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Kimberly Stewart

First Name : Kimberly
Last Name : Stewart
Gender : Female
Age: 50
Occupation: Psychopath/Nurse
City : Olympia
Country : US
Alias 1: 'bink'
Alias 2: 'briesis'
Alias 3: 'goosemama'

This bitch is a PSYCHOPATH. Is employed as a nurse in the Oncology ward at Providence Medical Center in Olympia Washington. She's nuts.. Five feet tall, glasses, brown hair, and a big fat ass.
Doesn't bathe very often. Desperate for a man.
Friends with psychopaths Sandra Brown, Betsy Ashby & Laura Jadczyk
Stalker, liar, addict, meth cook

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10/21/2011 08:46PM - Exposer - If you don't mind a bitch with chicken shit in her hair, I hear she'd suck the chrome off a harley for a bucket of KFC.
10/24/2011 02:09PM - Briseis - Alias #2: Briseis

Been waiting for this promised expose' from McGranny, so it's disappointing. The only part of my description I'll disagree with is the "desperate for a man". Having chickenshit in my hair does happen off and on. And I definitely am a bitch.

The psychopath part I will concede, too, because that's what McGranny believes I am, sees me as, defines me as.

To Mad Mary, a "psychopath bitch" is a person who questioned her sob story and began digging deeper, asking more questions. When those questions were avoided or reacted to with rage, this "psychopath" became more suspicious. This psychopathic bitch called Mary out for impersonating a true victim of domestic violence. Why on God's green Earth would a person WANT to impersonate a DV victim? Money, mercy donations, and infusions of the "blood" of pathological individuals, PITY.

So back to the psychopath bitch Kim Stewart/Bink/Briseis. She has joined forces with the folks who seek to put an end to McGrannahan and Barbara Camwell Ness's exploitation of the domestic abuse survivor community. I put these two troublemakers on IGNORE for the last year, and in the meantime, an uprising against them has gotten well under way.

My contribution to the effort is modest in terms of information. Where I'm deadly is how I can put it all together.

Barbara Ness . . . I have been praying for the day. I don't wish you harm, just the NATURAL CONSEQUENCES of your behavior. You must look behind you and experience DREAD, it must appear a great, pre-Diluvian beast, it's hellish breath filling your mouth and nose. It's not. It's only YOU. You've heard of Asterion, right? This is the true given name of the Minotaur. His mother named him STAR. His choice to reject the hard work of being human made him into a Beast. In spite of this, his true self, Asterion, pursued him until his death, only then revealing itself as his lost "real" self upon his death.

I hope you turn around and encounter your own Asterion. I have faith that you have a true name, a goodness within you, and I believe it is THAT which hounds you, pursues you in your dreams, destroys your body and relationships and intelligence. Turn and face yourself, Barbara. It's going to be OK. Keep running, fighting, avoiding the natural consequences of your behavior, and you will just have more of what you already have.

As for you Mary McGrannahan . . . Barbara's little buzzing bee . . . . I've already told you what I wish for you. Peace, true loyalty from another human being, someone who cares about you and "has your back", someone to share with. I wish you could just let go and stop pretending to be a little buzzing bee. Let go and relax, accept your own consequences gracefully and discover it wasn't so bad after all. Once done, you can move on. Remember the Desiderata poem? "When you move toward goodness, Providence moves with you."

And PLEASE don't date me. Gawd.
11/03/2011 11:16AM - Exposer - Bink, you make no contribution to anything, except venom and vitriol. You're a little chicken shit covered alcoholic personality disordered nobody, whose lifelong yearning to be noticed has driven you to posting diatribes like the one above. No one cares, Kim. Your parents don't like you, your siblings don't like you, your co-workers don't like you. You've carved yourself spot after spot in forums made up of losers like yourself, only to be tossed from those places time and again. If you weren't so fucking nasty you would be pathetic. i don't think you have to worry about anyone dating you, Bink. Your day is at hand. Embrace your punishment that will be doled out to you from the Universe, and know that you were deserving to it.
11/03/2011 12:00PM - Exposer - in addition Bink, you are NOT a member of the 'domestic violence community'. You are a member of a small group of alcoholic and otherwise disordered women who enable each other. You all try to apply the things you learned while locked up in a various detox centers and bogus twelve step programs across the world to the imagined 'abuse' you have suffered. You gauge your worth by how many people respond to your schizzy crap like the post above. Your sole purpose in life is to make others feel as at fault for things that have befallen them as you do. I am sure that most of your misery is of your own making, as you are an intrinsically unhappy little troll. Nothing is 'hounding' me Bink. It's your own lack of self worth that hounds YOU and always will. Sadly, in your case, your feelings of worthlessness are well founded. Turn and face yourself Bink. It's very ugly. And it's to the bone.
11/03/2011 12:53PM - Exposer - sorry Bink, but you ARE desperate. for the attention of ANYONE. and you didn't expose me Bink, it was the other way around. You are the phoney, the fake, the liar. And it all came out, even without my help. I didn't toss you off the Catbox. I didn't toss you off Vain Encounters. But thanks for assigning me that kind of power over your worthless white trash ass!! You're the one who is not a victim of domestic violence. You were just a fat little parasite who latching onto poor old Tim, and he got the best of you in the end. It's interesting that the 'meth addict' Tim has been able to hold onto the place in Idaho, and it's YOU who is sitting around on Salvation Army furniture and living like white trash on a nurse's income! What's up with that? It's you with the addictions, you with the personality disorders, and you project them onto anyone and everyone, from Tim to me to your co-workers. No one cares what you think Kim. No one. Not even the dweebs who read your crap and sometimes respond to it on that creepy little forum. In the big picture in the big world, you're a nasty smelly unwashed joke. And somewhere deep inside you know it. And that is what is slowly but surely eating you. I just hope it picks up the pace.
11/03/2011 12:56PM - Exposer - People are welcome to read just how i exposed the lying little snot faced psychopath Kimberly Anne Stewart aka Bink on my blog.

and Bink, you DO stink. You co-worker didn't even want you in her car anymore because of how unclean you are. Of course, she's the one at fault, right Bink? That's the story of your life. You're shit, but those who get a whiff of you are to blame.
11/03/2011 01:52PM - Exposer - Bink, make no mistake- i DO
11/03/2011 02:18PM - Exposer - Bink, make no mistake........i DO despise you, and i will gleefully enjoy the natural consequences of YOUR behavior.....which will to once again become a pariah on a forum full of people who are just slightly less personality disordered than you are........
11/04/2011 05:55AM - Exposer - you know what Bink, i don't give a FUCK about the 'abuse survivor community' you prattle on about for two reasons......A. none of you bitches was ever actually abused, B. all you do is abuse fuck all you alcoholic cunts.......i just wish you weren't all so ugly and nasty that no one will come near you to do it AGAIN!
11/04/2011 06:10AM - Exposer - you're such a stooooopid bitch, and your new BFF? Betsy act like the 'men in black' are going to swoop down on Barbara Camwell for being ALMOST as big a stalking bitch as you two are!!........WRONG!!!!!!!.......the hubs might dump her....maybe.....but that's as far as it will go.........
conspiriacy theories and obsession with federal agencies are signs of poor mental health, 'ladies'..........
comments like 'the FBI is investigaging (fill in blank with current person under attack)'
make you both look as crazy as you are.....
better double down on the Haldol, and scale back on the TV dramas..........fucktards.....
11/05/2011 06:27AM - Exposer - Hey Kim, since you like to crow about that nursing license of yours, and the job you BARELY got at Providence Medical Center in Olympia Washington, why do you drive a 1991 car and sit around on furniture from the Salvation Army? it just because you're white trash to the bone, or is it because you spend you money on drugs you can't STEAL from the hospital???????
11/05/2011 10:32AM - Trubble - Hello Kim. I see you've been out bothering people again. Are you sure you were a psychiatric nurse, or were you a patient?
11/11/2011 02:20AM - Briseis - Hi Mary. Thanks for contacting my HR department again :) They offered me a security officer to walk me to my car at night in case Christine Robertson (LOL!!) posed a physical threat. They expressed concern to the Director of Nursing about my personal safety. I told them I was in no personal danger, and thanked them for their concern. Perhaps this will trouble you. I mean YOU no harm, I only want to preempt your attempts to exploit. Your disorder prevents you from behaving in any other way, I understand this. I truly wish you to live your life comfortably, and with adequate resources for yourself and your critters.

I suspect that this is a problem for you: You can't DO anything to harm me. If, perhaps, your accusations contained verifiable truth, truth that an objective party could actually verify, THEN you could cause me actual harm. But there is nothing. You can repeat yourself ad infinitum, but merely declaring and insisting does NOT create reality. You bear the burden of proof, not me.

