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Mark J. Bonamarte

First Name : Mark J.
Last Name : Bonamarte
Gender : Male
Age: 57
City : last known, Bozeman MT & Florida
Country : US
Alias 1: Mark Joseph Bonamarte

The information below came from (each posted before 2010 and after 2001), and (posted before 9/17/2006, photo provided), and (posted 9/12/2006, photo provided), and in 2013, lists Mark Joseph Bonamarte, also seen as Mark A Bonamarte, Mark J Bonmarte, M Bonamarte and Mark J Bonomarte, age 53, address history in Bozeman, MT; Buffalo Grove, IL; Highland Park, IL; Lake Bluff, IL; Gallatin Gateway, MT and Punta Gorda, FL. :

“I am surprised this guy isn’t on every date site. You don’t have to listen to anything I have to say or why I say you should run the other way. All you have to do is google his name and then you will see why. SEE URLs: http: 2006 11 09 opinion-order-state-v-bonamarte http: search? data mt cases 2006 003763698.pdf+%22Mark+Bonamarte%22&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us 2008 06 11 gay-domestic-violence-is-my-relationship-abusive "


“In my opinion he is a complete sociopath. (look it up) He uses the same ring every time he gets engaged and says he had it made special. He has two protective orders against him, convicted of partner abuse (is trying to appeal in Supreme Court) and is on probation for prescription drug abuse. He will explain away each of these-the protective order was because the woman was jealous, etc. NOT TRUE!! He is a liar and a cheat. He goes downstairs to call another woman when you are upstairs in his bed!! If you are not with him you can bet he is with someone else or at least on the phone with another woman! Run the other way as fast as you can!! He has had many protective orders posted against him for a reason. Dont listen to him-RUN!! If you ignore this-use a condom-I wish I would have!!”


9/17/2006 7:03:53 PM – “Check out the other posting. This guy is bad news.”


“This man is the most physically abusive sociopathic person I have ever met in my life. He is a con man who will stop at nothing, no matter how ridiculous his scheme may sound to the rest of us, to make himself come out smelling like a rose. He uses women for his financial gain, gets them into trouble with his business scams, then leaves them with the debt while he pressures them for more money. He has been convicted of partner/family member assault, and disregards the numerous protection orders that are filed against him. He moves from one victim to the next, praying on the most vulnerable among us. He is the stereotypical abuser, starts out charming and complimentary, then gradually takes control over every aspect of your life until your life is no longer your own. He will beat you to within an inch of your life, always careful to hit you where the bruises can be covered by clothing or makeup. He will threaten to have your family killed via his "mafia" connections if you tell anyone about the abuse. Whatever you do, do NOT get involved with this man. He has spent his entire life to this point conning women, perfecting his lies and justifications for the things that don’t seem quite right to you and me. He is a violent, evil man and is not rational. Please steer clear of him at all costs!!!”

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3/12/2014 03:29PM - ginamarie - paychooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
6/30/2014 06:44PM - ginamarie - please believe all of the above comments!! this man needs to be stopped!!
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