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Kirk Selman

First Name : Kirk
Last Name : Selman
Gender : Male
Age: 48
City : last known area: Tomball
Country : US
Alias 1: John

Unfortunately, his profiler who posted on did not list his age, so I guessed an age for him. If I guessed wrong, I hope his profiler sees this to tell us his true age. He might be years older or younger than what I guessed. :

ďis a very smooth operator. He lures you in and sweet talks you telling you how much he has grown to love you and how much he wants to be with you. He makes arrangements for you to get together and you have a wonderful time but donít be fooled. He continues to pursue other woman while heís pursuing you. He had a profile as Dreamtraveler on Hornymatches. com and a profile under Kirk on He tells you he is divorced but he isnít and is still living with his wife. Watch out ladies, he is definitely good at what he does!Ē

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10/26/2012 01:14PM - dory1293 - He is 54 - born in 1958. He travels the world and he can sweet talk you like there is no tomorrow.
12/22/2012 05:46PM - dopeygirl - well, you at least got they were separated, I got she was on drugs and tried to set the house on fire by burning candles. also got told he did finally move out, thought he had cause he invited me over I just didn't go. But was told he loved me and that he was now filing for a divorce since he was out and she had gotten arrested for trying to run over him and his some was with him and saw it. he is 54 and very smart. didn't know he was giving this to others, I was told he had dated one other beside me, guess cause I knew about her.
12/22/2012 05:47PM - dopeygirl - oops his son was with him
2/23/2013 05:53AM - leah13 - Yes he is the king of the sweet talkers and very good at lies,but lying always has a way of catching up with you. In his defense, he is indeed divorced now,but the pattern of pursuing multiple women,whom he professes to love and want to build a future with,has continued. I considered myself a smart, discerning woman,but still succumbed to his charm. I've encountered a lot of 'scammers' in my time,but this rone has to have been the best at what he does. It will be a very long time before I can trust or love again.
2/24/2013 02:37PM - clueless - I think I might be with this man. How do you know what to believe & who to believe? I'm at a loss right now!!!
2/24/2013 04:43PM - leah13 - I once told someone that if something seems not right it probably isn't. So wish I had gone with my gut instincts,but I so wanted to believe him,because I fell in love,and we did have so much fun together. Clueless, only you can answer that question,but when I was faced with pictures that proved he was lying to me, I had to face reality and it really really stinks and hurts deeply. I would NOT wish this hurt on anyone!
2/24/2013 09:08PM - clueless - Well I was never faced with anything like pictures, only a random message sent to my via Facebook. I never had any feeling that anything was wrong, and now I see the messages on here but they could be from just one person & not 3 people, or a jilted ex-lover; that is why I said I don't know what to believe now. But I am trying to dig deeper & not be totally clueless.
2/24/2013 10:21PM - leah13 - I don't know what to tell you. I can't speak for the other women,but I do now believe there have been multiple women over the years we have been involved. dopey and dory could be the same person,and even the original poster,but then that would still mean there are now three women posting and I would make 2 and 3. My daughter found this information when she was trying to reach him after I got a head injury at work and needed him to help me. It raised questions in me,and when confronted he blamed me for making it up and running with it. Then I find the pictures two weeks later and that too is my fault. I've wasted so many years on a lying,cheating man. There were great times,but I can never trust him again and it hurts. Guess I might fall in the jilted lover category now,but until I found this first information I believed I was simply his one and only love,because that's what he told me. He travels so much it's rather difficult to really check up on him.
2/25/2013 10:16AM - clueless - Well I guess at this point you are the person who sent me a message on Facebook & turned my world upside down. If that is so, I don't know what pictures you are referring to & why your daughter was searching the internet for him if you guys were together then you/her should have known how to get in touch with him. Putting all that aside, he has confessed to me that he has been cheating on me & I'm not in the category of "jilted lover" right now, I'm just numb right now.