16 minutes and 42 seconds of perusing your smear campaign against your soul mate Barbara Camwell Ness, from my work computer, is simply not a problem with my employers. Unlike Lisa E. Scott, I have no restrictions, other than websites blocked by my employer, on what I peruse on my breaks or lunch breaks. Sending my HR representative a visitor analysis and system spec from your IP logger fails to PROOVE "neglect". It does not prove stalking and harassing behavior, either. Perhaps in your dreams, it does. Or in your jealousy and envy.

Sincerely, Mary, I promise you this: I will NOT stop blowing your covers, or those of your BFF Barbara Camwell Ness, as long as you attempt to exploit and con our community of domestic violence survivors. I will follow you, check up on you, spend money sleuthing you, and I will not stop until YOU DO.

Then, I will be the first person to defend you, and reach out to you while you seek redemption. I don't hold out much hope of that, but I promise you, I will. If you, and even if Barbara Camwell Ness, wants to turn it around and open yourselves to genuine support, I will be there for you. I believe in the human spirit. I believe there is, in you, especially YOU, Mary McGrannahan, a desire to be accepted, to be loved and supported and genuinely regarded and respected. I hold out strong hope that you hold within yourself a genuine desire for forgiveness. I see it in in all your writings, in your blogs, even in your accusations and attempts to undermine me.

The choice is yours. Continue to defame, accuse and slander those who you fear are revealing your most embarrassing, unlikeable self; I will be there to counter you. Turn it around, and accept your responsibility for the unfortunate consequences you've brought upon yourself, and I will support you, encourage you, and literally FORGET your attempts to undermine me.
11/11/2011 07:54PM - Exposer - as much as i appreciate being flirted with by a personality disordered sweat hog such as yourself Bink/Briseis/ wasn't me......
ooooh...Sleuth that sounds so sinister and lesbian like...must run in your family..........
Kim, you are a fat ugly personality disordered bitch who changes bedpans for a living and has all your miscreat disordered children living off you in a dump in Tumwater what is there to be jealous of?.......
you've been tossed off ever forum you've ever been on except for that alcoholic laden co-dependency fest Our Place....and i'm sure they'll toss you before it's over.......
go suck Sandra Brown MA's pussy..........i'm sure she'll love the attention.....
11/11/2011 07:57PM - Exposer - and Kim.....anyone who saw you certainly wouldn't confuse you with Rod Stewart's daughter............
you can post my former name as much as you want........not my name anymore....sorry......
sleuth away cunt...........
11/11/2011 08:02PM - Exposer - Good for Barb.......she's still got enough internet access to get into my statcounter and fuck with YOU, Bink......warms my heart.........
11/12/2011 12:36AM - Briseis - I'm here for you, whenever you realize what you need. I swear it. I promise you support when you've reached the end of your rope. I might not understand how long your rope IS. It's possible I'm projecting upon you a desire for redemption, acceptance, and genuine relationships. Possibly you don't want those things (with anyone, much less me).

What I *will* do is be the one person left on Planet Earth that will keep that door open to you, if you ever want to open it. I would be willing to help you pay for weekly therapy -- I absolutely, positively MEAN THAT. If you genuinely wish to turn this around, I will testify on your behalf in a court of law, as a person who you previously attempted to harass.

That's how much I believe in your capacity for healing.

It's never too late, Mary.
11/12/2011 04:45AM - Exposer - You're right about that Bink -it's never too late......sold my story, settled a lawsuit before it went to court(personal injury- tax free)........changed my name......
yep, life is good.......
11/12/2011 09:42AM - Exposer - oh, and Bink........obviously i did not post you to datingpsychos, or i would promptly remove you psychotic spews :)
11/12/2011 11:13AM - Exposer - I think it's great that Providence St. Peters Medical Center offered to 'escort' your fat lazy ass out of their door........they should have done that long ago........
gee......i also really want to thank you for offering to testify for me in a court of law i will never be generous of you........don't tell me....just like Barbara Camwell and Betsy Ashby and all those other personality disordered fucktards, you believe that capture by FBI is always imminent for anyone you perceive as an enemy?! that's a classic sign of paranoid schizophrenia, you know....i'm sure you know.....your psychiatrist no doubt told you that long ago.....
that's for keeping the light on the door open for me at your hovel in Tumwater....i'm deeply touched........
what kind of meds you on these days? back on the antidepressants or are you hitting the bottle again?........whatever it is......please take more.......
and be sure and keep sucking Sandra Brown's she can shit in your face..... :)
11/12/2011 11:58AM - BibleBeliever - Bink just want you to know that the same group who prayed night and day for Mike is now praying night and day for you. We also prayed for Barbara to be released from that bad marriage she was always going on so over and looks like our prayers have been answered. Praise God. We want you to come to Jesus. Just keep remembering that we're praying for you.
11/12/2011 12:16PM - Trubble - Hi there Bink or Briseis. Long time no see. The Catbox smelled so much cleaner once you were scooped out of it and thrown away. Yep we are praying for you. We are praying the hand of the Lord comes down and touches you just like it did Mike. It was miracle and testament to the power of our Lord and we pray the Lord puts his hand upon you and your heathen friend Sandra Brown MA.
11/12/2011 12:36PM - Exposer - it certainly was a miracle the way the hand of the God came down upon filled my heart with a joy i can't describe........the prayer of agreement is a powerful weapon against evil.........i still remember him being ministered to there at the end........

Ezekiel 25:17:
And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.

11/12/2011 12:52PM - BibleBeliever - We are praying night and day for Sandra Brown MA, that she also feel the hand of the Lord come upon her.

"That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter: because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have forewarned you and testified." 1st Thessalonians 4:6

11/12/2011 12:53PM - Exposer - Amen to that!!!
11/12/2011 12:57PM - BibleBeliever - Mary, you've been persecuted by those crazy bitches for years, but their time will come.

Jeremiah 17:10, I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.
11/12/2011 01:48PM - BibleBeliever - You say the heathen bitch is in Scumwater Washington?
11/12/2011 01:52PM - Trubble - The bitch is in Tumwater Washington. She's chicken ranching.
11/12/2011 01:56PM - Exposer - Probably cooking a little meth would be my guess. She's prone to that.
11/12/2011 03:22PM - Trubble - yep. I know Bink has a real problem remembering whether she was married or not. Probably the meth. Bet poor ATM wishes he coould forget! LOL.
11/12/2011 03:37PM - BibleBeliever - Maybe you should jar her memory Mary and post all her lies right here.
11/12/2011 03:49PM - Trubble - My favorite was when Mary showed Bink posting two different sets of lies at same time on that alcoholic forum and on the Catbox. On the boozer forum she had her son living with her but on the Catbox the little thing was living all alone up on a mountain scared to death of that meth addict ATM. Makes me laugh just to think about it.
11/12/2011 04:17PM - Exposer - it was a SWITCHBACK road............delicate Bink was up a SWITCHBACK road all alone....just her and her 5 or 9 or 13 dogs (numbers varied throughout her con) and a gun.......just terrified......out of hay......threatening to eat her chickens alive or some was quite the scam, except she couldn't keep her story the same time she was on that forum for drunks saying her son was out cutting wood with the sinister ATM.........
that's why Bink thinks i'm lying.....because all psychopaths like her are pathological liars and they think everyone else is just like them..........
good idea.......i'll post some of her bullshit here........
11/13/2011 07:21AM - Trubble - And be sure and put on here the actual court thing you have on your blog where she was lying about the restraining order against ATM and lying about her ever owning the Meth Ranch, and lying about him having to give her half of it. Put all those links on here so folks can see for themselves what a lying heathen bitch she is. And put up all her remarks about your dogs having fleas and burning dog poop for heat. That shows the real Bink we all know and are praying so hard for.
11/13/2011 07:36AM - Trubble - You should build a webite with all those IP logs you have of old Bink using those hospital computers and let the public know what kind of a dumbass is working for that hospital since she thinks no one cares. Put the hospital name all over the thing. Bet they won't like the bad press.
11/13/2011 07:51AM - BibleBeliever - Good morning girls. I second the motion for the site about the hospital and the heathen nurse Bink. I know if i had family in that hospital and had read the hateful things she has said about Mary and other people that I'd be raising nine kinds of Hell. They need to surprise piss test her about three times a week. Probably pouring gin into her Pepsi.
11/13/2011 07:53AM - BibleBeliever - Bink if you need to be minstered to about that drinking and drug problem I'll be glad to talk to you about it and pray for you.
11/13/2011 08:26AM - Exposer - EXCELLENT idea about building a website about Providence!.......websites are cheap....and the server pushes stuff up the stats themselves......GREAT IDEA!!........ Bink is more likely pouring gin in her vodka!....and mixing in a spoonful of Meth......

you know how it is with Alcoholics and drug addicts....they refuse to take any personal responsibility or admit to their problem.....deny deny deny......remember how as much as you minstered to Mikey and as hard as we prayed he refused to come to Jesus and confess and repent.......died denying his addicitons .....of course the death certificate tattled him out....
as for know how her Hippodrome Projector is always in overdrive.....i'm sure she was transferring all her guilt over being a Meth addict over to poor Tim......
doubt she's kicked the habit.....they seldom do.....

