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Dave Leo Wojcicki

First Name : Dave Leo
Last Name : Wojcicki
Gender : Male
Age: 50
City : last known, St. Louis/Sappington/Oerman
Country : US
Alias 1: is/was automation_devices on
Alias 2: is/was wojomo on
Alias 3: is/was davewojo on

The information below came from (posted 6/24/2010, photo provided) and in 2013, lists Dave K Wojcicki, address history in Saint Louis, MO 63125; Dittmer, MO 63023 and East Saint Louis, IL 62206, also seen as Dave Leo Wojcicki and David Leo Wojcicki, age 46 ... who I will guess is the same male profiled on :

“Past felony conviction for armed assault in St. Louis. Has 4 kids, liar and a cheater. Good looking guy that thinks he can get away with anything. Smooth talker. Writes poetry and quotes Shelly to pretend he is sensitive. Works as an automation engineer and will want to be in nature. Why he is wooing you he leaves his home and animals unattended so they die. Steals money from you” “He still lives and works in the St. Louis area and frequents the River City Casino poker table” S

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4/02/2013 06:35AM - comesy -
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2/21/2015 03:07PM - Thanksto you - Janet you need to remove this
2/21/2015 03:09PM - Thanksto you - Janet you need to remove this
6/04/2015 05:26PM - ladyinstl - This man is a true dating psycho. He continues to join dating sites even while living with someone. He is a liar and a cheat. Do not trust him...
6/15/2015 04:36PM - ladyinstl - New profile on POF - SunsOutAreYou. Lying about his age and most everything in the profile. Says he's looking for his Targareyan queen.
1/14/2017 07:01PM - DOUPCONON2 - Hello dear

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3/14/2017 03:22AM - Paganprincess - Funny thing, I was NOT the original poster David. A friend who thought you deserved a comeuppance did. Fact is I forgot she had posted this until you begged for its removal last year. Truth is it's as factual today as it was 5 yrs ago. Obviously ladyinstl thought so too. You are a narcissistic sociopath, a predator and this hurts your fragile ego. The chance of removing this is not a snowballs chance in hell. The fact it bothers you makes it that much more enjoyable to me. You deserve every bit of public humiliation this brings. Karma is a bitch dear.
3/14/2017 03:36AM - Paganprincess - Oh, I almost forgot to wish you a happy 50th birthday Sunday. Wish I could remove the European cruise I took you on for mine, thousands wasted ! Hope you spend yours alone with Redtube and your hand. I\'m sure your \"caring\" children will forget as usual. Might want to update your Linked in profile to reflect your REAL education and stop lying about that as well.

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