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Paul Tillery Jr.

First Name : Paul
Last Name : Tillery Jr.
Gender : Male
Age: 43
Occupation: Trainer
City : Temple Hills
Country : US
Alias 1: Rashaun
Alias 2: Mr Lovehall
Alias 3: Darius

I had to repost this ... So I could post a picture of him ... IF YOU KNOW THIS MAN RUN !!!

“BEWARE! This man doesn’t care about anyone or anything in life not even his self. That’s why it’s so easy for him to walk-in and walk-out of peoples lives without any feelings. He will attempt to have sex with women he just met without using a condom. It’s a wonder he doesn’t have HIV or AIDS. He is famous for telling women he loves them after only knowing them for a few weeks. If he comes your way, RUN! Trust and believe YOU aint no different. He aint nuffin’ but bad news”

“This man is a who ever wrote the first part of this post I just want to say you couldn’t be more right...He is low class and lives off of every woman he can...he can not manage to live on his own, he is like a child and very dependent on someone, only it’s not his parents, it is women. He will tell you what he thinks you want/need to hear that will make you feel good at the moment and before you know it you are putty in his arms and he is getting what he wants...DON’T do it girls...don’t fall for it...I dated this man MANY MANY years ago and fell for all the tricks and lies only to find out he was with another woman...when you are with him you feel like you are the only one but trust me, he always has someone else waiting on him...this man does have 6 kids by 6 different ladies and DOES NOT pay his support...he will be in debt for life and that’s why he can’t keep a job, the minute he gets one child support is after him, and that is why he is so dependent on these women. He knows his life is forever *** up and if you think for a moment he supports his kids, that range in age 17-7 think again, he might give a call here and there but he has nothing to do with any of them...he gives excuse after excuse, “I got something to do” “I’LL do it later” and he never does...he has even gone as far as lying and telling people he does talk to them when he in fact does not...You think that having 6 kids would make a man grow up, but not in this case. Paul is now 36, yes 36 years old and lives his life like a teenager, all about the girls, no responsibility whatsoever...He now has a business, got a grant for it, I have no idea how being the a$$ hole is in such great debt, but he didn’t do it alone, he has found another victim, she is blind to the fact that he has 6 kids and is using her as well, started sleeping with her and telling her he loves her just to get the business up faster, that’s the kind of man he is....SELFISH and it’s only about him...the 6 kids will grow up not knowing a dad, and that’s the sad part, but in the end it’s truly for the better, they don’t need to be raised by a man like this or influenced by a man like this, this is no way to raise a son, this is no way to teach his daughters what men are like, this is no man and you are a fool Mrs Davis/Little/Johnson for letting this man in your life as well as your child’s.....DONT DATE HIM GIRL.....Paul is truly *** in the head and people wonder how a man learns to be a man, it starts at home ladies, so trust me when I say that if this is him, I can only guess how he was raised. For those with kids of his, I feel truly sorry for you, from my understanding he has used the abortion excuse time after time, saying he told the girls not to have the baby and before he knew it the baby was here and he was in court, that’s a lie, the abortion issue did NOT come up in most cases and I know this for a fact...Paul will tell any new GF that is with him that all his baby mamas are crazy and only after money and not to listen to anything they say, gives the new girls stories and stories about how they met and how long they were together and even false reasons why they broke up, anything to make him look good and the girl look like a fool. Watch out for him, sweet on the outside but salty as hell on the the end, his day will come and a man that can not be a father will one day get his punishment”

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6/01/2012 @ 01:13:35 PM - MrsLoveall - The truth about the Herpes having washed up fake ass boxer/ fitness guru, is that he is a text book narcissist. Something isn't right with him upstairs. Google his father Paul Tillery and you will find he was convicted of murder in the 80's. His father went to his girlfriends place of employment and murder her. If you are buying and loving Paul Jr. please be aware of his suicidal tendencies. If he gets caught cheating on who ever the lucky chic is and she is a cash cow. Paul Jr will try to kill her and threat to kill himself after. Check his domestic record he ran one of his baby's mommas off the road because she caught him cheating. She was so dumb she lied to keep him out of jail. The thing about the grant for the gym, he is always hustling and is smooth. The woman who helped him get the grant doesn't even know he fucks women in the back locker room. He is one of the biggest thieves around, every job he as had in the past years he as robbed them blind. Tell me this who stills from the GoodWill? A nonprofit set up to elp te needy and homeless? He does skimming the night deposits!!!! Thats how low this so called man is. If I was a mother of one of his children I would tell my child that their daddy is dead.

6/01/2012 @ 01:21:25 PM - MrsLoveall - The truth about the Herpes having washed up fake ass boxer/ fitness guru, is that he is a text book narcissist. Something isn't right with him upstairs. Google his father Paul Tillery and you will find he was convicted of murder in the 80's. His father went to his girlfriends place of employment and murder her. If you are buying and loving Paul Jr. please be aware of his suicidal tendencies. If he gets caught cheating on who ever the lucky chic is and she is a cash cow. Paul Jr will try to kill her and threat to kill himself after. Check his domestic record he ran one of his baby's mommas off the road because she caught him cheating. She was so dumb she lied to keep him out of jail. The thing about the grant for the gym, he is always hustling and is smooth. The woman who helped him get the grant doesn't even know he fucks women in the back locker room. He is one of the biggest thieves around, every job he as had in the past years he as robbed them blind. Tell me this who stills from the GoodWill? A nonprofit set up to elp te needy and homeless? He does skimming the night deposits!!!! Thats how low this so called man is. If I was a mother of one of his children I would tell my child that their daddy is dead.

6/07/2012 @ 08:27:32 PM - Chocolatefactory27 - Omg! I know him.. I was 19 he was working at a GNC" health store emyployeee had a cousin he called r.kelly.. I was searchn him up and this site popped up.. Lmfao Im kinda glad i didnt find his ass ... Omg 39??? Lmfao ok maybe he was that old and i was just young.. Smdh well paully youve been chopped and screwed.... P.s not taken care of ur kids.... Is that shit i dnt like!!

7/23/2012 @ 04:55:37 PM - MrsFinallyHappy - Wow! I just looking him up to see if this man ever did anything with his boxing career! This is the very fist thing that pops up, so I'm guessing not! I dated him 12yrs ago, and apparently he hasn't changed a bit. This description is 100% accurate. He is the biggest player I have ever dated, he was dating at least 3 other girls when I was with him. The girls payed for everything and anything he's ever had, cars, trucks, townhouses, dogs, down to the towels to wipe his ass! I would think that this behavior would get old but I guess not. His baby mama's are probably still paying for the majority of his shit + their own kids.

7/24/2012 @ 04:30:57 PM - PaulTilleryJrisDANGEROUS - LADIES LADIES LADIES BELIEVE EVERYTHING THESE OTHER LADIES ARE SAYING . It's sad that a 39 year old man IS STILL THIS WAY . But he is .... And if you're "dating" him now and you see this he will say "Those are females I didn't want to deal with anymore" . Trust You will be on this list soon , Whatever You are doing for him , money , living arraignments. When you stop doing it , he will act like you mean the world to him ... but he will walk away without even the slightest care. He will tell you he loves you within a week of knowing you . HE DOESN'T USE CONDOMS !!!!!! And will give you every excuse to why he doesn't want to wear them ... EVEN TELLING YOU HE WANTS YOU TO HAVE HIS CHILD ! Believe you aren't the only one he is manipulating now there are others ... and not just a few ! He meets them on websites , in the streets @ the mall where his gym is N YES HE IS SLEEPING WITH THESE WOMEN IN HIS GYM !!! Women come in from out of town to see him and so much more ... Becareful this man doesn't love himself so HE COULD NEVER LOVE YOU ... He is almost good @ his lies problem is he forgets things ... He says whatever comes to mind at that moment too make whatever situation better , DON'T even trust him in your sight ... He is texting another woman ! as far as the kids .... There is no telling how many he has and Im sure its more then 6 ... AND he will feed you the BULLSH&&T stories of allthe women in his life doing him wrong ... EVERYONE OF THEM ! and will even let a tear fal

