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Breck Swanquist

First Name : Breck
Last Name : Swanquist
Gender : Male
Age: 62
City : Memphis/Collierville TN & Chicago/Rockford
Country : US

This information (AFTER THE COLON) came from I found one profile for a “Breck M. Swanquist” on , his alias listed as “Breck Swanouist” , and if it’s the same one, he is age 58 in 2012, and his areas listed as Germantown/Memphis/Cordova/Colliersville/Collierville, TN. :

“Manipulative megolomaniac (look it up, it’s a scary definition). Sociopath, will borrow money from ANYONE....even 70-80-year-old widows, will take you for everything you have. Has been in prison, and supposedly molested his 3yr old son.....I know this because I know the boy’s mom....and he left the state of TN after a warrant for his arrest went out. This one is another Scott Peterson waiting to happen”

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1/25/2015 01:46PM - Leo - I did not want to believe but he is manipulative, he is a megolomaniac and a sociopath!!! He will rob you of your time, your money and your love!!!!!!
1/31/2015 11:29AM - vic - The things being said about this man are not true! I have known him for a long time and he is a wonderful human being and man. Maybe instead of focusing on other people and saying negative things you should spend more time examining yourselves and your own life that may desperately need serious help.
It is amazing that you can just go on these sites and post such false things about a great person. These sites should be banned and you all need to find your selves.
8/18/2015 08:30PM - Dragonfly - I dated Breck for nearly a year when he lived in Illinois and was in and out of treatment for drug addiction. Initially, he is a charming & cunning smooth talker, but over time you will discover he is a liar, manipulator, and schemer of the worst kind. It wasn't until his roommate, addictions counselor, and HIS OWN SON broke the "man code" and told me, either directly or indirectly, to GET AWAY FROM THIS MAN, that I finally wised up and broke up -- the best decision I ever made! Breck will tell you many stories, all twisted versions of the actual truth. He takes no responsibility for his own role in making his life a hot mess - and he will drag you down with him. Ladies, save yourself the loss of your time, money, sanity, and self assurance and AVOID THIS MAN AT ALL COSTS!!! He will leave you heartbroken and hurting. After truly knowing him, I agree with other posters that he really IS a SOCIOPATH and MEGALOMANIAC.

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