11/13/2011 08:32AM - BibleBeliever - Yep. Mike gave in to the Devil. Looks like Bink has too. We'll just keep praying and praying. Mike was released from his addictions though just like we prayed for.
11/13/2011 08:34AM - Exposer - Mikey was released from his addicitons alright.......and in just the way i had hoped and prayed for. Praise God.
11/13/2011 08:55AM - Trubble - I was just over reading your blogs. I see Bink is willing to pay for you some therapy but she's not willing to pay for a proxy. Mightly charitable of her.
11/13/2011 09:04AM - Exposer - Probably wants to pay for me some 'therapy' with that UNLICENSED FRAUD SANDRA BROWN'd think Bink would check into a detox and get some help for can tell the booze and Meth are eating her brain.......
11/13/2011 09:08AM - Trubble - Bink is busy building a case against Barbara with Betsy Ashby and Sandra Brown. The 3 stooges.
11/13/2011 09:10AM - BibleBeliever - A case of what? Case of Beer? Case of Twinkies?
11/13/2011 09:13AM - Trubble - A case of Dumbass. A really big case.
11/13/2011 09:18AM - BibleBeliever - The three of those pagans ought to be in Church. Barbara denied the faith and look what's happened to her. And Bink better get ahold of herself with that liquor and Meth.

1 Peter 4:7
The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers.

11/13/2011 09:45AM - Exposer - i've been looking at the old Binkstink blog.....some really good stuff on there...i need to revive it....put some new stuff on there.....aggregate it to all the search engines....maybe change the name so everyone will know it's her............

all those paranoid schizzy fucktards think they're the FBI when really they're the BPD!!......
wonder how their investigation is proceeding?....maybe they've dug up something really good, like my high school prom pictures! hahahahahaha........
Don't talk about Bink getting a hold on herself......the bitch has been single a loooooooong time......i'm sure she has a hold on herself plenty........
11/13/2011 09:48AM - Trubble - LOL! Hope she washes her hands before she goes to work. LOL.
11/13/2011 09:55AM - Trubble - Remember when Melissa Kester de-friended you on her Facebook after you posted that you had been praying for her to be healed of that itch she had? LOL.
11/13/2011 09:57AM - BibleBeliever - Sure do. Wonder if it ever cleared up? STD was what I figured it was. I pray the Lord delivered her from it.
11/13/2011 10:00AM - Trubble - If the Lord did deliver her from it she probably just went back out and got another one.
Some people just can not be saved and that's a fact.
11/13/2011 10:10AM - Exposer - that was some of your best work........she went ape shit.....she was trying to get that guy Dom to screw her at the time....but i think she was off swilling wine and the post was up just long enough for him to see it........
i hear she's not looking too good....she's very withdrawn......probably upset over all that money of her mother's she wasted trying to sue me......she could have bought a lot of wine and makeup and hair colorings with all that money........too bad so sad.....
11/13/2011 10:16AM - BibleBeliever - We had been praying for all that was hidden in darkness to be revealed. It's all being revealed. Melissa. Barbara. Bink. Sandra Brown. All of them wolves in sheeps clothing.
All the thanks glory and praise goes to the Lord. Praise God.
11/13/2011 10:20AM - BibleBeliever - I also seen that over 5,000 hits on you blog about that pagan Sandra Brown. Praise God for that too.
11/13/2011 10:26AM - Exposer - Ugh.....i think we should pray that Kester's snatch be kept hidden in darkness forever!!......that's right....over 5,000 page views!.....Barbara had screwed with my Statcounter but i've got it fixed now.......keep clicking on the blog...i'm coming right up on Google.....i think i'll change the name of the BinkStink blog and you can help me run that one up too.......whre is Bink?......i doubt she's at church.....probably out trying to score some meth before the liquor stores open!!....hahahahahahaha.....
11/13/2011 10:30AM - Trubble - I always try to hit it at least 10 or 15 times. I see lots of people have been coming to it in the last few days. It was real nice of Barbara to give you that email list before she dove feet first into the deep end. She's probably regretting that. Probably the only thing the bitch regrets except getting caught by Turd.
11/13/2011 10:49AM - BibleBeliever - Bink is over on the pagan crap pile arguing with another heathen about psychopaths.
Already starting trouble with her own kind. I believe you're right T, some just can't be brought to Jesus. First you got to have a soul to save.
11/13/2011 11:05AM - BibleBeliever - And bye the bye, now poor ATM is her "husband" again. Lord, I wish that bitch could keep her story straight.
11/13/2011 11:08AM - Exposer - i saw that too..........and now she had just recently bought the house that she used to claim she'd had for years when she met Tim....she claimed that was how they had the money to buy the meth farm.........hard to keep up with all the lies.....she can't keep up with them herself........
11/13/2011 11:12AM - Trubble - Probably bought the Meth Ranch from making Meth at the last place. Probably heard Idaho was where lots of Meth makers go to cook their dope. Too bad Bink didn't get caught. Five to ten in Pocatello might have scared her straight. Or scared them in there with her straight. LOL.
11/13/2011 11:22AM - Trubble - Anyone who goes around with chicken shit in her hair and talks about it has to be a dope addict or a boozer.
11/13/2011 11:27AM - BibleBeliever - Bink posted some long winded pile of crap to me not too long ago over on OP. Why the Hell that let that bitch on there I'll never understand. She just goes on and on like she's running for office.
11/13/2011 12:16PM - Exposer - OMG!! Bink is on there with the flying saucer fucktards working on yet another conspiracy theory!! they think stupid Barbara was someone called Invicta...apparently is was some kind of blog...i thought Invicta was a WATCH, not a WITCH!! they'll be working up a theory that Barb killed Kennedy.....and blew up the space shuttle......and the world trade centers......
you all are right......the meth has eaten up what little brain Bink had....she's getting more paranoid schizoid by the day!!!!!!!!!
11/13/2011 12:22PM - Trubble - Invicta was Sandra Brown, MA. Guess they think you're catching on to that and are trying to point their pagan fingers at Barbara. Barbara can't do anything but copy and paste.
All she's ever done. Sandra Brown MA was Invicta. Lots of people in the "abuse community' know that.
11/13/2011 12:45PM - Exposer - never heard of it, but just went and dug it up........that's for sure NOT Barb....all kinds of crap on there about're probably right T- probably Sandra Brown MA......pissed off that Sam Vaknin was cutting into her audience...whoever it is is slamming Vaknin all over the place......can't be Bink because Bink is a big fan of Vaknin.....well, it varies.....just like all her bullshit........

Invicta means it's definately a psychopath...and Brown certainly thinks she's yeah, i'm sure you're's Sandra Brown MA slamming the competition Vaknin!!!!!.........PSYCHOPATH VS. PSYCHOPATH..........
11/13/2011 09:29PM - GeorgiaN - OMG is this Tim Hs ex wife? HAHAHAHA!!! he thought shes in seattle, WA I was right!!!!! R u guys in WA??
11/13/2011 09:32PM - GeorgiaN - she got him arrested for her pot stash. the needle was for his fishing kit. he cant even go to his own house bc sghe lies to every1 .
11/14/2011 04:32AM - Trubble - Hey there GeorgiaN! We were all on several forums with this lying sniveling chcken shit covered psyco wad. And one of us is very near to her, though she is unawares. The little bitch is in Tumwater, Washington. She has a Chicken Goose and Meth Ranch we believe. Yep, this piece of shit we are gutting like a fish here is Kimberly Anne Stewart the ex CUNTFRIEND of Tim H. Least he had the sense to not marry the hog. That's just another of her lies. Thank you for cluing us in to Bink's pot addiction. Guess she uses it to come down off the METH and BOOZE. If Tim would like to settle his score with Kim, then he should call Providence St. Peters Hospital in Olympia and tell them that her EXCUNT is stalking him and tell them about her many addicitons.
Are we right in our thoughts that Bink is just a bitter bitch over not being able to get her hands on his property and money?
Our little Bink is a psychopath. Please post any dirt you have on this piece of white trash right here.
11/14/2011 04:36AM - Trubble - Here is the blog that was built about little Kimberly aka Bink. You will find it very informative and knee slapping funny.
11/14/2011 04:52AM - Exposer - Kim aka Bink is very angry at me for finding out she was lying about owning the place in Idaho, and lying about the restraining orders she says she had against Tim, and lying about sending him to prison for meth. It's Kim with the meth problem......and the booze problem....and the mental problem......