2/25/2013 10:49AM - leah13 - I did know how to get in touch with him,but he didn't answer when my boss called him,so my daughter tried the only number she had which was an old number, she thought she might be able to find a work number for him and instead stumbled on the information.As she lives 200 miles from me, she's not in constant contact with him,so she wouldn't be privy to all his information. I am surprised that he confessed,he still hasn't confessed to me. Not sure which one of us was first,so not sure who he was actually cheating on. I've been involved with him off and on for 5 years, continously for the last 2 years. I don't think 'jilted lover' is exactly the term for me either,more appropriate would be deceived lover. I now question pretty much everything he's ever said and done in the time I've known him. I wanted to believe him, I convinced myself that he was honest. Boy was I wrong. Sad thing is, I still love him,but I'm sure in time I will get over it. I've spent the last 2 days trying to get rid of things..can't seem to part with much yet,too many sweet memories. I can't tell you what to do...wouldn't even begin to try,but my honest opinion is that he needs to deal with himself and why he feels it necessary to lie to so many people, before he can be the right kind of man for any woman. I've been right bside him when he's lied to his family,that doesn't say much for his character does it? Doesn't say much for me to continue in a relationship with him either. I'm done..I just want to heal and put this behind me. Something I should have done a very long time ago.
2/25/2013 12:32PM - pyxi - I am a concerned friend and believe she is with him now. Is there any possible way to see the pictures mentioned above.
2/25/2013 03:30PM - leah13 - I don't know if that would be possible but I am being convicted to not continue "trashing" someone I profess to love in this public way. Bottom line is , he has been with multiple women even during both his marriages , he has professed to love multiple women and I believe he believes he does love us. I don't know or understand his motivation. I know that many have been hurt by his actions. I for one refuse to continue contributing to that. I want and need to grieve and then ultimately to heal. I can't make anyone else's mind up about him, I can only decide for myself to move on. It's hard to imagine life without him because he's been so much a part of my life for so long. The more I hang on the longer it will take to heal.
3/07/2013 02:59PM - dory1293 - Leah 13 and Clueless, Dopeygirl and I are not the same so this leads me to believe there are more of us than we thought. Yes, I too fell for him, hook, line and sinker but things didn't add up and life unravelled. I'm sorry you ladies were hurt and sounds like very recent hurt. I thought it was funny that he had a facebook page and then it was quickly deleted or privacy setting changed around the time of these last posts. Leah I believe I was with him when you were and received a text from him that was meant for you...which is how I found out that things weren't what he said they were. I'm not the original poster either. I was just curious one day and googled his name and found this posting. Sometimes it is true that curiousity killed the cat. Brought my trust level down to nothing and made me second guess everything.
3/07/2013 11:33PM - leah13 - Dory, what brings you back here? Yes, very recent hurts,but I'm doing better. My trust level is zero now and it's going to be a long time before I trust anyone else again I'm afraid. I would be interested in knowing just when you were with him. I still have so many questions. Not that I would want to be with him again,but just questions about a lot of things. I too received texts that I now believe were meant for someone else. I guess you read how I found out about this site. What a terrible shock to be given this information while waiting for staples to be put in my head. Guess I keep coming back here sometimes hoping somehow to get answers that will probably never come. Dory, I'm sorry you got hurt too, and I hope that you have healed.
3/09/2013 04:28PM - clueless - Well color me stupid, I didn't get any mis-sent texts & wouldn't even know how to or where to check up on someone. Very,very recent hurt but still curious about the extent of how far this all goes. It is kinda like seeing an accident, you think it's terrible but you still want more details & want to see what happened. This all SUCKS!!!
3/09/2013 11:29PM - leah13 - I hear what you're saying clueless. Yes it does indeed stink..all of it...I keep coming back here hoping to find answers,but instead seem to end up with more questions. I have no clue how this could happen to me. I'm smart, I don't trust easily,but yet I believed and got hurt deeply. I loved this man with all my heart for a very long time,but I care enough about myself to know that I deserve a man who will love me and only me, one who I don't have to wonder about each time he walks out the door. I'm not sure I really want more details, I just want answers as to why and how this happened.
