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Corey M. Eckenrode

First Name : Corey M.
Last Name : Eckenrode
Gender : Male
Age: 39
City : of or from Bonneauville
Country : US

This information was posted 763 days before Feb 29, 2012, on :

“Update: Corey M. Eckenrode, 33, of Bonneauville has been charged with unsworn falsification to authorities. He is accused of providing a written statement during an investigation of a domestic assault at 8:45 a.m. Nov. 20, 2008, in the 400 block of Paige Hill Road, Spring Township, then recanting it before trial. Met in August, Sept 23rd he tells me his father died after being in a coma for 2 weeks, I tell him to take his time to grieve, be with his family, etc.....he txts me about once a week saying he just needs time..I finally txt him in Nov. telling him though I understand he’s grieving, I need to know if he still wants me in his life or not...well that same day he txts back telling me he’s in the Arctic Ocean working a government job & he misses me & he wants to make it up to me when he gets back which won’t be for at least another month. I patiently wait for him...he shows up at my work Jan. 6th saying he’s only been back 2 days & he wants to take me out to dinner & come over that evening..well for some strange reason I search to see if he has a facebook golly there he is-with his GIRLFRIEND, that he met in Sept!! LOL Well I contact her & she tells me she met his father & he’s alive & well! He was never in the Arctic Ocean either of course...He goes on these dating sites & preys upon these vulnerable girls & needs to be stopped!! Horrible thing is he lives not even a mile from my house!! Scary!”


Anonymous “only psychos take pictures like this of themselves- shirtless, usually bald, in some bathroom- anyone else notice what a trend this type of photo is on these kinds of sites? my psycho-ex takes pictures of himself exactly like this so I believe this ‘standard, shirtless bathroom photo’ to be a red flag in and of itself”

Anonymous “My friend was also a victim of this idiot’s lies..... I am not going to mention any names, but I know first hand he is Trouble..... Stay away girls”

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8/25/2012 12:41PM - babylove123 - (
I am Miss Doris, 22 years of age,single(never married).
I am beautiful and self assured girl with a huge sense of humor.I am sincere, honest,educated,romantic,faithful,kind,caring.
l just saw your profile and became interested in knowing you more,l will be happy if you reach me(dorisbenzebi @ gmail . com)so that i will tell you all about me and also send my pictures to you.
looking forward to hear from you soon.
Your friend .
Miss Doris
3/10/2016 12:51PM - melly1219 - I am curious as the original poster of this profile...I have reason to believe I may be speaking with this individual right now...any commentary is appreciated!!! Kindly respond if anyone has any updated info or identifying photos!
4/26/2016 06:44PM - anony - I think I was his last victimm94hi
7/08/2016 05:36AM - JennyLynn - Melly1219 and anony, you probably were both victims of this piece of shit. There is not a curtain type of female he targets. With me...he pulled me in by using my kids. He was amazing with them, went to their sporting events, took them to races. I really thought I found a keeper. Ladies if you think you are talking to this guy, contact me and I will send you a photo!
7/08/2016 07:58AM - cmarie721 - I wish I would have seen these comments! Unfortunately the original website shutdown I'm guessing and I was not getting updates. I originally posted this on sorry ladies!

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