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Toris Stroud

First Name : Toris
Last Name : Stroud
Gender : Male
Age: 39
City : last known area: Moore
Country : US

This information came from and and has one profile for a Toris K. Stroud with the alias T. Stroud, age 35 in 2012, for the areas West Linn, OR; Colton/Redlands, CA; Vancouver, WA; and Moore, OK. :

will cheat on you without blinking an eye. Im pretty sure hes a sociopath. He hits all his girlfriends and will blame you for all his bad behavior. Hes charming when you first meet him and as soon as you are hooked, he slowly wears down your boundaries and will walk all over you. He is depressed all the time when with you, but will appear happy with his *** together for everyone else. And then when you finally leave him, he wont stop calling or texting you so you can get over him. He is charming and know exactly how to act and what to say to reel you in. When you see him, run the other way as far as you can!

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8/15/2013 08:13PM - Lilbit0330 - You described him to a T. Who are you? I'M with him now. .. He hasn't hit me but i would like to chat with the person thay posted this. please contact me asap. Just wondering if u r his ex from Portland or someone from here. Im so glad i searched him now.... I knew something wasn't right.
9/15/2013 08:13AM - Lilbit0330 - You were right. He punched me in the face this morning.
9/15/2013 02:41PM - tallblonde916 - I just got off the phone with Toris and we dated for five years. I don\'t know what you chicks are talking about, but he was nothing but good to me. Never laid a hand on me ever in five years, I would have married him but we grew apart because he moved for college to better him self. After reading this crazy stuff, I hope he left that girl he was with.
9/15/2013 02:47PM - tallblonde916 - I am on the phone with Toris right now, and from what he just said SOUNDS LIKE YOU GOT WHAT WAS COMMING TO YOU!!!! Not his words mine, we did have a good laugh about all this. What loser has the time to do this is my only question, he wont want me to say this but if lilbit0330 is the girl in Oklahoma, sounds like you would want to send more time with your down syndrome having child.

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