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7/25/2012 05:41AM - miss4ur - Hi my name is Anita. can
well be firend here is my email address
( I will
be waiting for your email.
7/25/2012 01:42PM - dontwasteurtime - Well everyone is rite!! He is a piece of shit to the fullest!! But he is a true Sociopath which is scary and yes his dad did kill his girlfriend the way the other person said. With that being said he is definitely capable of doing this. He enjoys beating on women and many unreported but his punk ass needs to beat on a man Oh WAIT HE IS ON THE DOWN LOW!!! Yes you read that rite he get's it in with men!! This is a fact!! His mom enables him to the fullest meets all the girlfriends, smiles in your face yet she knows exactly whats going on she's fucking crazy too. Herpes yep he has them check out the break out's he gets on his nose at times everyone can see that! Stealing yes I have proof of that one! Also he has a felony in Chicago for stealing from UPS. Oh and kids yep there are actually 5 now that are his the 1 DNA came back not his but trust me there are more out there. He see's them when its convenient for him but the worst part is he takes them around all the woman when he has them so the kids are exposed to all this mess. He does not pay child support and when he gets a warrant for it he pays the minimum due just to get out of jail. He also has at least 5 women if not more at a time. He is a true piece of shit that really the world would be better off with out. He will say that everyone on here is lying or that everyone still wants him or other bullshit he will blow up your a@@ but reality is no one on here is lying and no one on here wants his a@@ trust that! The running a baby's mom off the road never heard but he cant keep his lies straight but i do know he knocked out the front teeth of a girl he got pregnant who had a miscarriage and the name is tatted on his arm. Way to go p****!!! That's why you have gone no where with boxing because a real man will kick your a@@! Really he is such a waste to this world! Don't go near him and if your with him reading this get far away from him.
7/26/2012 09:37AM - dontwasteurtime - Well everyone is rite!! He is a piece of shit to the fullest!! But he is a true Sociopath which is scary and yes his dad did kill his girlfriend the way the other person said. With that being said he is definitely capable of doing this. He enjoys beating on women and many unreported but his punk ass needs to beat on a man Oh WAIT HE IS ON THE DOWN LOW!!! Yes you read that rite he get's it in with men!! This is a fact!! His mom enables him to the fullest meets all the girlfriends, smiles in your face yet she knows exactly whats going on she's fucking crazy too. Herpes yep he has them check out the break out's he gets on his nose at times everyone can see that! Stealing yes I have proof of that one! Also he has a felony in Chicago for stealing from UPS. Oh and kids yep there are actually 5 now that are his the 1 DNA came back not his but trust me there are more out there. He see's them when its convenient for him but the worst part is he takes them around all the woman when he has them so the kids are exposed to all this mess. He does not pay child support and when he gets a warrant for it he pays the minimum due just to get out of jail. He also has at least 5 women if not more at a time. He is a true piece of shit that really the world would be better off with out. He will say that everyone on here is lying or that everyone still wants him or other bullshit he will blow up your a@@ but reality is no one on here is lying and no one on here wants his a@@ trust that! The running a baby's mom off the road never heard but he cant keep his lies straight but i do know he knocked out the front teeth of a girl he got pregnant who had a miscarriage and the name is tatted on his arm. Way to go p****!!! That's why you have gone no where with boxing because a real man will kick your a@@! Really he is such a waste to this world! Don't go near him and if your with him reading this get far away from him.