4/08/2013 05:29PM - leah13 - So many questions still and no real answers...why does it even matter to me??
4/14/2013 04:51PM - dory1293 - same reason - trying to figure out why you? if he 'loved' you like he said he does, then why? As much as it hurt, I still miss his laugh. He got under my skin just like I think he has done to all of us. try fb
4/19/2013 06:00PM - leah13 - Yes dory I still miss him,but at this present moment I'm really angry with him. He took away my ability to trust men. He took away my self esteem.I look at myself in the mirror and where I once saw someone fairly attractive I just see ugliness. I join groups and meet people, and then go out on a date and think the guy is a liar. He took my heart and ripped it apart and he did it to so many other women without remorse and will continue to do. I am angry!
6/14/2013 08:09AM - leah13 - Dory if you read this would you please tell me an approximate date of when you were with him. Just curious if the lying continues. Thanks
6/14/2013 10:39PM - clueless - Leah13, you stated above that you were curious if the lying continues. Does that mean that you continue to talk to him?
6/16/2013 05:53PM - leah13 - Clueless, I really don't feel like answering your question. I only came here to ask dory something. No matter what I might say to you, you are going to believe whatever you want to believe regardless. I don't want to engage in any conversation here, other than the one question I asked dory.
6/16/2013 06:32PM - pyxi - Leah13 it is obviously very apparent you are bitter and very obvious you are trying to create issues for others especially for the one who apparently has this guy now and have worked out the obvious issues he has. Be a grown woman and move on and let others be already. Yes he was a jerk and hurt you he hurt many including the one he has chosen to stay with. Let it go .. Move on as you so say you have tried..if you have any morals in you you will stop this behavior as you stated earlier in one of your posts you dont want to trash people ..trashing is done in many forms. If you want to heal you have to flat out let the past go already.
6/16/2013 11:07PM - leah13 - Gee Kirk just one more lie. Did you think I wouldn't figure it out? I didn't share what you told me, because I keep my word but it's really tempting now. However I'm letting go of a lie to accept the truth. The truth that somehow seems to escape you. Missed you too.
6/17/2013 06:50PM - pyxi - So apprently you Leah13 have no morals and are out to create havoc..what is amazing is you have no clue of what she actually knows...Karma is an amazing thing so you might want to be aware of chaos you try to create as Karma always comes back to you...
9/04/2013 05:58PM - leah13 - It's September
9/08/2013 06:14PM - dory1293 - leah13...I've stayed away from this site for a while to give myself time to heal. I hope you are doing better. I respect your keeping your word but honestly he didn't deserve your loyalty. I came across photos that triggered my curiosity but it won't make any difference to me now. After reading that there were so many more of us, I realized that it wasn't me and there wasn't anything I would have been able to do to change things. I wish there was a way to private message you but I do truly hope you begin to realize that you are probably one fantastic woman who gave of herself freely and honestly. It is just too bad that the one person who received the most didn't deserve to be in the same room as those he hurt. Be well.
9/09/2013 09:26PM - leah13 - Hi dory, thanks for your kind words. Thanks for your kind words. I am sure you are also a wonderful woman,who has suffered greatly at the hands of an insensitive man just as I have. I am glad that you are healing. I would like to say that I am there,but unfortunately I'm not yet. I am a whole lot better and have at least stopped beating myself up so much. This month is a bit difficult for me because of our history. I have changed a lot in the last few months, hopefully for the better. I've lost a whole lot of weight, most of it from the emotional pain,but I've turned that into a positive thing too. I'm healthier now, my relationship with God has grown and I'm getting involved in new things.I'm learning to trust again. I am thankful for how I've been blessed through this nightmare. I too wish we could private message,but I think the only way we could do that is if one of us created an email account just for that and posted it here. I pray that your future will be a bright one and that you have found someone new that is worthy of your trust and will treasure you as the blessing that you are.
