierdoalert,

Don't hate babycakes because my current girlfriend is 10 times hotter than you, a better cook than you, and cleaner than you.

She is also much younger than you.

How is menopause treating you?

My son has 4.0 GPA, do your kids earn straight A's?

Does your employer know if you even have a job that you're spending time on the net instead of working.

BTW: My girlfriend loves my thick 7 inch cock.

I suppose for someone that engages in bestiality like you would find 7 inches to be small.
9/23/2010 07:54PM - Marco - Here is a current valid cell phone number

So weirdoalert feel free to give me a call and vent to me so you can get over it.

It appears to me that weirdoalert is
craving attention even if it's negative
attention because no man will give her
the time of day.
9/23/2010 10:00PM - weirdoalert - Ha ha ha...7 inch cock? I see that you finally purchased that penis pump that we talked about. Unless you got that stubby, miniscule, semi-pecker stuck in the doorway to stretch it, LOL. You are the attention whore, little Marky. Why don't you put out pictures of your so-called thick 7 inch cock, huh?. Show everyone what a freak you really are? Btw, do you still get paid for donating AIDS infested blood? I thought you were banned from doing so? As for the current gf, how much are you paying her? I thought you said that you liked getting it from a man? I don't think the cell # is yours. It's probably the so-called new gf/bf's #. Poor thing! LOL!
9/23/2010 10:15PM - Marco - I thought that you were done "wasting time" on me Phaedra.

Go ahead and call the number 818-309-0540 and tell me how you really feel? LMFAO
You can call that number from a blocked number.

Are you so angry because you ran out of weed?---lol

Did your doctor stop giving you free samples of your medication?
9/24/2010 10:58AM - weirdoalert - I think you are angry because I couldn't provide you with anymore weed. Remember how you were always asking me to get more free samples? Cheap bastard! I am not going to give you the pleasure of calling you...
9/24/2010 10:16PM - weirdoalert - My pleasure, BantamRoosterette! Mark doesn't know how much trouble he is in. He's in denial and just doesn't get it. He blames others for his problems and he is so stupid! The laughs on him once again...LOL, ha ha ha!
9/25/2010 04:59PM - MaxQ - I am really glad that someone stood up to this creep. Mark can't stand the fact that someone got tired of his bullshit. I hope the restraining order lasts until the end of time.

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