7/26/2012 09:43AM - dontwasteurtime - Here is some info to confirm everything said: Go to his other FB page Theblkmanofsteel, or his main page Paul Tillery JR. he subscribes to Yojee Da Pioneezy and ask him how often he sleeps with Paul!!! Oh yeah I'm going there! Or go to Andrea Colbert FB page you'll see the pic of her and Paul oh wait go to Chanita Daddy's-Girl Coleman and you'll see pic of him there 2 wait go to Toni Hurt you will see pic there as well. He can't lie when he's in pictures ladies oh and you will also get to see his crazy mom joining in on the fun!! Don't let him fool you. There is plenty more to add to the list.
7/26/2012 02:57PM - MissCookie44 - I so wish I could talk to 1 of you young ladies, I feel for all of us! hit me up so need to chat!
7/27/2012 11:50AM - WhySoSerious - @dontwasterurtime.... Shemeeka? Girl u need HELP YASELF !!! U spend WAY too much time stalking this man , U GAVE HIM MONEY and I know him well enough to say he didnt ask for it he hinted to what he needs and u like the physco chic you are U gave in and gave it too him , he tried it on me with the " Im going to lose the gym bit " now I am in no way defending MR Paul Tillery JR. But Shemeeka U need to take your on fault in the matter , and to post these other females personal information is sad ! I thought he wasnt going anywhere?????? .... lls Thats y I didnt respond when u said that ... You Put yourself out there and Your feeling pathetic .... I googled his name and read ALL of this But the only comment that disturbed me was yours its sad that you spend so much time HATING on a man who ONLY did what you let him do ... Making pages saying the man is GAY which isnt true but CUTE none the less He f*u*ed u took the money u offered and bounced NOW get over it ! I only responded because I find this absolutely funny I dont know any other the other ladies stories but SHEMEEKA I think someone should actually make a post on here about YOU Get a life chic and stop hating and stalking a man who only did to u what you gave him room to do ... I thought you was spending ALL of HIS money ? lmao SEEMS he got u .....
7/27/2012 06:10PM - dontwasteurtime - @ whysoserious... Shemeeka uh no!! But now we can add her and you to the list but the sad thing is your still in his web! Trust me when I say this in time you will look back and see all of this is true. Your in the middle of it now and don't see a thing just wait.... And he is bi oh yes dear he certainly is!!! Sounds like you are giving him money smh.... how sad wake up all these women on here and your eyes are still closed this is a perfect example of how he manipulates people and it's working on you. Stalking no way not even worth my time but people need to be aware of him and his actions so were just blasting his ass. You just made yourself look like a fool I really hope you read all of these post again and wake up!!! Nothing any woman on here is saying is not true not a single one!!
7/28/2012 05:05AM - WhySoSerious - @dontwasteurtime... No after a year I never gave him a dime , so your thinking Im giving him money it never happened sweety , as for u not being Shemeeka ok ma (if u say so) u sound JUST LIKE HER and as for being in his web GOD blessed me out of that , I DONT CARE about u blasting him its the fact that you are putting other females information out there ... thats sad what does going to their pages prove ? ALL of those pics are over a year old , except for Adrian's WAKE UP? The man is transparent to a point I knew what he was from day 1 and told him , BUT some of you women NEED to find your own fault in the matter versus blasting him ... The only reason I FOUND this is because a friend of mine met him one day and SHE wanted to know if this was the same guy I DEALT with for a year ... I was actually looking for the dontdatehim girl site n found this , I have moved on so blasting him really does nothing ... If u notice in what I said it had nothing to do with defending HIM ,, Ive learned once u get over the hurt u dont do this kind of stuff ... U ALL MIGHT BE MAD @ HIM BUT YOUR NOT OVER IT GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON LINGERING ON THIS BS DOES NOTHING FOR U AND HONESTLY ALL THIS POST IS GONNA DO HIS BRING MORE FEMALES TO HIM , This isnt to HELP another female from him ITS ONLY SHOWING THE MAN HAS A HOLD ON U STILL .. anyhoo Have a Great Life of stalking and worrying about a man that is SO GONE FROM YOU . Sad really sad
7/30/2012 07:17AM - dontwasteurtime - @whysoserious... I sure in hell am not Shemeeka I hope she finds this site and blasts your ass and tell the other side to your story. You write that your concerned about putting other woman's info out yet you go on there sites and look but you didn't even do a good job of that because 2 of the girls have current pictures and the 3rd over laps those 2 so you WAKE UP!! You said when you met him you saw through him yet you then say that YOU have learned that once you get over the hurt you don't do these things which tells me he got you 2!! Each person on here has a different story with him and some have no blame on themselves. You are defending this monster!!! Oh yes you are!!! He does not have a hold on any1 on this page but if these post help 1 girl get away or stay away from him then it's helps. He acted like a great father to my kid yet he never took care of his own smh.... No one is stalking and I wouldn't consider him a man in no sense of the word!!
7/31/2012 12:59PM - wowreallylmbo - I just wanted everyone to know that this site helped me. I came across this person and got sucked in by his charm. He's good at what he does because he had me completely fooled. But we shouldn't go back and forth with one another. Hopefully our posts will help others to protect themselves and not let their guard down. I believe that people can change but they have got to want the change. Maybe he is content with what he does annd how he manipulates women. I never gave up anything as far as money and so forth, so I really don't have an issue. I believe that men only do to us what we allow them to do. But let's be very clear that I am NOT defending what he does and how he goes about it. He's dead wrong.
8/02/2012 07:25AM - mizzjackson - I would like dontwasteurtime to contact me directly. Lets be adults. Whatever Paul has done to anyone has nothing to do with you putting my name on a website or sending me an anonymous tip to come look at this site if that was you too. You do not know the extent of my current or past involvement with him. You can contact me at if you have more to say and we can have an adult conversation.
8/02/2012 09:51AM - WhySoSerious - @WOWREALLYLMBO and @MIZZJACKSON I wasnt going back and forth with her over him THE FACT THAT SHE HAS TO put OTHER FEMALES NAMES OUT THERE N THERE PERSONALLY PAGES IS WRONG I dont care who bashes him BUt Y put other women out there .... And DONTWASTEURTIME I dont care what he does WHO HE DOES IT WITH IM SO PAST HIM ... I didnt have to go back n look @ anything I KNOW ALL 3 CHICS YOUR TALKING ABOUT my thing is for someone who is so PAST HIM U ARE DOING ALOT OF RESEARCH ON HIM GET OVER IT !!! He is who he is and THIS WONT CHANGE HIM OR STOP ALL THE FEMALES FROM GOING TO HIM BUT DONTWASTEURTIME U SOUND HURT
8/03/2012 05:00PM - mizzjackson - My point is if dontwasteurtime is so concerned about the next chick or the next 5 chicks..whatever it might be..rather than reading my fb page and putting my name on any website for others to look at which is what makes her just sound like a woman scorn..she can contact me directly and express what she personally has experienced rather than hear say. Warn me one on one. I have yet to receive that email but im still waiting.....
8/04/2012 12:12PM - Wasntgoingtosayanything - mizzjackson I know who you are . The others I'm not sure . mizzjackson take heed because the others aren't to far from factual . It's ridiculous that one woman can not come to another woman and tell her about the man she is with , without displaying the others information like this. After 2 plus years hopefully mizzjackson you know who and what your dealing with and when other women talk to him or ask about you mizzjackson his reply is " her and I are only friends we used to sleep together but she helps me out with the gym and my dogs nothing more" . I can tell you about so much more but I chose not to it's your own bed to lay in . He is a master at his game, and you will believe him we all did . All I will say is becareful mizzjackson , it's a deadly game he is playing .
8/04/2012 01:16PM - mizzjackson - Thank you for your concern but again my point is contact me directly. I put my email out there. I have no problem holding a conversation with any of you but i just dont need someone watching my page making assumptions about me or my involvement with him and putting my name on a dating website to prove anything about him. My comments are really directed to one person but if wasntgoingtosayanything would like to contact me also..feel free also. Im not sure how you know me but hey..
8/06/2012 06:45AM - Wasntgoingtosayanything - @mizzjackson I emailed you but you can email me @
8/08/2012 07:42AM - dontwasteurtime - Here is my point... Anyone who is currently dealing with him knows eventually that there are others and my personal point was to show current people who deal with him to see the others. I know that this has gotten back to Paul and he is starting to cover his tracks as usual. mizzjackson your in the mix and wont see anything because this is what he does. My days of dealing with him are long gone and hurt no but the old saying "PAY BACKS ARE A BITCH" is whats going on here. At the end of the day like I said at least wowreallylmbo was able to be helped by this site and that's all i want. Block your page if you don't want people to see your info but at least they would message you and let you know what was going on if they were currently dealing with him. Learn from everyone on here and there post's don't be blinded by him and most importantly don't waste your time because it is going no where!!!!!!!!!!! EVER! You will not hear from me because I am not getting in that mix and drama just wanted to say what I wanted to say on here and warn women so just take the warning. Even other people on here know about you think hard your a smart woman who deserves much more than the monster that he is.
8/08/2012 09:38PM - wowreallylmbo - Honesty, like I said before he is damn good at fooling women. I knew Nothing about any of you. He made it seem like he had serious feelings for me. I see now that all of it was BS. But after reading the posts from all the women that he has hurt, I know for sure there are more out there that don't know anything about this man. Lmbo! He tried to convince me that he was a pro boxer thankfully I'm not new to the world of boxing. And I know real pro boxers who have NEVER heard of him. And they are actually making millions for their craft. Very sad. But since he is 39 years old he may as well hang up those "golden gloves". I hope he understands that women are able to look at his "pro" recod and see his actual number of fights. Its not even enough to wipe someones behind with let alone be a pro. Apologies ladies but I had to get that off my chest.
8/10/2012 05:24PM - peepedhisgame - WOW... i just found this and I'm amazed. My suspicions were correct! Met this man and he came on like I was the best thing that ever happened to him, until he found out he wouldn't be driving my vehicle, spending my money, sleeping at my house or getting any booty! I am not mad at him, I actually feel sorry for him. We all should. He is a broken person who inherited genes he had no choice over. Yes, his father had a mental illness....the apple never falls too far from the tree. AND he is a Jr., his namesake. He has a personality disorder, look up HISTRIONIC Personality Disorder, usually occurs in women but can occur in men, he has all the traits and then some! We all need to pray for the one he is with. By posting here and exposing him we all put her in danger for when/ if she tries to leave him. If YOU (his significant other) are reading this, he will accuse you of siding with us, be mad and mean to you, cry and threaten you. All in that order...the others warned you. You know how vicious a dog can be when he thinks he's in this case of losing his home, business, ride. By the time I saw this I had already peeped his game, my friend pointed me to this site with an apology because he even had her fooled. Ladies, we all deserve better! Pray for her and him!
8/11/2012 10:22AM - Simple123 - Ok wow...thats really all i can say. Can I ask why all of you are putting so much energy into this man? I can understand that you are mad. Feel played. Hurt. I get it. I was one of his victims. But you move on. Get over it. and just let it be. All you can hope for is that the next one sees some of this and takes the warning that this man is no good. Yes some of it is true. He does have some kids, I have one of them. But i learned a long time ago that he was no good for me or my child, some of his other children's mothers know and feel the same way. So what. We are not the only few women in the world with children born to low life men who use women and have nothing to do with their kids. It happens all the time all around the world. We just got sucked into this mans trap.
@MrsLoveall tell his kids that there dad is dead does nothing but hurt them. One day all of his kids will grow up to see just who he is. They will make up their own mind (as some have, this i know for a fact) if they want anything to do with him or not. If he can be a real dad, or if he has a heart or if hes just a sperm donor. It is not our place as mothers to put that into a childs head, thats just hurtful and mean. Yes i know he has 5 or 6 kids and he picks and chooses who he wants to be around, but in the end hes not hurting anyone but himself.

@Chocolatefactory27 well well well you and i must have been dating this man at the same time. Cause i was around right about the same time as you as was another girl that had his child...this i also know as truth.

@dontwasteurtime R U KIDDING me? Seriously what kind of person are you to be putting everyone's business out there like that. Names and FB accounts? Seriously thats just not cool. You are putting women on blast that maybe just want to forget they ever knew this man and now what if they are out there getting contacted by other crazy women like you? Its not your place to put it all out there like that. Shame on you. I get you were clearly hurt by this man, and he did you wrong, but he did the same to others and they have moved on and learned a lesson, why cant you?

Paul is a smooth talker and he looks good and that's what catches most girls, but if you are not smart enough to see the signs when they are clearly there and you have now been warned via this website then its no ones fault but your own for staying with this man and getting tangled in his web of lies. He will tell you he loves all of his kids and sees them all, i can tell you he doesn't. He hasn't seen 3 of them in years and one he hasn't seen 1 since it was born. He will tell you he loves you and wants to get married and move in together and all that, its up to you to know if its real or not. Only a young minded child would fall for such played out BS and being that he is 38 id hope any women he is messing with is old enough and smart enough to figure him out.

All of this is way too much and alot of wasted time, including my own. I can bet he sees this and enjoys the hell out of all these ladies talking about him, stop wasting your time, there's always going to be a girl that falls for his game.

Just know that to him its all a game, he will never truly be in love, be loved or love his kids. Its all about him and no one or anything else. In my opinion hes too old for this but hey you cant change a man that just doesnt want to be changed.

No need to be mad or upset ladies, all of us have now learned a very valuable lesson and hopefully we will know the signs when the next one trys to play you, cause you know there will always be a next one.

