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Dennis Brookshire

First Name : Dennis
Last Name : Brookshire
Gender : Male
Age: 58
Occupation: Attorney
City : Glbert
Country : US
Alias 1: ROCK STAR
Alias 2: POF
Alias 3: MATCH

yesthatshimalright..yep..the word is Dennis Brookshire the Scottsdale attorney beat up his Fiancee last year in Chandler, Az. Reported in the Az. Republic News. May 2011.HE WAS ARRESTED THE VERY NEXT MORNING AT HIS LAW OFFICE IN SCOTTSDALE. He's still at it ladies and continues to get away with this horrible behavior. Acting as if nothing ever happened. The 911 calls reporting his truck at the scene, blood curdling cry's for help from the woman laying on the ground after he drove off with her hanging on for life. He is still abusing and terrorizing women in the Phoenix area. He uses his fancy cars to pick up women in bars, or online and he drives like a maniac when drunk and brags about not ever being caught by police. He's on every internet dating site. He calls himself a Rock Star ! amoung many other alias names. If this guy can beat up a small woman half his size, drag her with his truck, and leave her on the road to die, he will do anything he thinks he can get away with. He's a sociopathic lying through his teeth charmer who will stop at nothing to get his way. He'll look you right in the eyes and lie to your face and fool you every time. Just want to keep this post updated Girls, just in case he tells you he's changed and no longer doing these awful things, don't believe him for a second. He's a thug ! He's a professional liar, heartbreaker, abuser, violent monster.
He was married in West Linn, Oregon , cheated on his wife with mutiple women making them all believe they were the only one in his life, breaking up his family and losing the respect of his one and only daughter. He goes after the bad girl types and loves 3somes and bisexual affairs. Don't be fooled, and get to the doctor if you have slept with this piece of poo. He will try to impress you with his career as an attorney, his fancy cars, and home he purchased with the fiancee he beat up. He finds many Realtors while teaching education classes to a captured room of mostly women. His past follows him every where , and every where he goes he leaves a path of destroyed hurt women believing his lies and worse. Infection. BEWARE LADIES ! He loves the good girl types looking for a loving relationship, and he will break your heart everytime. Dennis Brookshire has no heart, or cares who he destroys. Well, well, well, he thought moving to Phoenix from Oregon would hide his sins on women, but Dennis we are all watching you and we are all telling on you too. You can run Rock Star but you can't hide. There are too many of us now in the "Dennis did that to me too club". Be wise to this not so wise guy ! Sooner or later he will get caught. Dennis is a first class piece of crap ! He teaches real estate classes to capture women who are lonely, divorced, and down and out only to impress them with the toys in his posession, and his house that he is struggling to hold on to. He was run out of business for screwing hookers and strippers while married in Oregon and now he is struggling to survive his lifestyle by teaching classes when he pretends to be a high and mighty lawyer, NOT! He's nothing anymore, a used up old man who lies about his age too. He is actually 62 years old ladies, not 57 . Everything is a lie, he has false documents saying he is younger. Alice Cooper is not his friend. Alice has class, Dennis has nothing going for him except Viagra and pretends to be young but Dennis while you read this post, look in the mirror, you're an old man and you look it too. What an awful life you live based on pure lies and BS. You're a drunk and abuser.

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7/03/12 03:41PM - yesthatshimalright - Did HE get the other posts deleted or do you delete them?
7/03/12 03:44PM - yesthatshimalright - Is he really 57? He looks it, but I thought younger.
8/15/12 08:13PM - PrincessDuh - I agree! I went out with Dennis Brookshire and in addition to being filthy and kinky, he was a grade a jerk! All he talked about was his "friendship" with Alice Cooper. The fact is he paid 6000. To have dinner with him!