please feel free to go to the blog and make comments GeorgiaN and i will post them ALL....the more filled with truth and profanity the better.
Bink right now is spreading the rumor that Tim is back in prison, even though he was never in prison the first time.......if you have any really good dirt you would like to share about Kim, contact me on the email address on my blog about her.........

and tell Tim to come on over here and join the fun......Kim scammed some of the women on the forum we were all on out of some money by saying she was scared to death of Tim ......that he was going to kill her.....yada yada yada..........
and she has been stalking me for years because i dug up just a little bit of the proof that she's a lying sack of shit.............
11/14/2011 06:13AM - BibleBeliever - Bink it don't surprise me to hear that you're on the ganja too. The Devil has you in his embrace. What you need is an exorcism. You are eat up with demons and they need to be driven out of you. You need to get off the Meth off the ganja and off the sauce pronto.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8

11/14/2011 06:50AM - Exposer - i believe the Lord was speaking ABOUT Bink and not to Bink in 1 Peter 5:8!.......Sandra Brown MA wrote an article about PSYCHOPATHS and used this Bible quote....but that was before she publically aligned herself with Bink, Betsy Ashby and Laura Knight-Jadczyk and let it be known that she herself is a PAGAN and not a Christian................some good Christian was following the word of the Lord.....

This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected.
1 Timothy 1:18

they have outed the Pagan heathen Sandra Brown, MA for lying about being Christian.

and i'm doing a little spiritual warfare of my own on my blog about the heathen......

and i'm not gonna bother praying for Bink......unless they are imprecatory prayers......but i would love to see the demons beat out of the little pot smoking, meth snorting, booze swilling PAGAN......


You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk are drunk at night. But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation. 1 Thessalonians 5:5-8

11/14/2011 06:54AM - BibleBeliever - AMEN. AMEN. AMEN.
Protect us from the wicked, Lord.
Let us prepare for spiritual battle.

Eph 6:10-17 Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God
11/14/2011 06:58AM - Trubble - Brint it on, you heathen Pagan bitches. We are ready to do battle.

2 Thessalonians 2:10 They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

11/14/2011 07:26AM - Exposer - Bink was on the fucktard forum droning on about how she knew there was something wrong with Tim, blah blah blah......there was nothing wrong with Tim......he's just another victim of a PSYCHOPATH........Binky is as psychopathic as they come.......
11/14/2011 07:28AM - Trubble - Here's something for you to use in the future Bink. Anyone who would ever willingly have anything to do with you is fucked up in the head. Case closed. Want me to bill you for that? I take Paypal. LOL.
11/14/2011 07:36AM - BibleBeliever - I myself am sick unto death of Bink talking about 'her' community. Unless she bought a trailer park in a ditch in Washington somewhere with her Meth making profits she doesn't have any community. And if I had a dollar for every abused victim out there who hates her guts I could buy my own trailer park.
11/14/2011 07:40AM - Trubble - I imagine Sandra Brown MA would tell Bink that that is her wounded inner child who no one ever wanted anything to do with and for damn good reason I might add. Bink's wounded inner child is still trying to belong somewhere. I imagine that's why the heathen bitch spends 25 hours a day on all those forums. Still trying to belong somewhere. Still looking for love. Still searching for the acceptance she never got as the hellish child she no doubt was.
11/14/2011 08:57AM - BibleBeliever - Just wait til that Pagan Sandra Brown MA and her devil worshipping cohorts figure out how big the Christian community is. They are laughing in the face of God.
11/14/2011 09:11AM - BibleBeliever - Has anyone seen or heard of Barbara? Last I knew the Lord had set her free from the cellar she was living in and made a way for her to find herself a spot in a nice shelter.
She has been set free from the shackles of that horrible marriage she was wanting out of so bad. Praise God.
11/14/2011 09:13AM - Trubble - All I have to say to Barbara is be careful what you ask people to pray for.
11/14/2011 09:21AM - Exposer - hey R- Binky is on the fucktard forum thinking you and i are one and same!.......of course Bink is a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks everyone who despises her is ME...hahahahaha......maybe she should ask Melissa Kester who BibleBeliever is!!......
or Barbara.............
11/14/2011 09:32AM - BibleBeliever - Yep Bink you ask Melissa Kester who I am.
11/14/2011 09:38AM - Exposer - And Bink, please contact Kester through her lawyer Seema Chawla of Bryan Cave in Kansas City, and ask her who BibleBeliever is............PLEASE call her lawyer and have her contact her.......that way Seema can bill her.......and i can collect a little more of what the bitch owes me.....!
11/14/2011 10:04AM - Trubble - I can't eat a bowl of soup without missing some of Bink's nonsense. I thought we were all Barbara. Bink maybe we're all you. Maybe we're the Meth and hooch talking to you.
11/14/2011 10:14AM - Exposer - i know what you can do can get that fucktard Laura Knight-Jadczyk to get on her Ouija Board and ask dead Mikey who ministered to his orange ass when he was dying!!........
maybe he can straighten this all out!!.........hahahahaha......and sure and bring some of your meth stash and your booze and lay it right there in front of the Ouija Board.........that will bring him right through..........hahahahahahahaha........
11/14/2011 10:23AM - Trubble - Bink it was me who said Sandra Brown was Invicta. And I stand by it. I heard that from more than one source.
11/14/2011 10:26AM - Trubble - Bink you like Vaknin and are a member of his forum. Ask him if Sandra Brown was Invicta and see what he says. :)
11/14/2011 10:52AM - Trubble - I can't even eat a bowl of soup without missing out on some of Bink's nonsense. I thought we were all supposed to be Barbara. Bink, we're all Melissa Kester. No, we're all Mike. He heard you got a Meth Ranch and he's been without for a while.
11/14/2011 10:58AM - Exposer - i'm surprised Bink isn't saying that i was Invicta.........of course it's early in the day.....
11/14/2011 12:47PM - Trubble - I was just at the WalMart and suddenly couldn't remember who I am. Thought maybe Bink had been here and could tell me. LOL.
11/14/2011 05:31PM - Trubble - Bink is on the fucktard forum playing Mission Impossible with the other paranoid schizophrenics. They are a group of covert operatives working for the CIA who are going to prove that Barbara was behind some posts on Vaknin's forum. Bink's abuse community which is four or five paranoid schizophrenic self medicators, can sleep easier tonight knowing that Bink is on the case. LOL.
11/15/2011 02:57AM - GeorgiaN - Are you guys for real lol? have u talked to Tim? tim is a nice guy he had mistakes in his past but hes working now and going to church. kim stewart lied about Tim and hes ust trying to get his life back together! Hes not doing anythuing wrong anymore and nether am i!! ru a real christian? are u joking lol?? tim is a real christian. real rhristians are ppl who do wrong and then repent of their sins!!!!!!s who is bink and Barbara? did they know tim. k i am waiting for yr response!@ thank you!!!!!
11/15/2011 05:15AM - BibleBeliever - We are for real and we are real Christians. Naturally the pagan heathen Kim Stewart aka Bink doesn't want to believe it. Kim here is a heathen who needs to be brought down several notches. We and an extended prayer circle are praying imprecatory prayers against Bink 24 hours a day. The Lord avenges his chosen ones who are attacked by the liks of Bink. We stand in faith that she will feel the vengeance of the Lord come upon her.The Lord is not to be mocked. But we are taunting the little piece of lying white trash, yes indeed.

Deuteronomy 32:23 NIV
I will heap calamities upon them and spend my arrows against them.

11/15/2011 09:01AM - Exposer - Hi Bink- bought a little present for you yesterday........i'm building a website JUST FOR AND ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY DISORDERED FRIENDS.......

11/15/2011 09:13AM - Exposer - ...and'll have to SUE me and WIN to ever have any of it removed..........that will REALLY cut into you METH AND BOOZE money.........
give Kester a call and ask her how it worked out for her.........
and THANK you for posting your spew about want to help me HERE....then getting on the fucktard forum with you PAGAN friends like SANDRA BROWN, MA and posting THIS.....

I admit I had FALSE empathy for the psychopath/characteropath folks I've gotten embroiled with

YOU have no empathy for ANYONE because YOU are a personality disordered FUCKTARD....
and since you call everyone who doesn't go along with you delusions about yourself and world personality disordered........that pretty much encompases ALL of humanity....YOU have been kicked off of every forum you have ever been on for BULLYING other members and trying to push your deluded opinions off onto them........YOU have no boundares.....and as an alleged former psych nurse (I ALSO KNOW YOU'RE A FORMER PSYCH PATENT AND HAVE ALREADY POSTED THAT ELSEWHERE, BUT WILL POST IT HERE AND OTHER PLACES TOO) you should know that a lack of normal boundaries is a sign of your pagan friend Sandra Brown MA, who has few if any herself......

i'm gonna smear you like chicken shit across the internet.............