Good luck ladies.
8/13/2012 09:26AM - dontwasteurtime - @ Simple123 SMH..... Amber!!
8/13/2012 03:59PM - Wasntgoingtosayanything - @ dontwasteurtime = You need a serious physiological evaluation , Who cares who the females are ? You are spending way too much time on a man who 'hurt' you , move on ! This man really fucked your head up I see? If you're really trying to help other women from this man , Why do you feel the need to expose other women? Showing them women that he may be involved with , why because you want to see drama ? Other women who like you only put in their experiences , actually scratch that you havent put in your experiences with him , you only showed what a stalker you are by going to different women's facebook pages and then putting it up on here . I suggest you forget about Paul , and check yourself into some sort of establishment that will help you get over him . I believe you sit around night and day trying to figure out what and who he is doing . Where he is . Sad but it's ok to hurt but you are consumed by it .. How is this pay back ? He is sitting back laughing at you , getting a kick out of this whole thing and he knows any female that he is dealing with he knows what to say for all this to be a joke to her too , Stop wasting your life on this man . Get a life chic .
8/13/2012 08:58PM - Ladypetpeeves - I don't know too much about him besides his gym is ratchet!!! If any of you ladies helped to finance it, all I can say is that you should've done a better job or give more money....LMAO!!!!
8/13/2012 09:02PM - Ladypetpeeves - By the way ladies, if any of you have completely gotten over this particular "Psycho" contact me back, I have exciting information on a new up and coming matchmaker in the DMV.... Move on to something fun, adventurous!!!!!Contact me at for more exciting details.... Peace and blessings
8/14/2012 06:51AM - dontwasteurtime - No1 seems to get the point of showing peoples names and it's for those who currently deal with him! It's to show that yes he does mess with multiple woman at the same time and the proof is in the pictures he cant lie his way out of that one. I don't care who the females are just so happens they have pictures with him! Sitting around all day doing this nope it takes two seconds to find if you have a brain @wasntgoingtosayanything!! Woman don't believe with out proof and I am providing the proof for some reason your not liking that! Oh well get over it. You put mizzjackson business out there (dogs, gym) so...... Like I said pay backs are a bitch. If your taking this personally instead of Paul well then that's your fault it's to show any1 who deals with him the truth and some times the truth hurts.
8/14/2012 05:24PM - onlyme - Ok ive been told that I am writing shit about Paul on this website, and someone is calling me out as Simple123, its not me. This is Amber and i am being accused of wasting my time talking shit about Paul, well Paul get over it, its not me. I created this account just to post this. I am not simple123 and i do not have time to be doing this or being accused of doing this. A lot of this shit may be true and it may not be and a lot of you seem angry, well get over it and move on. I did a long time ago and really dont ha any desire to rat his ass out. He wasnt this bad when i knew him and i really dont know the man anymore to post this kind of shit, my concern is you all are putting nasty stuff out there about him and any one of his kids can google him and see this stuff and as a mom i do not think its cool. I DO NOT Want my kid to get online and google his dad and read he may or may not be messing with men or whatever. Is this how i want my kid to grow up and treat women? nope and even if a lot of this is true or not do i want my kid to even think this is how you treat a woman? NOPE
I cant say it enough, putting all this out there got you nowhere and is getting you nowhere and really it doesn't bother him but i will say it bothers me as a mom.
People can call me out as simple123 but i have no clue who that is or any of the other women on here.
I have a full plate and im saying all this to protect my son from reading what you all are saying about his father. He may not be around and my son really doesnt know him but this is not the way i want him to get to know him. I dont hate anyone, including Paul, but i don't dislike him enough to be this nasty.

Ok Paul now that was me, Amber, yup me Amber and now im deleting the account. Enjoy your read, cus it was really me. Telling you the same shit i tell you all the time. Im not who you think i am and you should give me more credit then you do. After all, i do what i do in place of you, dont ever forget it.
8/14/2012 05:33PM - onlyme - @dontwasteurtime- this is amber and i dont know who the other is but i dont know who you are and now that ive made my point im deleting this account.
8/16/2012 05:43AM - lurkin - Well i be Hotdamn
8/16/2012 06:03AM - lurkin - After looking through multiple PSYCO's This one is the most interesting , How can One man play the hell out of all these women and your dumb twats wasnt smart enough to see his shit ! @dontwasteurtime- You are a bona-fide stalker , I believe that you live your life around this man searching , stalking , and you probably call or drive by his gym on a daily basis . I agree with the other dumbassses you need to get on with your life . @wowreallylmbo He got enough you gave up the ass and apparently still want to know about him you searched for him and found this DONT FRONT @peepedhisgame same to you , you claim you gave him nothing but you still searched his name so you playing on front st also .. tell your shit stop trying to look like u gave nothing @wasntgoingtosaynothing Great job woman , but I see a hint of you loving that man get over him @simple123 NIce @ onlyme Either your a puppet or changed your name from simple123 , yea the kid dont need to see this but too late , you reply states only that , he seen this , called you , and you needed to save face Such a sad sad sad puppet you see what these others broads are saying and you either too dumb to realize the man he is or he still %^&**NG you which ever it might be hope you didnt catch them herpies . @mizzjackson Nice play it cool , but I think your the dumbest of all these females , I can see it through your comments , you taking care of him , your facebook page says it all , young and dumb n trying to be classy about it , good try but after reading all of this when your time comes please come back here and tell us about it I want a good laugh
8/16/2012 07:59AM - mizzjackson - Nice synopsis lurkin but like i said people are looking at my page and making assumptions. I just choose not to give this too much of my time but i do find it entertaining. I dont take care of him what so ever and he has never asked me too. He doesnt stay with me..never have..i dont give him money..and the biggest assumption most of u make is that im one of the women that has fallin for some man he pretends to be. Wrong! But i have known him for years and i have no reason to be on here acting a fool. Sorry lurkin there will be no laugh from me but keep watchin im sure there will be enough amusement from others.
8/16/2012 11:44AM - lurkin - Thanks for the laugh and the unnecessary explanation mizzjackson but here I come back to see if any of you stupid twats commented and well i was expecting to see dontwasteurtime its apparent she lives on here stalking and watching but no mizzjackson you are the one .. Curious? Want to know IF ANYMORE of his hoes popped up ? You are speaking a load of bullshit and I ain't buying ... Damn , I was right about you sucka-4-love type chic this man passing out STD's and you still loving this man ... Love on mizzjackson ( I can see why you would want to hold on to him being that you're not cute or even close to pretty ) you need to hold on to a man who has no care to who he sticks his dick in.... now what do you have to say ?
8/17/2012 12:33PM - Cantbelievethis - I agree with lurkin...this whole thing is laughable! No this isnt a payback to him, it just keeps him informed so he knows what to tell the next idiot. Ladies dont hate the player, hate the game. If you give a man your money and let him use you without getting what you expected to get out of it while you were with him, then you were the fools! A man is supposed to take care of you, not the reverse. So take the loss and move on. Everyone isnt for everybody and maybe he felt like none of you were the one. Oh well...thats life. It happens to the best of us. How do you think Maury & Jerry Springer stay employed? need a hobby! What are you so concerned about the next bitch for? There are so many more important causes out here that you can focus on like teen pregnancy, youth violence, homelessness...pick a cause and indulge. You look like all types of psycho to me!!!! As far as @mizzjackson lurkin're a special type of fool. You obviously have low self esteem issues for you to try and hold on to someone that is obviously playing you. Sure you dont have a reason to act a fool cuz he's whispering sweet nothings in your ear talkin bout "Dont believe 'em baby" lmao. Your page screams "desperate woman seeking love" with your "He's there when I need him..." and "Jackasses need love too.." posts. You got to be talkin bout him cuz u dont have any pics of any other man up, lmfao. Dream on honey. He doesnt want you nor does he claim you or there wouldnt be all these women on this site posting since you've known him for years. Let me're just friends right? lmao Bullshit, you think he's the one for you cuz if you didnt you wouldnt have all those stupid ass fairy tale superman & wonder woman pics up. You actually look just as obsessed as the one that created this mess about him. I challenge you...since "you dont stop loving someone just becuz they're a jackass" ..why dont you tell him to put a ring on it? Dont worry mizzjackson...God protects children and fools so be blessed, lmao
8/17/2012 12:53PM - lurkin - You noticed that to @Cantbelievethis Every other post is about him , I bet that Lady dog is his also ,One said he is homeless so lets put two and two together . He has no where to keep his dog so he fucks and loves this idiot and whispers sweet nothings in her ear and is there for her because when he needs a place to lay his head , for his dog to lay head this dumb twat is there . I say it is funny , funny because she is so dumb its oozing out of every word she says mizzjackson and I know my words had some effect on you instead of leaving your comment here you left it on your facebook ! How many times a day do you return here ? Look to see what someone has said ? You been knowing him for years , how many STD checks have you had ? How many other females confronted you ? How many lies has he told you ? But I have to correct you @Cantbelievethis God protects fools who know no better mizzjackson isnt a fool that knows no better she is just so desperate for love she dont care . A ring ? the only ring she will get from him is that lame looking boxing ring
8/11/2013 10:04PM - 4real - Extremely interesting... Does his mother live with him?
8/11/2013 10:04PM - 4real - Extremely interesting... Does his mother live with him?
8/13/2013 08:58PM - - Extremely sad is what it is. No, he may stay with his mother sometimes, the "fiancé" other times, and so it seems at least a FEW other women when it suits him. Just stating the obvious to all involved. No bashing from me. I do not believe that is helpful to anyone. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption, even him. I responded because I thought you should know you are not alone in the new 2013 crop of the deceived, and that deception should not be continued. Just one last word...PRAY! Pray for healing those he hurt AND for him. Hurt people, hurt people. I wish you, him and everyone affected (including me) a total restoration. (P,....I know you are tired. Time to stop. You are better than this and capable of giving/receiving real love. Dismiss what you've been told and keep telling yourself about yourself. You can be transformed...not by a woman or 10 women, but by the renewing of your mind!). Anyway, I am sure you know who this is. No hard feelings. It's clear you shielded me from a lot of what you're capable of. Keeping you and family in my prayers.
9/05/2013 02:41PM - SMH12014 - Oh please, lol, that man is NOT going to change. He is who he is. @4Real you sound like a good girl and he treated you raw. Yeah I didnt get the pleasure of being a witness to most of his antics but he\'s foul none the less. If it walks like a duck it\'s a damn duck. What he needs to do is spend some time alone. Get his soul right with the Lord then work on his mind and then he\'ll change. But you keep praying for him. Ima keep it moving.
9/05/2013 03:00PM - SMH12014 - Ok, I didnt realize those were two different women. So we have 3 so far 2013, SMH. Paul is something else.
11/04/2013 06:18AM - cautiouseyez - In reference to:
6/01/2012 @ 01:13:35 PM - MrsLoveall - The truth about the Herpes having washed up fake ass boxer/ fitness guru, is that he is a text book narcissist. Something isn't right with him upstairs. Google his father Paul Tillery and you will find he was convicted of murder in the 80's. His father went to his girlfriends place of employment and murder her.