9/22/2013 11:55AM - leah13 - Five years ago today we fought and then I had a stroke,but you took care of me. Two years ago on this day, you disappointed me,but still were there for me. A year ago you made this day amazing and I will forever treasure that special night. No matter where in the world you were, you were always there for me when I truly needed you. Today, on this day, I miss you and still wonder how you could have lied to and hurt me and so many other people. My prayer for you today is that you truly seek Him, and let Him change your life.
9/23/2013 08:24AM - dory1293 - Leah13, my heart pains for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers for healing. We have more in common than I thought. May God bless you and continue to give you the strength to overcome all the hurt he caused.
9/25/2013 06:12PM - pyxi - It's quite amazing how grown women can be cattier and more immature than most young women these days. Empower yourself and move on. What is done is done. The past should be layed to rest where it the past. If you want to move on and heal just do it. Lingering on and dwelling does absolutely nothing but make a grown woman look needy, and even more pathetic since the older generation is suppose to ahow a higher standard and self respect. Makes them look more vindictive when they know they are intentionally putting information out to hurt others. Look within yourself or your religion or wherever and find your peace and remember what's done is done and by revisiting old past times that are gone will only cause you and others involved revolving pain that keeps getting reopened when it should be closed. Move on unless you thrive for pity and sorrow. You can only find strength and life when you empower yourself to let go.
9/26/2013 11:36AM - leah13 - Pyxii/Kirk. It's called stages of grief. Everyone grieves and heals at a different rate. It takes awhile to get over years of living and trusting someone. This is a place if healing for me. It's not about upsetting anyone else nor about being immature. It's a process and you will NOT take that from me. You've already taken enough , I won't let you take this process too.
9/26/2013 05:25PM - pyxi - Leah13 trust and believe i am NOT Kirk. I am however a best friend to him and his girlfriend. and people make mistakes. His obvious one was hooking up with a psycho like you. You should be the one on this site. You are one crazy ass broad!!
9/26/2013 06:05PM - dory1293 - wow pyxi...down to name calling - now that is a sign of maturity. You are asking us to trust and believe? That is a tall order considering how we all ended up here. It took me a while to put the pieces together so I'm not looking for pity, I am not needy in any way shape or form. I am empowering myself and hopefully others who may fall prey to his charm. I wonder has he ever told your girlfriend that when he is traveling, he doesn't have phone service....take a clue, he's visiting one of his other ladies. Now is that starting trouble or is that providing a public service? yes we make mistakes, we are human but we do go through a grieving process and sometimes it does take longer because of the lies that make you second guess everything and everyone. As much as I don't want anyone else to feel such pain, I'm sure there will come a time when he does it again, if he hasn't already. So be a good friend and be there when her world crashes, until then peace out.
9/26/2013 06:22PM - pyxi - No it is just honestly. Seriously you both are just unbelievable. Get real and move on or be bitter old spinsters whatever. I may not be as old as you two but trust when i say my life is much richer and much more empowered thwn either of yours. I learned long ago that Karma is the Queen and i bow to her. So have fun in your bitter lives and continue to dwell on the past. Kirk is beyond happy and i plan on being the maid of honor at their wedding in the future, they going to be a beautiful site to bear witness to. So blessed be
9/26/2013 06:35PM - pyxi - I was also taught by a wise woman if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck...well.. It is what it is. I call em as i see em
9/26/2013 06:46PM - dory1293 - I bow to Karma too and I was taught that a leopard doesn't change its spots - once a cheater, always a cheater. Spinster I am not, bitter, nope....and keep us posted on that wedding date...I had one too
9/26/2013 09:33PM - leah13 - I'm not bitter or a spinster either. I don't believe in Karma, but now to the only one who is worthy. If you are truly a good friend pyxi, then I would think you would at least be a little curious about dory and me. Dirt is right , once a Chester always a cheater. I trusted and ignored the warnings for far too long. Did you know he cheated on both his wives?? I see a pattern here. I'm not crazy ad you say, far from it , but I will grieve, and analyze and calling me named will not change the fact I lived and trusted him and he professed his love to me not that manyonths ago. Be blessed I know I sure am!!