11/15/2011 09:17AM - Exposer - Google KIM STEWART TUMWATER WASHINGTON and behold the power of meta tags....
and that's a stupid blog.......wait to you see how far a WEBSITE gets spread in days.......
11/15/2011 09:34AM - Trubble - Kim Stewart aka Bink, you are in for a world of heartache. You and your friend Sandra Brown, MA don't know what kind of cloud we have in certain circles she likes to victimize. And you have got yourself a bad case of Oppositonal Defiant Disorder among your other mental problems so it's probable that you will just keep on until you find yourself hung out to dry. It will be good for you cause you can take some of that personal responsiblity you are always going on about. LOL.
Bink if you don't back down and shut up we are going to fuck you up, no two ways about it.
So you decide. Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution.
But you better decide quick cause we have all chipped in on that website and it is being built as you read this.
11/15/2011 10:04AM - BibleBeliever - Hello, REPROBATE. You are about to know the wrath of God. And me.

They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.
Titus 1:15-16

11/15/2011 10:43AM - Trubble - While we are praying 24 hours a day we will also be clicking on the blog about your buddy Sandra Brown MA 24 hours a day.
11/15/2011 10:55AM - BibleBeliever - I hope those CIA agents don't turn us in for buying a website with the tax free money from the collection plate.
11/15/2011 10:57AM - Trubble - Barbara if you're reading this from the homeless shelter I hate you but I sure do want to thank you for putting Kim Stewart up here and saving us the trouble.
11/15/2011 11:17AM - Trubble - My goodness. has had over 600 hits today and I haven't even finished my coffee. LOL.
11/15/2011 11:26AM - BibleBeliever - Your fucktarded ass is about to be dragged into the bright light of day Kimber Anne Stewart aka REPROBATE.

Ephesians 5:11-
"Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them".
11/15/2011 02:39PM - Trubble - Just had a thought. Exposer why don't we post your brother's name address and phone number here and then Special Agents Betsy Ashby and Bink can hunt him down and force him to smell their unwashed body parts until he tells them where you are. Since he doesn't know where you are he will have to eat his just desserts so to speak. LOL.
11/15/2011 02:59PM - BibleBeliever - LMAO! Yep that is a real brainstorm you had there T. Go sit on his face Bink. I'll pay for the plane ticket. Business class like all Special Agents fly. Then maybe Special Agent Bink can steal some sodium pentothal from Providence Medical Center, hunt Barbara down shoot her up with it and make her tell the truth about whether that was her posting under a different name onf some forum 10 years ago because it is a matter of national security.
11/15/2011 03:11PM - Exposer - If agents Moldy and Scaly will go interrogate my brother i will glady give them directions to his house...........he knows my name bitches.....he knows where i am.....he knows it ALL.......PLEASE hunt him down and give him the Pagan Body Odor torture until he spills his guts........................
11/15/2011 03:19PM - Exposer - Kester has been on my blogs several times today........she hates Bink too.....we do have some common ground..........
11/15/2011 03:53PM - Trubble - I want you to know that I just spit beer all over my kitchen when I read that. Agents Moldy and Scaly. LOL!
11/15/2011 03:57PM - Trubble - Let's build a forum so we and others can rag on those fucktards all day long. We'll get Barbara to moderate. :)
11/15/2011 04:18PM - BibleBeliever - Bink oopsy I mean Special Agent Moldy; is your wounded inner child as fat, smelly, fugly and fucktarded as your white tash outer child? Are you getting some of Sandra Brown MA's theraputic help? Is she double billing you on account of you being double crazy?
11/15/2011 04:54PM - BibleBeliever - Bink I am confused. I know you and Assby are very Special needs Agents but who are you working for? Are you CIA? FBI? IRS?
11/15/2011 05:06PM - Exposer - Special Needs Agents Moldy and Scaly are with ATF - Alcohol Tobacco and FUCKTARDS!!......
11/15/2011 05:11PM - Exposer - Special Needs Agents Moldy and Scaly are with ATF- Alcohol Tobacco and FUCKTARDS..........
11/15/2011 05:20PM - Trubble - ROFLMA! I just blew my pizza out my nose. Alcohol Tobacco and Fuctards! LOL! I seem those shirts at the flea market. I'll get us all one!
11/16/2011 07:00AM - BibleBeliever - I see the little fat bully Bink doesn't like it when she's ganged up on. Hey Barney Fife did you and Goober uproot any evidence about Barbara maybe cheating on a spelling test in 4th grade and report back to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Fucktards?
11/16/2011 08:07AM - Trubble - Last night after watching the elimination round of Dancing with the Stars I couldn't sleep I was so excited about Rob Kardashian still being in the running for that mirror ball trophy. You know how I enjoy my account. So I decided to shake Kim Stewart aka Bink's family tree to see what kind of nuts might fall out. My oh my. Firstly did you know that Kim's mother Claudia Welfringer of Lacy Washington is a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Now I see where Bink got that idea to accuse Mary of being related to the KKK. Yes, Kim Stewart's mother Claudia Welfringer currently of Lacy Washington has managed to work her way up through the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan and attain the title of GRAND FELLATOR. My I'm sure Kim is proud. Not only that, it turns out that Kim's mother Claudia Welfringer got her head start toward becoming a GRAND FELLATOR in the KKK by working in a traveling carnival. She was part of a donkey act. Claudia worked under the nickname DONKEY FUCKER. Isn't that cute?
She was highly skilled at her profession. Glad I did some research into Kim's background.
We can add all of this to her biography on the Website. LOL.
11/16/2011 10:47AM - BibleBeliever - Ahaha. Kim Stewart aka Bink aka Briseis' mother Claudia Welfringer was a professional donkey kong sucker. That may explain some of Kim/Bink/Briseis' fucktardation. Can you imagine how hurt Kim's already wounded inner child would be if word got around about her heritage? I bet that would be really hurtful. Let's post it everywhere.
11/16/2011 11:05AM - Trubble - It is colder than a well diggers ass this morning so I'm a little late getting up and around. My goal for this morning is to run up to around 7,000 hits then run Kester's up to 50,000 so word about the little heathen Kim Stewart aka Bink will get out even faster while that website devoted to her is being built. I also posted my comment above her to the blog about Bink's fraud psychotherapist buddy Sandra Brown. I wonder if Bink has got herself a donkey in her little heavy petting zoo?
The apple don't fall from the tree, you know. LOL.
11/16/2011 11:25AM - Trubble - Something else interesting in Kim's family tree. Her sister Laurie Grooman of Portland Oregon's former last name was also Stewart. And the heaten's children's last names are Stewart. Looks like our little heathen pagan Bink wasn't never married to the father of her two miscreat children. That comes a real surprise, don't it? LOL.
11/16/2011 11:54AM - BibleBeliever - Excuse my bad spelling. I was clicking on the Sandra Brown Ma blog with one hand while posting her on my laptop. Now has over 7,000 hits and I'm just warming up my mouse clicking finger. Bink we gave you fair warning about fucking you up.
11/16/2011 11:56AM - Trubble - Thanks for helping me out with that. Now let's run up the hits on the Kester blog. I know how Kim aka Bink likes attention. So let's us get her some. LOL.
11/17/2011 08:17AM - BibleBeliever - Bink I just sent you an email of your fuctarded journal. We all got that IP changer thing at a group rate so don't be thinking we're all one and the same. But we're all one and same when it comes to dragging heathen pagan scum like you and Barbara and Sandra Brown MA out of the darkness and into the bright fresh light of the day. Turn or feel the burn, Bink.
I say that with Christian kindness.
11/17/2011 09:28AM - Trubble - Kim Stewart aka Bink aka Briseis we have had a sneak peek at that website that is under construction and it is a humdinger. Don't matter what you've taken down. What matters is what you put up and thought was so damn funny. Justice is always served after the crime takes place. But being a psychopath you don't think you should be punished retroactively.
Your squealing and squirming and calling foul won't bother us a bit. Just make us turn up the heat even more. Ask Barbara about that.
11/17/2011 09:52AM - BibleBeliever - Yep Bink and any talk about us not being good Christians for outing you will be met with swift rebukes. You have wronged one of us and you will pay the price for it. And if you don't like it you can complain to Jesus about it, because we don't want to hear it.

1Timothy 5:20
Those who sin are to be rebuked publically, so that others may take warning.