How do all of you know that you are talking about the same two people, Paul Tillery Jr and his father Paul Tillery, and know for sure that they are father and son? Any proof to any of this?
9/30/2015 11:50AM - Stillthesameolelame - 2015 is still business as usual for this "Superman"!!! Be sure to send a baby shower gift to Andrea Colbet and a wedding shower gift for Gene Raymond who has been living her fantasy of marrying this clown (Pintrest never lies)...These are his two main women. All other women are just play dates. So sad this man will NEVER change.
9/30/2015 11:31PM - Stillthesameolelame - (240) 839-0235
10/04/2015 12:16PM - Stillthesameolelame - I have to admit I was pretty angry and very hurt during my first post to realize the person who told me and I wanted to believe he changed didn't not. I wanted to believe and give a person a chance who I developed genuine feelings for as many of the other woman who he hurt as well did. I thought like many woman before me that I could love the pain away. I wanted to show a clearly broken grown boy that true love still exists for people who have done some of the most horrendous acts. With my reassurance, help, time and words of encouragement I thought I could change someone into being a better man. My God is a God of many chances, (Matthew 18-22:Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times). You would think once you've had many unfortunate situations in your life and you don't see things changing for the better, you would see the hand of God guiding you toward HIM, because HIS grace and mercy is the only measure keeping you safe after you've left a trial of brokenness amongst so many people who believed in you. To know that you have had the blessing of many forgiving and loving women who you CHOOSE to play with is sad and unfortunate missed opportunity on your part. Some people wish for the type of love that men like Paul selfishly throw away, then wonder why so many women are broken and angry. It amazes me that he feels so at ease continuing this behavior when he has daughters of his own who will be cursed by the sins of their father.

Upon realizing, Paul wasn't ready for change and still trying to survive the only/best way he knows how using women based on the lack of parental support growing up, I wanted to expose this person for using people and masking it as a relationship or a lack there of, yet I realized through my own self work exposure isn't what will stop his behavior it only gives him fuel and the attention that he craves from his lack of self worth and insecurity issues because we all know he reads this site. Negative attention is still attention especially for someone like this. Only prayer that this grown boy will grow into a man and stop with the dysfunctional behavior that he inherited from not having his father in his life. Paul I know you read this, so I forgive you and release you from my life. I was a gem sent by God to show you a better way and you choose to reject and hurt me just like you've been rejected and hurt. You and you alone have a problem. The people who come into your life and genuinely care for you, who you hurt are not always the problem you are. In every situation the consistent factor is YOU! I pray that God heal your heart so you can be a better man to your children and their mothers. Also pray you find the courage to apologize one day to the many people you have hurt. I take full responsibility in my choice to love and believe in you and I don't regret my choice. My only regret is that you still don't know what true love looks like (1 John 4:18-There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love)

I learned a valuable is not the one who gave the sinner a chance that is a fool, it is the sinner who continues after being given many chances to betray the trust of others who is a fool. When you know better you do better. Not bitter or broken any longer...and I will not take this dysfunction into my next relationship or punish the next man I fall in love with for your selfish choices. #Survivor