8/15/12 08:19PM - PrincessDuh - Dennis Brookshire is a time bomb. Anybody that is ignorant enough to go out with him is risking getting hurt emotionally and physically- he was into dominatrix and all kinds of weird sex as long as he is being pleasured. He wants a BJ then passes out because he drinks so much! He is "broke" and over extended so unless you want to be dragged into fungicidal financial BS don't get too involved!
8/15/12 08:21PM - PrincessDuh - Dennis Brookshire is a spineless asshole!
8/25/12 10:44AM - waitaminute - Now wait just a minute...the man is single. While not exemplary, he can sleep with as many women as he would like. Perhaps it was the cheating and violence of the fiance herself, that allowed him to finally get away from her. Relationships break up, people are sad or even angry, but it happens. Perhaps he doesn't always choose do? Hah. You don't need to date the guy if you are unhappy with his actions...maybe you should just let it go. Ever heard of stalking? Gosh ladies. You need some therapy and you know it. He has been none of the things you accuse of him to you are making this crap up out of spite, yes, or he treated you the way he felt for You. Is he perfect, uh no, but just because he didn't Choose you...that's just juvenile spite. There is a perfect woman out there for him...let him find her for goodness sake. Go find the guy you want and quit bashing someone. Find something better to do with your time. Gheesh.
9/05/12 03:18PM - PrincessDuh - A tiger never changes its stripes
9/25/12 03:18PM - waitaminute - So the neighbor and the ex are upset with a man who didn't choose them. Astonishing. Well guess what. I think you are all off the hook, because I think he found a very nice person who likes Him. So just let the man go, and let it go already!
11/14/12 05:03AM - Angee - Would he be that ignorant to date a neighbor.? Not likely. He's to much of a liar and cheat to date that close to none.
I dated him after meeting him in a class he teaches to real estate agents. I learned the hard way and everything women post about him
is true. He invited me GUI his house in Gilbert, kept the red wine flowing, and I woke up the next morning naked in his bed. He told me I was the only one. The next m.ight I drove over to bids house to surprise him since I was bids only one to find him with another real estate agent. Her white Jeep stayed
11/14/12 05:22AM - Angee - and I left after he threatened me. He's psycho for sure. To all the desperate women who sleep with him that refuse to believe what's
Posted you are very stupid women. I also googled him and he's been convicted of a violent beating of a woman in Chandler and the
Judge put him on probation and community service for anger management. Thank you Dennis for lying to me and being caught..Thank you for not beating me up. You are everything they day you are. And you know who I am !
11/14/12 05:33AM - Angee - To the stupids, read the news paper article I found
on him. AZ Republic 2011 Gilbert man accused of beating Chandler woman and dragging her with his truck. By the way, he does X with his wine. I have to hand it to him he's slick.
Don't let his red sheets fool ya !
11/29/12 05:52PM - Angee - lol..Miss
waitaminute...he screws different women four times a week..he's seen in public with different women all the time picking them up at wine events, bars, clubs..caught out with a married woman..there is no one special in his life you idiot. !! Wouldn't be suprised if old Dennis posted waitaminute himself ! So sly and such a con artist.
12/06/12 10:16AM - annerbananner - I know Dennis very well. My friends and family warned me after meeting him. They told me he was either a sociapath or involved with someone else. Sadly, I found out the truth, they were right. He is a sociapath and is involved "always" with someone else. Dennis is a Sociapath, he can't help himself, there is no cure.
He was a small town boy that made alot of money. Unfortunately he has spent it all on his flashy toys trying to impress whomever he can. It is all he has ever had. He has no character, no morals and no values. He is always chasing and hunting trying to feed the emptiness inside of him. He knows he is a failure and a joke to anyone that would truly matter in his life, peers, people of value, etc. He has nothing to offer. He is old, alcoholic, unattractive, bitter, broke and a womanizer.
Real Estate instructors are a dime a dozen, yet that is how this pathetic broken down washed up lawyer spends his time, teaching real estate classes. He is no better that a used car sales man chasing down an ambulance. He is a joke amongst his peers and he knows it.
He did have an opportunity to have a beautiful woman. He told me all about her, how he loved her and she was the only one for him. How beautiful she was, how she was the only woman he will ever truly love, blah, blah, blah. I found out (not from him) she caught him multiple times lying and cheating on her and finally when she had enough, he beat her up. It's all public record and there is even a published newspaper article on the beating and dragging he did to this poor woman.
Dennis is on multiple dating sites, always out "fishing" for his next victim. He is at every dating/social event that he can belong too and he is constantly on pick up mode. The women that belong to these groups that know about him avoid him at all costs, they laugh at him behind his back and spread the word amongst themselves, again he is a joke.