11/17/2011 09:56AM - Trubble - If you don't like us airing your dirty laundry Kim Stewart than maybe you shouldn't have been shitting all over people for years. Who you going to rat us out to Special Needs Agent Moldy? The EPA?
11/17/2011 10:17AM - Trubble - Barbara it must be tough with just 30 minutes a day computer access there at the shelter. See how the Lord has made a way for you to be set free from your internet addiction?
11/17/2011 02:32PM - Trubble - Bink I figure that like Melissa Kester you are one of those compartmentalizing psychopaths.
Probably many members of your long suffering family don't have a clue what a sick puppy you are. Am I right? Your mama will probably be surprised to see her long buried past with the carnival plastered all over the internet. Not to mention all those lies about Tim. When you were working day labor Kim while living with yourself and lusting over jars of artichoke hearts, did you report that income? Just saying.
11/17/2011 03:07PM - BibleBeliever - Haven't seen any updates from the Odd Squad conerning their investigation. Maybe they have hunted down M's brother and are threatening him with a nasty case of clamydia and a deviated septum from inhaling embarassing pagan vaginal ordor if he don't talk.
11/17/2011 03:13PM - Trubble - You heathen pagan bitches don't have to go around with those rank kootches. They make something just for it. Called FDS. Fucktard Deodorant Spray. LOL.
11/17/2011 04:13PM - Trubble - Kim I believe I've read where you call yourself a pariah among the domestic violence community. Now which is it? Or you a pariah or a messiah?
11/17/2011 04:19PM - BibleBeliever - The correct answer is none of the above. Bink is a Piranah in the domestic violence community. ROFLMA!
11/18/2011 04:42AM - Trubble - Isn't it funny how a psychopaths like Kim Stewart aka Bink always think other people will believe their lies, but never think anyone will believe anything about them.
Special Needs Agent Moldy is on her journal posting a 'threat' Biblebeliever sent her. I posted a reply I'm sure won't be up long.

You are trying to rewrite history. Firstly I am not Mary. Secondly we will offer up as much proof as you did when you attacked Mary here talking about her dogs and her family. Your mama sucked donkey dicks in a carnival. We have as much proof as you have of the things you have said about Mary and others here. We don't make threats we make promises and we will keep them. Gone Quiet is another example. You knew nothing about that girl. It's not up to you to judge whose stories are real and who's aren't in light of the pack of lies you've been caught up in over and over. Someday if and when we've taken down what we say about you, we'll use the same excuse you did.

Thank you :) Well done! Post this too, please: What specific lies and abuses are you asking me to withdraw? I removed the UNKIND joke I made about your Pa being the Grand Poobah who's dead body lay unclaimed in the prison he died in. I deleted the reactionary comments I made about your dogs languishing in starvation and burning dried cat poo to heat your unheated hovel (the $200 dollars in foodstamps being your ONLY income at the time). Let's see . . . I have mentioned your PREVIOUS name a few times, but now that you have a new one . . . anything else? You DID contact my employer, and they did ignore you, no lies or attacks there. I'm genuinely not understanding what else you call "pouncing on others" and nasty comments. Tell you what. Post THREE of them. Hell, post ONE!! I'll take a PARTIAL attack!! A PRESUMED (by you) attack!! I'm sure you have them somewhere in your arsenal. I say this because I TOO am committed to ONLY post the truth. Just like you're doing with Kester. You don't corner the market on First Amendment rights. I will gladly, and humbly, remove from my internet writings any UNTRUTHFUL statements I made about you. I have done so, to the best of my awareness. I did it a long time ago! If I'm missing something, I beg you to clue me in. Thanks for all your trouble, Mary. Kim Stewart

We'll give you a clue Kim, It's call paybacks. Your MA is a donkey fucker in a carnival. Get it? Now be sure and post this, 'chickenshit'
11/18/2011 04:45AM - Trubble - The heathen pagan bitch is a psychopath. We could post ten thousand hateful things the bitch had said about people and she would just snicker because the little chicken shit covered cunt has no conscience. Maybe she thinks all this is funny, but psychopaths never like it when the joke is on them.
11/18/2011 05:55AM - BibleBeliever - I just posted this to the little pagan bitch. Bet she takes it down. She's gutless.
We've never seen any proof that you are a real domestic violence victim. To the contrary we've seen lots of proof that you are not one. You have lied over and over. And where are the screen shots showing your proof of anything you have said about anybody? You're the one who scammed money off some members of Trubble's Catbox. With your sad story that has been proven to be a pack of lies.
We are going to be clear and repetitive about why we are focusing on you. Because YOU falsely claim to be a victim of domestic abuse, enter communities and attempt to get money and suck ass.
How about some screen shots of that restraining order against Tim you never had? How about a screen shot of the Deed to the Meth Ranch that was never yours? How about a screen shot of your marriage license since you call Tim your husband when he never was?
You are focused on Mary and try to discredit her for the same reasons all psychos have. She is on to your lies and you are trying to cover your slime trail.
You are about to get slammed with some of your own bullshit. Hope you like the taste as much as your mama likes the taste of donkey dicks.

Bink, your mama is a donkey fucking piece of trailer trash. We have photos of her up on the stage. We will post them along with her name and address. We have photos of your sister working as a HO in Portland. We will be posting those too.

11/18/2011 06:24AM - Exposer - Just heard from my brother through the underground pipeline..... late last night he was laying drunk on the sofa watching Matlock reruns when he smelled a strong odor......he thought maybe that last fart he'd cut had been more than a fart, but it wasn't......... then he heard noises outside. He grabbed his shotgun and flashlight and ran outside and saw two big fat hairy apelike creatures stumbling off into the woods holding hands and snuggling......... said it smelled like 50,000 rotted Salmon had washed up in his driveway.........i believe he had a sighting of Special Needs Agents Moldy and Scaly on a stakeout......... he's afraid they will come back tonight, kick his door in and inflict the Pagan Vaginal Odor Torture on him...........or worse yet, inflict it on each other and make him watch......... he's ready for them in case they come back....he went out and bought two cans of FDS and a douchebag.....that should send them packing.........
11/18/2011 06:37AM - Trubble - This morning I got sent a piece of video footage. It's Bink and her CLOSE friend Charlene Jardine of Victoria British Columbia doing the nasty on Bink's Salvation Army sofa. And I mean the nasty. Bink looks like a hog rooting for truffles. LOL.
The footage was emailed from somewhere in Michigan.
11/18/2011 06:40AM - BibleBeliever - Isn't Charlene Jardine Moongoddess over on the Our Place forum? Forward it on to me before I have my breakfast. At least good decent men are safe from these heathen pagans. They only eat their own kind. :)
11/18/2011 07:00AM - Trubble - That's the one. The video about scalded my eyeballs. Looked like Bink was sodomizing Mr. Ed. LOL.
11/18/2011 07:05AM - BibleBeliever - Kim is probably so attracted to Charlene on account of her looking so much like a horse in the face. Since Kim is the result of an uholy sex act between her mother Claudia Welfringer and a donkey she is probably unconsciously drawn to horse faced partners. I wish we could get Sandra Brown MA to weigh in on this but she's too busy over there pandering to fucktards since no sane woman will ever use her services or buy her books again.
11/18/2011 07:17AM - Trubble - I sent Bink fair warning. But she won't shut her mouth. I hope Providence St. Peter's Medical Center in Olympia Washington and the good Sisters of Providence enjoy the website
11/18/2011 07:51AM - BibleBeliever - You reckon Bink supplements her income by sucking a donkey dick now and then herself?
She's got her wefare baby mama daughter Charisse Stewart Byrd Fyldegaard bunking there with her. And Charisse's wife Isabelle Sarikhan and Bink's lowdown drug addict son Mitchell Stewart all living there on on Bink's so called Goose Mama's Ghostly Goat Girls' Farm. Sounds more like the Mustang Ranch to me. Cooking a little meth. Got Mitchell selling it for them. Turning a few tricks when some local gets desperate. Bilking welfare and food stamps. God only knows what kind of perverse acts Bink is inflicting on those goats. Making some low rent white trash porn films. It's an inbred white trash commune. LOL.
11/18/2011 08:20AM - WatchingandWaiting - I found this from the blog link. I'm getting a real kick of of it. Kim/Bink certainly is deserving of everything she is getting. She was an admin on Trubble's Catbox for a very short while and while there did nothing but cause dissent and controversy with other members of the team. She did nothing but backstab and lie and cause chaos. That's what all disordered individuals like Kim do. She and her nearly equally odious partner Earthgoddess aka Charlene Jardine were both banned. But they simply moved onto another forum and another forum like Bink now accuses others of doing. Kim Stewart under her many aliases has been around and around on the domestic abuse sites and personality disorder sites more times than the carousel at Disneyland. She's been punking others for years with her claims of being a domestic violence victim. She's not. You're very right about that. Now the joke is about to be on her. Can't wait to see it. Hope you post a link here or on your blog. PS. Kim I am on Our Place, where you most recently took up residence. I have hated you for years.
11/18/2011 08:27AM - WatchingandWaiting - Also I noticed on the Home page that Kim can become psycho off the week if enough people post comments here. I believe that would be a lovely homage to her.
11/18/2011 09:16AM - Trubble - Just posted this to Bink's journal, but I doubt it will be published. So I'll post it here. Bink is lying about Tim Haugen. He was never sent to prison for meth. There was no restraining order. It's all a lie. All of it. All of it except her mother Claudia Welfringer sucking donkey dicks. LOL.