To any ladies who are struggling with hurt and angry these online courses have helped me, hope they bless you as well:
10/21/2015 08:40PM - timetomoveon222 - To Stillthesameolelame....I am so sorry for you and all of us women who have fallen in love with this man. I guess this was the clear sign I asked God for. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt post. I don't know you but I pray that God sends you someone who deserves you and will love you the way you deserve and desire to be loved. My best friend told me nothing happens by chance and that I was meant to meet him for a reason. The same is true for all of us. I'm not bitter either because I was pure of heart in this. I knew in my spirit something was going on. I had a feeling he had somebody pregnant and can only pray his baby is born healthy and has a good life. I ache for all the women he left hurt and brokenhearted and I pray they can find peace. God bless you my sister.
10/23/2015 03:40AM - Stillthesameolelame -
10/23/2015 03:48AM - Stillthesameolelame - Timetomoveon222 You are welcome. What's sad is there are more out there who still are holding out hope he is different and has changed, there will be more after us as well. I have no idea how a man with 3 daughters could act this way. I am sorry you had to find out this way as well and he wasn't man enough to to tell you. Be blessed and the man God has for you will surely arrive once this demon is out of your life. The sisterhood of strong women is always greater than a mans game.
10/23/2015 04:01AM - Stillthesameolelame -
10/23/2015 08:34AM - timetomoveon222 - @stillthesameolelame I\'m definitely moving on but I do have a lot of questions. Is he married? How many kids does he REALLY have? Does he like men 2? I need to get tested. Who does he live with?
10/23/2015 10:06AM - Stillthesameolelame - God only knows and Paul is good at covering his tracks aka lying. From last count the new baby with Andrea will make 6. He may answer your questions truthfully. He did answer a few of mine when I brought him proof and he knew I wasn't beat like some of the women who have stayed around for over 4 years.
10/23/2015 10:12AM - Stillthesameolelame -
10/23/2015 12:28PM - timetomoveon222 - I just can't believe it. He told me he broke up with his girl because she was selfish and put everything before him but he never said she was having a baby. Is it the same person? I really thought he was a good person but I guess hurt people hurt other people. He's going to have to answer for his. Believe me I have God on my side so mr Paul will have to answer to me, you to because we didn't do anything wrong. Read this Paul, you will answer to me. You will!
10/23/2015 01:12PM - Stillthesameolelame - We'll see that's the half truth and that's why he's good at his game. He and Andrea owned a restaurant together in the mall The Bayou Grill which didn't do well because she was so focused on him not cheating and showing everyone she was his "wifey" via Facebook so she recently closed it and she is in much debt personally and professionally, so yes he is probably taking care of everything wherever they now live because their house burned down in June of this year. She doesn't have a job and is pregnant so she won't have one anytime soon. Sounds like karma to me from all the women he has lived off for years. If you live with a woman, sleep with her an impregnable her, drive her vehicle and she cooks for you then yes you need to take care of home. It's funny to me because he told me he wanted her to have an abortion and he didn't want anything to do with her, but why would she do that. The baby is her meal ticket and security blanket now. He also said he has not been happy since 2012 and their relationship was officially over last year, but she some how got pregnant in June of this year and only talks to her because he feels sorry for her...she also leaves clues when he is with her to let people know she's still in the picture on his business page and hers as well. I just can't with all their stupidity, he isn't going anywhere and neither is Andrea or Gene and a few other women holding out and pray for change all while being faithful to "their man". Gene is the other woman who does whatever else Andrea doesn't do or when he gets tired of her. From the sounds of it even looks like you and I were seeing him at the same time and I am VERY recent in seeing him within the last 90 days yet I chucked him the duces because he likes playing high school games at 42 and none of his selfish stories or excuses made sense. And what he does is just make the women delete or make their profiles private so he can continue his ways. They are foolish and lack self esteem. Ain't that much love or wood to be knowingly sharing a man for YEARS and tolerate disrespect.
10/23/2015 02:08PM - timetomoveon222 - Girl LOL LOL! This man is a trip. I knew something wasn't right but I could not figure it out. im going to pray for that poor baby. I will see mr Paul again just to let him know what I know. He is going to feel just like I felt it's called karma. You doing like a cool person and I hope the man for you is everything you want and need. I know mine will be. After dealing with this hot ass mess I know what I DONT want. Get tested. We owe it to ourselves. In the meantime, they can have him!
10/23/2015 02:46PM - Stillthesameolelame - Isn't it, it's 12th grade fuckery at its finest, but no longer my animals or my circus. Lol You sound like a confident WOMAN as well. So glad we still exist and yes my appointment has been scheduled and trust if he gave me anything he will have an assault charge to add to his long list of felonies. Well good for you I saw him face to face recently when he took me to dinner to allow him to explain and fix things and of course he denies everything in regard to seeing multiple women, but a woman's intuition is a powerful tool men can't understand (Thank you Jesus) But he can't deny a baby on the way or your "ex" posting pics. Be warned he will tell you he loves you, you are an amazing woman etc to reel you back in and NOTHING will change. Girl I'm excited because after that joker I know God is going to bring me a real King. Be blessed you are a queen who deserves a king :-)
10/23/2015 04:05PM - timetomoveon222 - Thank you! I'm happy for us. We are proof that WOMEN do exist and can get along. I don't know you but you are very special. Let's make a pact to let God take the wheel and be healthy mentally and emotionally for the Kings He's sending us. I'm claiming that our Kings will be everything we want and need. I'm wishing you love, success and happiness!
10/25/2015 08:51AM - DangerZone220 - So Paul I warned you not to fuck with me, but you THINK your dick and your mediocre pussy eating skills would be enough to keep me at that may be enough for the other wack basic low self esteem bitches you're dealing with but I am holding your balls in a jar right now! You wanna play games and fuck around let me show you how it's really done. Welcome to the Danger Zone Mutherfucker! Let the games begin.
10/26/2015 05:01PM - DangerZone220 - Good job Paully with making Ling Ling the gorilla take down your family time photo. I swear your baby momma has no life and can't wait for an opp to sneak a picture of you her black mandingo. Encourage her to get back in the gym so she can be proud to post pictures of herself and your baby on the way. She's a very handsome young lady.
10/30/2015 01:03PM - DangerZone220 - Exciting stuff happening over on Facebook...the Asian gorilla (Andrea Colbet) is showing you all proof of her and Paully's engagement with the fake ring she brought herself along with his pet iguana that she is keeping to fend off the other woman he's fucking at the gym. Although it won't work, she's not going NO WHERE ladies. She's superwoman and he's her superman. She has put in years of work on her knees to keep that man, so he will always go back to her and Gene, his true love. It's a messy drama made in heaven. Be sure to call her to give her your congrats for being the dumbest woman living...Hot Damn get the popcorn! More juicy details at 11.
11/07/2015 09:02AM - timetomoveon222 - @DangerZone220...smdh...he still at it
11/08/2015 11:26AM - DangerZone220 - Paully will always be at it. This is what immature fuck boys do. Nice play Paully, covered your tracks with Andrea and Gene, but you missed a few others. Can't make everyone hide for you...and you know I have tons more info my back pocket. More reveals to come until I get what I WANT & DESERVE! Try me!
11/08/2015 06:19PM - DangerZone220 -
11/08/2015 06:23PM - DangerZone220 -
11/08/2015 08:54PM - DangerZone220 -
11/08/2015 08:56PM - DangerZone220 -
11/08/2015 08:57PM - DangerZone220 -
11/08/2015 08:59PM - DangerZone220 - Exciting new derails still on the way on the next eposide of the DangerZone Show featuring Paul Tillery Jr...
11/09/2015 07:08AM - DangerZone220 - So ladies you wanna know the truth:A go fund me campaign was started June 15, 2015 for Paul's fiancé and currently pregnant girlfriend due to HER house burning down. A go fund me account was created and deleted by Andrea's best friend Staci Henderson ( You see if she has no where to live he needs a new woman to live with. He only uses his aunts address in Temple Hills for mail and to throw females off his deception. Don't be fooled or emotionally manipulated behind his "my house burned down, homeless stories". He's just playing on the sympathy of his next victim to see if he can lay his head at her house. Andrea is only good now to borrow her black 2 door Infinite G35 he drives when his truck breaks down or it's too cold to bring the superman bike. So he still sleeps with her from time to time and take her out to secure usage of her car, all while she keeps his pets and has a oops baby on the way. Hopefully he can continue driving that car after his court date on November 18, 2015 in AA County MD as he is facing some pretty heavy charges due to his aggressive driving via the states attorney's office which he is no stranger to.