9/26/2013 09:47PM - leah13 - Sorry about typos. Autocorrect stinks.
9/28/2013 09:06AM - leah13 - I need to clarify what I wrote earlier because the typing mistakes were so bad I don't believe it was clear enough. I am not bitter, I am processing and healing in a way that is best for me. I am not a spinster nor am I crazy. I am a woman who loved and trusted with her whole heart in a way that wasn't godly. My biggest mistake was putting him above Him and that's why this happened to me. I have learned a very important's not about's not about's not about anyone or anything but God. I don't believe in karma, but I do bow to the one who has created and loved me, the one who meets all my needs, the one who comforts,forgives, heals and blesses more than I deserve. I will not resort to name calling,I will treasure my happy memories of my relationship with Kirk. I don't think he's a terrible person, I just think he has problems with faithfulness and honesty. I pray often that he will return to his first love,the one he professes to trust in and serve, and be healed so that he can glorify Him. Dory, if you would like to chat and stay in touch I created a Hotmail account that I will keep for a week then delete. You will have to figure out the my name here..find my sister in scripture, combined with the university nickname @ hotmail. Dory, thank you for being sensitive and caring, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. blessings to you...
9/28/2013 01:40PM - dory1293 - leah, hopefully I got it right. lol but if I didn't. add your number to my name at the g
9/28/2013 02:23PM - leah13 - dory, you got it right. I mailed you back
10/06/2014 06:43PM - dopeygirl - I haven't been on here on a longtime.. looked his name up again cause i passed where he use to live..he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me.... I NEVER told him I loved him.. I didn't cause I didn't trust him.. too many things didn't add up.. and I am married been married almost 4 years.. but he is still a lying cheating man.... with single and married women.. h
10/06/2014 06:46PM - dopeygirl - He came in my life right after I lost my son... now how sorry is that.... he had heard me cry from pain and wanted to cause me more... anyone that wants to think this many woman can all dog him at once and believe it\'s not true deserves him
10/06/2014 06:49PM - dopeygirl - His whole name is john kirk selman...
Selman isn\'t a common name. .. he also made it where I could message or find him on facebook
10/21/2014 06:14PM - leah13 - Hey dopeygirl...glad to see you back here...What caused you to pass by were he used to live? I'm still struggling with the lies and the hurt,but have found a HUGE blessing in it all. dory and I have become good friends. Did reading all of this open old wounds for you? Though it has been terribly painful for me, sharing with someone else who went through the same things has been comforting. You are welcome to join dory and me if you would like. If you would like to connect, post here and I will give you a way to get in touch with us away from here. Blessings to you and your marriage.
2/15/2015 04:54PM - dopeygirl - Leah13 I didn't go by his house I was on 2920 by the airport he always said he lived close too.... why it hurt me the most was he knew I was in pain from losing my son.... DON'T bs someone during these times.... just glad I had my heart cut off to so much back then I would have been hurt big time.... just glad I had my doubts, and so I held myself back... i had a hard time then to love anyone I DIDN'T HAVE TOO.... I was dealing with so much and didn't want to hurt anymore.... yes we can be friends.... let me know... just happened to see if anyone else was dogging the dog so decided to see.... and read your message.... last time he left my front door and said he loved me and last I saw him was in June or July of 09..... started sometime off and on in 04..... son passed in 05.... known him since around 99 he was messing with a person I know... and hitting on me... she got married in 02 and was still having contact with her, found this all out from him..... but decided not to see her anymore cause she was MARRIED..... I said and what are you????? Just so glad I knew some about him so didn't trust him....
2/15/2015 06:43PM - leah13 - Hi dopeygirl...please contact us at dory's name without the number and my name without the number and the road you mentioned @ Hotmail. I think the 3 of us can become good friends and help each other to understand and heal from this mess. blessings..
2/16/2015 02:03PM - leah13 - dopeygirl...@ outlook, not @ hotmail

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