State of Idaho vs. Timothy M Haugen
No hearings scheduled
Case: CR-2007-0000652
Magistrate Judge: Randall W. Robinson
Amount due: $0.00
Violation Date

I37-2732(C)(1) Controlled Substance-possession Of Arresting Officer: Cordle, Guy, 2000
Finding: Dismissed By Prosecutor Disposition date: 06/28/2007 Fines/fees: $0.00
Register of actions:

New Case Filed - Felony

Criminal Complaint

Affidavit Of Probable Cause

Order Determining Probable Cause After Arrest Without Warrant

Hearing Scheduled (Arraignment 06/18/2007 01:00 PM)

Statement of Defendant's Rights - Felony

Hearing result for Arraignment held on 06/18/2007 01:00 PM: Arraignment / First Appearance

Financial Statement And Order

Defendant: Haugen, Timothy M Appearance John R Hathaway

Hearing Scheduled (Preliminary 06/29/2007 11:00 AM)

Order Of Commitment Pending Posting Of Bail

Request For Discovery

State's Discovery

Motion To Dismiss

Motion Granted

Court Minutes

Dismissed by Motion of the Prosecutor with hearing (I37-2732(C)(1) Controlled Substance-possession Of

11/18/2011 09:56AM - Trubble - Now Special Needs Agent Moldy aka Bink aka Kim Stewart is on the fucktard forum telling lies on her daddy.

"I remember my little sister announcing one evening at the dinner table, "I like Mommy better than Dad. He's too mean."
She was lifted from her highchair and shaken and thrown in her crib. Then "Dad" collapsed with his head in Mom's lap calling himself terrible names and how much he "loved us all" while we didn't appreciate him blah blah blah. Poor fellah (not!). I am a year and a half older than my sister, and remember my horror listening to her say those words. I'd already learned my own lesson, apparently. These are good examples of having your natural instinctual responses scared right out of ya. For me, just feeling that sense of "Uh oh!" around another person was enough to trigger anxiety and self-loathing.
I felt deep pity for my father through out my childhood, in spite of how violent and terrifying he was."

Now her daddy was abusing her and her poor little sister. Probably pissed that they are the result of Claudia's carnival sideshow donkey fucking. So sad. So so Sad.

11/18/2011 11:00AM - BibleBeliever - Yep. Bink is full of pity for so many.
Now she is on her journal saying to nobody since nobody reads it that she isn't worried about us building a porn website with her family all over it. Guess that's because they've all been in the business for years. :)
11/18/2011 11:33AM - Sinbad - I don't know any of you people but I just want to say that this is the funniest stuff on here. I hope your friend Kim gets to be psycho of the week. She has my vote.
11/18/2011 12:55PM - Trubble - Bink are those goats covered with sores? You burning the goat shit for fuel? Is that baby sitting in goat and goose shit? Maybe we should contact family services and have them come take a look see.
11/18/2011 01:57PM - BibleBeliever - I think maybe someone should contact family services. Maybe Bink doesn't realize how neglectful she's being what with that wounded inner child and all the horrible abuse that was heaped on her as a child. :) I know that Andrew Ness had no idea of how abusive he was being to Barbara. He didn't even know he was beating Barbara until I called him at work and told him so, remember? He immediately set to work to end their horrible marriage.
11/19/2011 07:41AM - Trubble - Bink is on the fucktard forum presenting her two camps theory again. She is real proud of that bullshit. If she wasn't a psychopath and stupid to boot you'd think she'd realize that the comments she made on her two camps essay about Exposer are a big part of what is coming back to haunt her in the form of her entire white trash family being on a porn site.
11/19/2011 01:02PM - Trubble - On her journal Bink is lying some more about the restraining order she never had on Tim, and musing over whether Barbara is in a shelter. No Bink, Barbara is at the Four Seasons. She's paying for it with all that money she made 'under the table' as a mentor to idiots like you. All 126 dollars of it. You and Special Needs Agent Scaly might want to file an ATF
11/19/2011 03:23PM - BibleBeliever - Barbara is traveling through Europe dispensing her priceless advice and smuggling hash shoved up her fat ass. Where
11/19/2011 03:25PM - BibleBeliever - Wonder where the Burea of Alcoholics Tobacco and Fucktards think she is?
11/20/2011 09:12AM - Thegoodwifey - I want the people here to know how much I am enjoying this. I haven't laughed so hard in years.
11/20/2011 09:50AM - BibleBeliever - Thank you. Hope you will spread the word. Bink is on her fucktard journal whining about proof. We don't need no fucking proof Bink. We'll just make it up as we go along just like you do it.
11/20/2011 09:52AM - Trubble - Kim I guess we all sound like Mary because we're all sane.
11/20/2011 09:55AM - BibleBeliever - And we all hate her. That too.
11/20/2011 10:23AM - Jabbatheslut - Which one of us is Barbara? I'm on Cassiopaea with Briseis and Guardian. In deep cover.
11/21/2011 08:11AM - Exposer - OMG!!!!!!!.......Special Needs Agent Scaly aka Betsy Ashby aka Guardian is on the fucktard forum prattling on about me impersonating someone named Melissa Kester!!!!.....and she's going to sic the State of California on me!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA......AND if they don't come after me.......she's going to go to California and 'MAKE A LARGE PUBLIC STINK'.......i imagne the Second in Command at the Bureau of Alcoholics Tobacco and FUCKTARDS makes a VERY LARGE PUBLIC STINK anytime she runs out for a case of Old Milwualkee and some Camels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG...................i'm scared.......i'm really really scared!!!!!!!!!!! just gets better and better and funnier and funnier........
11/21/2011 09:20AM - Trubble - Special Needs Agent Moldy of the Burea of Alcoholics Tobacco and Fucktards is now screening comments on her journal. Lordy I hope she's not upset over me posting that remark about her mother Claudia Welfringer of Lacey Washington being in the KKK and having reached the rank of GRAND FELLATOR.
11/21/2011 09:27AM - Exposer - us all having that IP masking service where we can all pick the same place at the same time is PRICELESS............Betsy Ashby called it 'lame' but i bet it cost more than everything in Bink's chcken shack put together.........
11/21/2011 04:38PM - Trubble - Now Special Needs Agents Moldy, Scaly and Skanky (Sandra Brown MA) are on the fucktard forum with a conspiracy theory that Barbara is still out there. Her and the flying saucers right? They have no evidence but a bunch of drug and booze addled schizophrenics don't need any real evidence when they're playing make believe spy. It's scary to see Sandra Brown MA behaving this way. Not surprising but still a little scary.
11/21/2011 04:38PM - Trubble - Now Special Needs Agents Moldy, Scaly and Skanky (Sandra Brown MA) are on the fucktard forum with a conspiracy theory that Barbara is still out there. Her and the flying saucers right? They have no evidence but a bunch of drug and booze addled schizophrenics don't need any real evidence when they're playing make believe spy. It's scary to see Sandra Brown MA behaving this way. Not surprising but still a little scary. LOL.
11/21/2011 04:46PM - Trubble - Wonder why Special Needs Agent Moldy aka Bink aka Briseis aka Kim Stewart keeps going on and on about us having Anonymizer? You'd think a pro cyberstalker like her would have purchased that a long time ago. Guess all her nurse's salary goes to buying meth and hooch for herself and her son Mitchell Stewart and little outfits for the donkey whose dick her mother Claudia Welfringer sucks on stage.
11/22/2011 06:42AM - Trubble - I notice none of Bink's druggie and alkie friends are coming to her aid on her journal. Guess they don't want to end up beside her and her mama onstage with a donkey. LOL.
11/22/2011 11:43AM - Trubble - I see someone has posted Kim to Filthyliar. Nice photos Bink. I'm just surprised you're not sucking the parrot's dick. LOL.
11/23/2011 04:38PM - BibleBeliever - Knew the little chicken shit bitch would snap, but she really out did herself! And we got it all copied and pasted and downloaded. Oh wait, I mean YOU got it all Exposer because there is no us. We're all you. First we were all Barbara. Now we're all you. The one thing we all are is sick of that meth addict bitch Kimberly Anne Stewart! LOL.
11/24/2011 04:23AM - Exposer - THAR SHE BLOWS OVER THERE ON FILTHYLIAR!!!!!!!!!!
11/24/2011 04:25AM - Trubble - I thought I smelled rotten fish. LOL
11/24/2011 10:37AM - Exposer - I just love Seattle. Close to so many things. So much to see. So many small towns to visit. And they have great hospitals.
11/25/2011 09:08AM - Exposer - Think you're being cute Kim you psycho bitch? You're up here again.