Also don't believe the hype he doesn't work 7 days a week. He is spreading his time between his women at night. He may work 5 out of those 7 days...don't be fooled use your judgement. As him to show you where he lays his head at night.
11/09/2015 07:11AM - DangerZone220 - To be continued...
11/09/2015 07:50AM - DangerZone220 - Please note Paul has a total of 6 children even if he only speak of 3: 2 grown children over 21, 2 teenagers who are both 14 (girl and boy), a 7 year old girl and the new baby by Andrea who is due between October 2015-March 2016. Currently child support total stands at over $75,000, so I hope your pockets are deep ladies. Don't be fooled by this fool. He is not the man you think he is. He's a pimp, manipulator, womanizer and liar looking for a woman for SURVIVAL not love or a relationship!
11/09/2015 07:54AM - DangerZone220 - The mere fact that Paul has a baby on the way by an ex whose he's been with for over 4 years and he doesn't openly acknowledge it should tell you the kind of man he is...he didn't marry or stay with any of the women in the past so future women who aren't doing anything for him are no different. It's a game...
11/09/2015 08:12AM - DangerZone220 - Gene Raymond lives not too far from the mall and works out daily with Paul at Living Fit gym. She is important because she holds and receives Pauls money so the back child support can not attach his wages, however this year they ran into a little "issue" so he needs a new woman to put things in her name. She has been around since 2011 and she ain't going nowhere either.
11/09/2015 08:13AM - DangerZone220 - Chanita Coleman is also someone to notice as she keeps his dogs for him. She believes he is the one for her and as long as she does his dog sitting one day he will finally wife her. She has been around since 2010. She lives close to the mall as well and always references making visits to see him. He will tell you he doesn't talk to her, but lies as she is one of the first to like any 1st Class Boxing and Fitness postings. Check out the superwoman pictures she puts up along with the dog pictures. She previously had his dog Kaos who died a few years back.
11/09/2015 08:27AM - DangerZone220 - Yes and BELIEVE as of 2015 he is having sex in the back of the gym...
11/09/2015 09:32AM - DangerZone220 - Paul you are officially dead to me. I hope you live the rest of your pathetic life, miserable and alone feeling how you made everyone woman you hurt. Now MOST of your shady business is on front street, try to cover that up. But you are a master at your game and theirs always a dummy who will fall for your immature acts, so I'm sure you will not be phased as you joking admit. You are a spawn from Hell...
11/09/2015 11:15AM - timetomoveon222 - that black car is a females car? How about all these deals he claim to have? He said the askd him to fight again and he was training a fighter for Olympics and there is no baby on the way. Thats his auntie house....what????? He always saying chicks writing stuff because he don't want them no more and they keep begging for his time and attention. I think the shit is fuckery and foolishness. How he begging me and talking about desperate chicks that won't leave him alone but his shit is raggedy. sound like you know a lot. They need to make him close that gym
11/09/2015 11:16AM - timetomoveon222 - that black car is a females car? How about all these deals he claim to have? He said the askd him to fight again and he was training a fighter for Olympics and there is no baby on the way. Thats his auntie house....what????? He always saying chicks writing stuff because he don't want them no more and they keep begging for his time and attention. I think the shit is fuckery and foolishness. How he begging me and talking about desperate chicks that won't leave him alone but his shit is raggedy. sound like you know a lot. They need to make him close that gym
11/09/2015 12:48PM - DangerZone220 - Trust me I do know much more that's why he just texted me asking me to stop telling his business lol...Nervous are we baby. Did I hit a nerve. Paul you are cute and something else. Master chess player, but you can't outsmart a master Jedi. timetomoveon222 You must have something he wants and needs financially or living arrangements. He begged me too as well to stay in the beginning when I questioned him about all the women who he cockily says will NEVER leave him no matter what we post here which is very sad for them. He's going to continue feeding you more bull trying to make you think that every woman on here wants him, is desperate and is lying every single one huh. At the end of the day it will come to light just wait on it. He may have a deal or that could be a lie too, but all of the major promotional and fighting organizations that we spoke to for him declined to work with him due to his lack of professional fighting record and his age. Now the kids he trains seem to be good and he can turn them pro so maybe that's what he's speaking of. Anywho let us know how it turns out, wishing you too the best, and Paul don't you text me again you know I am capable of much more! Mwah my love...
11/09/2015 01:28PM - timetomoveon222 - I was jus trying to figure it out because he lied on you. So he won\'t taking care of you? Now that I hear your side I feel he lied. Im not gone lie I did have sex with him but I didn give him money. I guess it was a roof he wanted. He said a lot of stuff about you but I don\'t want to be in that. Just like I told the other girl it is so sad that a grown man acts like that. He text me telling me not to believe what I read but he\'s the fool not me. Its to much drama
11/09/2015 01:52PM - DangerZone220 - I'm sure Paul told you "about me" he had to tell all his woman something when I made myself known to them. A player gotta keep the rotation tight at all times. Paul never took care of me, so yes that was a lie and I should slap the taste out his mouth for saying such filthe. Now what is true, that he's telling people I'm a crazy bitch, yes i am. I am bitter and want him no I dont, but i want to be clear that i am not ok with being lied to and my time wasted. Dont feel bad for liking or loving him we all did. And if you want to continue the relationship dont feel bad about that either maybe he will change with you if he cares. I ended our relationship weeks ago because I'm not for a grown boy who lies on his dick. He however called me back and Paul slept with me on 10/10 at the gym so me misses this and knows I was a good catch that he FUCKED up. Thats why he cant keep me off his mind or my taste and my name out his mouth. I made myself known at the gym so its kinda hard to lie about me, but he will try. Good Luck Paully!
11/09/2015 02:07PM - timetomoveon222 - Im sure he does miss you and I hope he apologizes to you. Maybe he will change for you. It sounds like you have a lot of history and if yall are still sleeping together there is still love.
11/09/2015 02:38PM - DangerZone220 - Paul loves NO ONE but himself. You sound like you're torn between leaving or staying. I say stay and see how it works out for yourself. I read this website before I started dating him and he told me he changed and I saw for myself he didn't because I wasn't the woman for him. Maybe you are. He's clearly out of options right now because the current women still left are useless to him and I am long gone. But do come back and let us know in 6 months the outcome.
11/09/2015 02:45PM - timetomoveon222 - No thank you. I'm not torn. He keeps calling me,begging and lying. I was confused because of the lies. But you cleared it up for me and any others. This isnt an option. He better sleep in the fuckplace,the gym.
11/09/2015 03:07PM - DangerZone220 - I understand well he should be good for a while. He still has his other loyal FEW women who will never leave him or stop talking to him as he boosted to me today.
11/09/2015 04:12PM - livethroughthis - Wow mo, this is crazy. I been messing with this \"man\" for about 7 months now and a friend of mine told me I need to see this post she found about him online. I have been having sex with \"Superman\" for the last 5 months. He told me we that he loves me and has been begging to move in together. I am just in shock right now.
11/09/2015 05:13PM - DangerZone220 - Hey livethroughthis welcome to the club. Proves my point he is trying to get a new place to stay because his residence with the ex burned down in June. SMH Paully lol you are a bad boy...please lie about this latest post as another woman who you DONT WANT ANYMORE. This is pure comedy!
11/09/2015 07:10PM - DangerZone220 - Everybody she's back fighting for HER man...with her FAKE ring on FB. Ladies show your love for the Asian gorilla aka Andrea Colbet. Paul told me today she's no longer pregnant only 3 weeks after we last saw each other and NO ONE can prove he deals with Andrea who proudly displays her superwoman logo and THAT RING. You should reach out to her on Facebook she will answer you! Sounds like Paully you had to downgrade to the woman you have been taking care of since her daddy died in 2012, HER house burned down in June of this year of which you were living in and the business you two owned together, The Bayou Grill, at the mall went out of business because she was too busy watching your moves as you cheated over top her head. Just wanted to give everyone a recap...Although in your words EVERYONE already knows all this and I'm just reposting info. It's been a few updates so I want to make sure the audience is up to date. Mwah now I'm going to watch the show.
11/09/2015 07:21PM - timetomoveon222 - @livethroughthis....welcome to the club. He's been lying to all of us
11/09/2015 09:43PM - livethroughthis - Well, I am good on some Paul. Really disgusting. He isn't even all that fine. He was trying to move in, talking about he wanted to marry me and have my first child. This dude lunchin forreal tho. I'm going to go get myself checked because we ain't use no rubbers ever. He be going down on me all the time, so I am assuming he do all these other women too. Nasty ass. His ass ain't staying here ronight!
11/10/2015 05:55AM - - April Harvin of HarvCo media group....shame on you. It\'s funny to me how the President of her own business can try to use such shady tactics in such a manner. I\'m truly sorry that our business venture didn\'t work out to well and I decided to move in another direction professional. But as you stated you are crazy. So since we have a audience as you stated let\'s look at this for what it is. It seems to me Stillthesameolelame and DangerZone seem to know a lot of information. Wonder why that is. Maybe it\'s because they are the same person. And now that I think about it, so is TIMETOMOVEON and this new one LIVETHROUGHTHIS. April you would know a lot of information because these are things I told you. It's not like you are this great detective. During our business venture you asked certain questions and I provided you with the information. Yes I did text you today after countless attempts on your part to get my attention. I never ask you not to post my personal business, I said leave my children out of this. I stated if you want to be mad at me fine, it\'s a free country say what you want. Just have some class and not use my children as a means to get your point across. I also stated that if Gene, Andrea, and Chanita are so dumb as you say and would never leave me no matter what...then how on earth would I ever be without a home if you really felt that way. As far as Andrea being pregnant, I said that\'s going to be a hard case to prove, and you need to check your facts before saying things. Because at the end of the day it\'s no ones business even if she was. I also asked you to not come to my business page with fake pages like Channing Brown, John Jenkins and a few others. So I wouldn't put it pass you to put up a few extra fake profiles on here as a attempt to make me look bad. I wonder if any of these other profiles have any factual information about me. Other then just having a conversation with you. I heard of women sticking together but just seems very odd to me. When you come to my business page you always delete them after you leave a message so I can\'t catch them all. But wait let me guess I\'m making that up to to cover my tracks...smh. Now back in August when I told you and your company about this site, you told me it would be in the best interest of my company to have it removed. At which time you reached out to a company to have it removed. So I say that to say you knew back in August about all of this stuff and you had the people\'s named mentioned on this site back then. You had plenty of time and opportunity to go through people\'s FB, pinterest, Instagram and draw whatever conclusion you wanted. As far as closing their page down because of me....absolutely not. They probably did it because you kept coming to their page and leaving nasty messages. I mean who goes through their social sites and remove pictures from years ago just because they stop talking to a person. Now for those who know me, it\'s very much in me to just walk away from a situation. So with that being said, there is no way on earth I\'d beg anyone for anything. Especially a woman to be in my life let alone, have them put a roof over my head. And according to you with all the women I\'m sleeping with, why would I do that and be locked down, it doesn't make much sense. Now on to the Bayou Grill, the restaurant DID NOT, I REPEAT...DID NOT close down. Merely just relocated to a much better spot and location. The mall traffic wasn\'t bringing in the revenue, so any smart business owner would relocate rather then go under...Business 101. Almost forgot, yes my house did burn what. I never once asked for sympathy or anything, definitely not my style I\'ve had to deal with a lot worse then a house burning down. Now I would like to openly apologize to you April Harvin if you felt that I missed led you in anyway, but from the beginning I said I wanted to keep this professional and yet here we are battling on a website. I\'ll also give you the benefit of that doubt that maybe the other post aren\'t from you and are from some other women that feel I\'ve hurt, or wronged them in some way. If that\'s the case I Paul Tillery accept full responsibility for my actions and all I can do is apologize and ask for forgiveness. If I\'m not granted that I\'ll understand and just pray you find peace. I would also like to take this time to apologize to Andrea, Gene, and Chanita, for having being named in all of this and having to deal with the constant harassment from someone who doesn't care who she exploits as a means to get out her own anger. Last but not least April I thought you were better then that. How can you go through someone's FB page and take a personal matter like the death of a father as a means to hurt them. Its very low especially after you had to deal with the same thing back in August of 2013. I hope whatever pain you feel, bitterness, anger, sadness, you find a better way to get it out. If not it can consume you and drive you to do unspeakable things. All over a man that\'s not worth your time or energy.
11/10/2015 12:00PM - T\'s mom&dad - Coach Paul...thank you for taking the parents advice and addressing this. We know how hard it was for you to do this. To ANYONE reading this, we all stand behind Coach Paul. We are parents who love our children and our children LOVE their coach. Whatever happens in the personal lives of adults should remain that way, personal! Airing out your dirty rumors where children can see is appalling! It sickens us that our sons friends and parents can see this junk when they Google coach or the gym.