When he is lucky enough to find a victim that doesn't know about him he will bring them back to his "love shack", if you are lucky he will even give you a ride in his yellow "pimp mobile" aka porsche. don't be to impressed it's the only thing this poor pathetic creature has to offer, just a bed and a ride. You will also get alot of lies and empty promises.
Take a step back and ask yourself why this person has no friends here or from OR where he lived most of his lives, no collegues, no family, just his lonely house and his car, it's very sad really. We women think we can change a man like this, you can't. He can change us. We become fooled and heartbroken, it's very sad really.
Good luck to any of you future women/victims that do not take heed to the many warnings posted about Dennis P. Brookshire. He has negative posts from his years in Or and his last 7 years here in Az. He is also on an advertisement when he was younger in a spa for a sex vacation on the playboy channel when is was supposedly married "not" cheating on his wife. Of course he denies this too you can find out for yourself.
You have been warned. He will tell you these posts are all lies and he is a one woman man. It's your life, you make the call.
1/03/13 05:50PM - Angee - I couldn't have said it better. He's dating the truly innocent now..Asian women. Picks them up online looking for a "rich American" man to better their poor lifestyle. He stops at nothing & no one to control an manipulate. Then like garbage he throws them all away. He hates himself so much there's no respect for anyone in and out of his life.
Yessiree..he's a doozie !! The wine club classy ladies do laugh at him nonstop. I use to go and meet really great people, then he showed up and ruined the event. The Porsche club same. He just doesn't get it, and continues to place himself in places people just don't want him in. I guess that's how he must feel important. Sad isn't it? He really needs professional help and lots of medications. Hopefully, his drinking and driving his street racer car to impress will catch up to him and his next DUI may be his last. He's running out of lives I'd say, just like the Tom Cat on the fence, he'll get his in due time and he'll do it to himself. Old is right and the pot belly he's supporting now shows how much he doesn't give a damn about what happens to hmself. He lives day to day with infection of the brain !
The idiot that thinks we are bitter, no at all. Just trying to warn the good people out there that this one is a sicko! I'm surprised he doesn't make the pick up's sign a disclosure, Date at your own Risk! Not Responsible for loss or violent attacks on women ! Datingpsychos cured me from getting involved after my first meeting with him. What a looooser !! He'll mess up the wrong woman sooner or later then his game will end.
5/14/13 10:19AM - annerbananner - Does the name Jody Arias mean anything here????
He is a sicko with severe personality disorders. Yes, it is sad and pathetic. This piece of crap knows exactly what he is doing. He is his one and only fan.
This monster is living with a woman while still on Plenty of Fish. No doubt when she finds out and eventually she will he will deny it and make up some lame excuse. He will use his "infamous" line, "you have to love me because no one else does" That part is true no one could love him, there have been many that have tried, he can and does throw out a line of good B.S. but in the end that is all it is. He is an empty, pathetic loser.
Yes ladies, he is on probation for beating and dragging his fiance. He lied to me and told me he didn't do it. This monster also blamed it on the victim, what a jerk. Just lie Jody Ariams, it's always someone else's fault. (She had her looks and sex, he had money and a pimp mobile). There is plenty of proof that he did beat herand drag her. I hear she has some very gruesome pictures of herself after the beating. He denied everything to me, of course. Hence the newpaper article, the arresst, mug shot and probation!!! I choose to believe everyone but him. He did push me, insult me and yell at me alot. He is a Monster.
2/01/14 05:52PM - girl next door - I didnt even read all the stories here. I dated this guy. I should have seen the red flags. Here is what happened.
He found me online. Came to see me at my work. Dressed to impress. Acted like he was a gentleman. Dated me for like 3 weeks. I always wondered why he would disappear for periods... hours where he wouldnt answer texts... and then reappear with no explanation or a hokey one. I had just started dating again after a very long marriage and I wasnt paying attention. Then I got the phone call from his fiancee. Was I dating Dennis? I nearly died. I would NEVER date someone else's guy. He denied everything. Then, his fiancee called me and confronted me on how it happened with HIM IN THE ROOM. It was amusing looking back, but horrifying at the time. He denied how it happened, but she knew better by then. I guess it had been a pattern. She and I spoke a few times on the phone after that and she was the one who told me he had been arrested like a year later. I looked up the news article to confirm. IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME.
And fyi, he did admit to me in an email after that phone call, but only to say that I didnt deserve to be treated as he treated me. Like that made it all better.
Then he promptly went back on dating sites with a different name.
Thankfully the fiancee called me. No telling what would have happened.

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