12/01/2011 12:01PM - Exposer - first everyone in the world is helping me......then no one is helping me....first i'm all alone in the world.......then i have children.......first i'm dead broke.....then i'm living off the proceeds from my 'scams' need to get off the meth really do.....and the booze.....let mike be a cautionary tale..........who am i Kim?......criminal mastermind or lonely old woman?.......sane people know who i am...and what you are.......
am i typing with my fingers and toes on four computers all at the same time.....or do i have a merry band of Bink haters pounding away on their keyboards?........and who is in my merry band of pranksters?..
am i a domestic violence victim or a writer who has been setting fake victims up and knocking them down for years? i writing bad checks...or writing a book? someone bankrolling me or am i rolling strangers in parking lots? i joking around or is the joke on you? i a con artist or a conceptual artist? i someone's sock puppet or are you my sock puppet? you have me or have you been had? this even me typing this or is this a stunt double?......
am i a merry widow.....or not a widow at all? i living poverty or living in Malibu?........what's my name?.......and what's my real name?.......and what's my new real name? i impersonating someone else or is someone else impersonating me?
where is mike? he dead?......from what?......where?.......did he blow his mind out in a car?......was John the walrus or was mike?....who buried mike?......who buried Paul? i speaking from the dead or to the dead?......helter skelter........i'm very bored.......

12/02/2011 07:38AM - Trubble - Here's a link to some imformation about Kim Stewart. There is a blog and website under construction that will be all about her drug use and her being in the KKK.
2/14/2012 12:10PM - methaddictmary - fucktard - your a liar. This whole statement was fabricated by McGrannahan/Magness/Branham who also impersonates Kester, Ness, Stewart and her husband Mike. She has fake emails set up in the names of Kester and Ness and emails herself to make it look real. She's that insane.
Just like your ex buddy Sue Lawrence never said she was scamming Social Security and Kim Stewart never said any of the shit you made up about her.

Nothing McGrannahan says is true... its meth and extortion talking. Both ideas she stole from Mike. The only things real are the death threats McGrannahan/Magness/Branham has issued against various people.
2/22/2012 12:52PM - BibleBeliever - methaddictmary/aka BARBARA Camwell Ness,Barbara Camwell,BARB is a psychopath/narcissist,who,has impersonated not only Mary Mcgrannahan but also Kimberly Stewart as well.No doubt both BARB and Kim is a piece of SHIT,but, the winner here is clearly BARB, as, she is the OLDEST (55),UGLIEST,and,the fattest at a whopping 500+/6 foot yeti.
She can't get screwed even by her own husband,and,even a sex addicted man(IF)you can believe her lies about poor JEFF.Some advice BARB-go take a douche with Clorox to kill the smell in that NASTY 20 pds of pussy you have and give the OLD poop shoot an enema with it.Maybe the kids won't be yelling for you to roll down the windows next time you take them to school.And,better get your hubby to STOCK pile you up some twinkies before there is no more as they are going bankrupt.
4/20/2012 05:34AM - dinner4avampire - Even Barb got wise and left me alone, Kim. Can't you take a hint too?
4/20/2012 05:37AM - dinner4avampire -

Kimmie can't tell me and Barb apart!! Praying for you Kim
4/25/2012 01:21AM - Briseis - All of the characters in this defamo post are Mary Branham McGrannahan, except for mine, which are clearly from Kim Stewart, the target.

If you've read through these comments, you have a good idea about what kind of festering dump McGrannahan's mind is.

After MONTHS of multiple daily emails to me, Mary Branham McGrannahan is now begging ME to stop contacting her. This is after she shared her fantasies of child pornography and perhaps wishes she hadn't done so. I have the emails with full headers. I am still considering a couple of different venues with which to expose her disgusting, filthy tendencies to the widest possible audience.

I knew if I kept pushing back, I could eventually shut her down. I want her to leave EVERYONE alone, I am by far one of the least of her targets. Apparently, though, I have gotten her to leave me alone. It's not good enough. McGrannahan threatened me but could not actually DO anything to harm me. But she has harmed other people, and I intend to participate in stopping her. I am confident we will.

Mary, I will decide when I am done with you. After all you have tried to do, you've lost the privilege of telling me when to fuck off. I'll ride your ass until you can't type or talk, if that's what it takes to stop you from causing any more harm to innocent people. You are a stain on the face of the world. You serve NO good to anyone. God only knows why such a creature as you exists. Your plentiful past victims have said more than once they believe you channel the Devil Himself. I told them that is no excuse.

Barbara Camwell Ness, who's attempted to defend me above is at least as bad or worse than McGrannahan, and she is equally in my sights. Go to hell, Barb. You stole my email from Lisa Scott and gave it to Mary. You'll never find a grateful victim in me. Listing the other unlawful activities I am aware of is just not wise right now. It's already too late, for both of you.
6/01/2012 01:29PM - kimstewartisacunt - Kim,you and Barb can smack pussies together in prison.
6/01/2012 01:41PM - kimstewartisacunt - Bink are youu still molesting your grandson? Kim Stewart is a child molester and a drug addict.
Check out her talking about stealing morphine from cancer patients at Providence St Peter hospital in Olynpia.
Kims boyfriend is Arthur Steller.
6/01/2012 02:40PM - kimstewartisacunt - Kim the IRS is about to hurt you plenty.
And then there are all those heinous bikers looking for your boyfriend Arthur Steller.
6/03/2012 06:06AM - kimstewartisacunt - You would think a financially secure cunt like Kim StewarSt who works in Oncology at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia Washington AND stealls NARCOTICS she STEALS F
FROM PATIENTS would simply pay to have these. profiles of het removed.wouldnt you?
6/03/2012 06:06AM - kimstewartisacunt - You would think a financially secure cunt like Kim StewarSt who works in Oncology at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia Washington AND stealls NARCOTICS she STEALS F
FROM PATIENTS would simply pay to have these. profiles of het removed.wouldnt you?
6/05/2012 05:47AM - Savvie - Wow.........over 7 months of bashing? Someone really has too much time on their hands. Made for a good insomnia read though. Ya'll need lives get off this chicks nuts and go for a walk or something. Do you people have nothing better to do with your lives? I'm quite disgusted over your obession with this lady. It is unhealthy.
6/05/2012 01:05PM - kimstewartisacunt - This cunt is no lady.....where are your blogs Kim?....
Big talk from a hatchet faced loser....what happened?...
Thought you said you'd never take them down!!!
6/05/2012 02:08PM - kimstewartisacunt - Well Savvie.....I suggest you get the fuck off here and go back to TMZ
6/05/2012 06:03PM - Savvie - Lady I think you are the real psycho here get a life!
6/06/2012 05:21AM - hatchetfacedkim - Savvie, we don't mind being disliked by you.
6/06/2012 05:25AM - hatchetfacedkim - Savvie, we don't mind being disliked by you. Tell Kim to crawl out of the pile of goat shit she's hiding in.
Kim aka Diamond is in some trouble.
6/06/2012 05:25AM - hatchetfacedkim - Savvie, we don't mind being disliked by you. Tell Kim to crawl out of the pile of goat shit she's hiding in.
Kim aka Diamond is in some trouble.
6/07/2012 12:13AM - Savvie - I dont know you to not like you, I just think you're insane! Why are you so infatuated with this person? You honestly need to find a hobby!
6/07/2012 04:50AM - hatchetfacedkim - Seems like you're the onw with the unnatural interest,Savvie; since you claim to not even know the psycho cunt Kim. :) * hugs*
6/07/2012 09:42AM - msfreesnatch - Come on Kim/Bink/Briseis/Diamond/cunt.....list those crimes....
10/26/2012 05:20AM - liarliar - did ya notice how Marys insults are all the same? "you're a psychopath, you're fat, you smell, you want sex, you take drugs, you eat twinkies" Even the FBI knows she uses all the same sites. Favorite words: psychopath, fucktard, spoof. Mary fabricates it all. She has emails in the names of all her victims and even emails herself. Instead of doing something positive about her situation she spends all day on her laptop WiFi sniffing, spoofing emails & IPs and defaming people. Obviously its all her and her projective imagination. Don't worry Kim - we know Mary's insane. Everything she says about anyone is a fabricated lie. She posts it all over the net hoping some poor idiot will believe her.
10/26/2012 05:30AM - lunaticasylum - Actually Barbara Camwell Ness built this page. She's so stupid she put up the wrong email address for Kim Stewart.
Kim's real emails is Since Kim had sent Mary thousands of stalking emails, she certainly would have put the right email address on here.

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