To Coach: we are all saddened by this and have used this opportunity to tell our son that not everyone is a good person. We have no plans to move him, in fact we admire you more for continuing to be the consummate professional with all that was going on behind the scenes. We've spoken to a few parents and are considering filing a civil suit. Since there are at least three of us whose children have been affected by this woman and her tirade against you, we have a case. You'll be hearing more from us, K's mom and A's mom and dad. We love you and we stand with you!
11/10/2015 12:41PM - April Harvin - Paul I am taken a back by your attempt to save face for the antics YOU have brought on yourself and continue to entertain, by accusing me of making up fake profiles and trying to ruin you, which is far from the truth. This forum has been up for years so as you stated this is not new information. There is documented evidence we had a personal and professional relationship that you initiated spanning from June 2015 until October 2015, so I do not appreciate you misappropriating the truth in this forum to slander my name and business. I terminated both our professional and personal relationship and did not attempt to contact you; however you have contact me directly for reconciliation.

For the parent who posted, I understand your concern as I am a parent myself, so if you would like to file your civil suit you are more than welcome to do so. My company has done nothing but help Paul and 1st Class Boxing and Fitness, so I have no reason to hide or make fake profiles. Our personal relationship is no ones business so it will not be addressed. Anyone else wishing to file suit or address concerns with me directly can personally contact me via my legal team at And we will be happy to address any of your concerns and any pending civil suits. No further comments will be made expect through my legal team! AH
11/10/2015 01:34PM - T's mom&dad - Ms. Harvin, with all due respect, you are not telling the truth. In fact your post from 10/23/15 @ 2:46pm reveals that you in fact had dinner with coach where you say he tried to explain.......(you fill in the blanks). Let me reiterate that we stand behind coach and believe what he has told us concerning this situation. We've also looked into your company. No one is pursuing a case against your company, this is a civil issue as you have infringed upon the rights of our children. You openly state in your post from 11/9/15@ 1:52pm that you "made yourself know" in the gym and you are "crazy". We are paying customers and have no business relationship with you. We do however, have a business relationship with coach and his gym. Anyone infringing upon that has surely infringed upon our rights and deserves due process under the law. As you can see Ms. Harvin, your business legal team has no bearing here. This has become personal for us and the other parents as you have created a hostile environment for our children both in and outside the gym as our children struggle to understand what is happening and feel obligated to defend a coach they know and love. These are children ma'am....CHILDREN!
11/10/2015 01:37PM - T's mom&dad - Coach, my husband has asked me not to post here again so we will meet and talk with you and the other parents privately about the next steps. Thank you for helping us make sense of this for our family and your other students.
11/10/2015 03:08PM - J\'s Father John - Coach, this is John, JJ's dad. Out of respect for you I didn't even read the filth on this page. That young lady should be ashamed. I want you to know we stand behind you. As a man I can only imagine what it must feel like to have your private business aired like this. I'm with Jim and Tina. I plan to speak to the attorney too. Our children work too hard and this isn't fair to them. Keep your head up buddy, we'll see you tomorrow.
11/23/2015 01:34PM - Reniece - Wow.. I\\\'m reading these post .. I\\\'m from Vegas he claim he met me many many years ago .. I for the life of me I don\\\'t remember him ... Never slept with him says he loves me and asked me to marry him ... Now I will say this he does disappear on you like nothing .. I have never given him a dime ... But he does send me money and pays bills for me ... He bought me red beats for my birthday 1 or 2 years ago .. And I\\\'ve never given him shit ... Not even sex ... So whoever he\\\'s getting money from I apologize cause he\\\'s giving it to me ... Anytime I ask for money or whatever he\\\'s straight at moneygram sending it ... .. If any of you have been to his gym I\\\'m the girl in the pic the before and after pic for the huge major weight loss that he had nothing to do with ... On my child and my right hand to God I swear I\\\'ve never met him but he swear we did ... He has old pics of me but maybe because we met online and I sent them but overall yeah he\\\'s told a few lies but he breaks bread whenever I call ... I was told by him he has 3 kids and just last year he told me his mother was ill and dieing ...again my heart goes out to any woman he has used cause the man took great care of me up to about ... 4/5 months ago when I last asked for something .. We started communicating via phone New Years 2013 ... He called outta the blue and I had no idea who he was and honestly still don\\\'t I had to ask him did we sleep together when we met 5 /5 years ago and he said no .. And I swear on God I don\\\'t remember him but he was a giver through the I love u around so frequently so he just gave me anything I wanted ...ladies if more than one person is saying negative stuff but the same stuff it may be true ... People calls me a nigga in a girls body so he could never run game on me .. Guess u can say he was my bitch ... And he funded me and that\\\'s on my life and love for God I can show u proof of everything I\\\'m saying ... The sent money the beats etc just email me if you want to see it ... Take care ladies ...
11/24/2015 09:01PM - livethroughthis - I would like to clarify....I do not know any of those names you stated, but I do know you \"superman.\" Do the parents of the children you work with know you have sex with women in your office at the gym while their children are there? Are you going to deny that you do this? You begged for financial assistance when your apartment burned down to get another place. Why do you need to ask a woman for money to get an apartment I'd your "businesss" are making so much money? Your fake, unsuccessful, and a poor excuse of a human being. Does everyone think that this man is so wonderful that we all just make these things up to pass time?? Get a grip if yall really think that I have nothing better to do than "make up" stories about this fool. If I had childrwn, I would NEVER allow my children to be anywhere near his business. Wake up people. And Paul, you are a ridiculous fool. UNO
11/24/2015 09:03PM - livethroughthis - And also, I have never given hom a dime as well to Reneice
11/26/2015 02:36PM - smhatpaul - I knew something was off about this man. Looks like he's is definitely lying to, sleeping/dealing, and using multiple women at the same time. So sad and pathetic. Those parents who send their children to him are idiots. This site has helped me.
12/01/2015 07:03AM - DangerZone220 - Hey "superman" looks like you are LOUD and wrong. Bloop at least you tried to look clever in your paragraph that looks like a five year old wrote for you, so now you look even dumber. I guess all the gym fucking you're doing you consider those all just "business relationships" too huh...Let me help you understand something because clearly you've taken a few too many blows to your head, when you fuck a woman it's personal even if it's in your favorite place, your place of business, the gym. When you spend time with a woman wasting her time knowing it's going NO WHERE it's personal, when you say I want to get married and have children, it's personal, when you say I LOVE YOU it's personal. Early morning, late night calls and house visits after 11pm ALL PERSONAL!

Your "apology" is not sincere, even Stevie Wonder can see through your bullshit. You ONLY provided it to save face for those THOTS still around. No need they have been around and like the the disrespect and wouldn't stop talking to you (your words). You look even more like the lying asshole I said you were. No one buys those useless words because the mere fact you wasted so many women's time with your deceitful ways and disrespect shows you care for NO ONE except yourself. You are very cocky for a man who is struggling. Only a dumb ass says "I just walk away". A real man cleans up the mess he makes, a grown man doesn't make the mess at all. Business 101-If you put as much effort into your "businesses" as you do juggling and lying to women maybe you would turn a real profit. Continue to tell your LIES when you clearly are stupid as the day is long. And that other thing, nice try but FAIL....I told you not to FUCK WITH ME!
2/15/2016 11:42PM - cantgetwright74 - UPDATE Look who is still at it on POF dating site now lol he just can't stop 50shadesofsteel is his POF name ladies beware and get checked
2/25/2016 04:24PM - Pushed2 - @cantgetwright74 and evrybody else, thanks for the heads up its not other peopl lying on him like he said -he was just on POF but he don\'t know it\'s me he\'s talking 2
3/07/2016 11:17AM - shania - I hope ya'll also are aware that he's added a chick from Somerset PA to his list. Girl, if youre readin this and you seriously think hes not takin you for your money. Please. He go up to see you and bring your money home to spend on me. All these girls on here know all about the "room at the gym". We all been on that bed wit him and we all heard the promises. You have kuds now how would i know that if i wasnt one of his women?. Im done with him now but you a joke if you think he cares. He jokes about you and how you drive down here to give him a piece a ass and you actually still gving him money? Girl he have at least 8 kids he dont take care of. Let him go. If this isnt enough for you to keep your babies safe from him then you a joke. you stop givin him money and he will drop you like a hot plate.

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