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Zach Walters

First Name : Zach
Last Name : Walters
Gender : Male
Age: 52
City : last known area: Plantation
Country : US

Unfortunately, his profiler who posted on did not list his age, so I guessed an age for him. If I guessed wrong, I hope his profiler sees this to tell us his true age. He might be years older or younger than what I guessed.:

ďis the biggest cheat, pathological liar and uses women and men in every possible way. Do not believe any of his lies as he will take all he can get from you. He has no morals or conscience. This is one very very sick and pathetic cheat, liar and user. Even he lives with this woman but he dates with girls and guys and just wants to do the thing. He speaks the dream about the future, gives you the expectation and itís very convincing. Also he tells sweet words to you and after had a thing, tells donít to be such a *** woman afterwards. He just wants to get a sex friend and not think about future that and moocher. He cheats, too! He he lied to you about! This guy is a total freeloader will act like he is so in love with you as long as he is benefiting from it!Ē

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